Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 5

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 5

Day and brick stopped. when he heard the sound of a call that followed behind him before the two turned to look. Day held the brick’s hand tightly. because he knew very well that Brick’s mood was now full of turmoil And if you let go of the brick when? Day was sure that the bricks would definitely go on a rampage at the young man who called himself.

“Why are you following me ?! ” It yelled loudly. Causing the people nearby to look shocked and surprised

“I’m not following you,” replied the other.

“Following the day is the same as following me. Then you don’t have to act polite. Say I’m talking to you and me. I’m slanging my ears.” It said in a deep voice.

“I’m not a rude person like you,” Phoom said back.

“Stop haggling for a moment. Then why did you call me? If called to argue with a brick You say go back inside.” Day said annoyed. He doesn’t like people to tease too much.

“I just want to talk to Pee Day. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Why is Brother Day in such a hurry to go back?” The small young man said in a weak tone when he saw Day’s annoyed expression. Brick pretends to push back, but Day thrusts his hand to stop him.

“I’m talking to myself,” Day said. The brick could only stand grunting. His eyes stared into the face with a stern look.

“Phum, I don’t know what our purpose of talking to you is. But if Phum would talk about the past, I would say that it was a waste of time. If Phum still remembers, you would know that I don’t like people messing with my personal matters. In the past, we’ve talked about how I still confirm my original statement. and forbid that Don’t mess with me or my wife. because I have to side with my wife more than anyone else Do you understand?” Dee said in a low voice. It stood with a satisfied smile on the corner of his mouth when he saw the other young man’s face slightly pale.

“I understand, but I would like to ask Phi Day one thing. Can you? Just one question,” the young man asked in a pleading voice.

“What?” Day asked back.

“In the past, Day said he didn’t want to be serious with anyone. And why now you can..” Phoom said while looking at the bricks.

“Then and now are not the same. At that time, I didn’t meet the person I wanted to spend my life with. But now I have found him.”

“Hey, clear? Do you understand clearly?” It couldn’t help but mock the other party. The young man stood with his fists clenched tightly. Looking at Day with bleary eyes But I know that If you force yourself to be irritating or mess with Day more than this I’d probably get taken by Day for sure.

“If P Day answers like this I probably have nothing to ask. But I hope P ‘ Day can see me as another little brother, right?” A young man asked. Day sighed lightly. before nodding But the bricks made their faces crooked.

“If nothing else I’ll excuse myself first. Brick, get in the car.” Day said to the young man before turning to his lover. along with the remote control of the car Let Brick go up and sit down first. Bhumi still stands still in the same place. When the car door is closed, let the brick go up and sit. Day then turned to Bhumi again.

“I’m not a hundred percent good person. But I’m willing to be more than a hundred bad if someone messes with my wife, “Day just said that before walking around to get in the car. which Phum himself knew well that Day had threatened him And the young man is still loving his life. therefore intends not to interfere with Day and Brick again

“Just before getting in the car What did you say to it?” It immediately turned and asked Day. When Day drove out of the pub

“Nothing,” Day said flatly. But Brick was impatient.

“I don’t believe you, tell me now, Day. What do you say to it? Or do you secretly meet with it?” It asked in a harsh voice. It’s not that you don’t trust But Brick could not help but be afraid anyway.

“It’s nonsense, Brick,” Day said, not being serious. But it made Brick feel hurt.

“Oh !I’m nonsense and the fact that I’m jealous of you It’s nonsense to you, isn’t it?” It said loudly. Day was silent and didn’t say anything. Brick looked at his lover heartlessly. Although I feel good about Day’s words to Phum earlier. But still feeling suspicious It’s not just Day who’s jealous of bricks. The brick itself is the same.

The longer the day, the jealousy, the love for the person next to the driver. more and more Until Brick can’t help but contort himself in his heart that Why does it feel like girls are cracking up every day? especially when with Day The two sat in silence until they arrived at Day’s shop. Day parked the car in front of the shop. along with going down to open the door for the brick to walk in Brick went straight up to the bedroom without speaking to Day. Day looked after his lover with still eyes. But he didn’t say anything or hold back either. 

Day checks the order in the shop. then followed up to the bedroom As soon as he entered, he saw Brick sitting frowning on the floor. He was taking out some of the clothes in his bag in an annoyed manner.

“Are you going to shower again?” Day asked softly.

“No,” Brick replied shortly. because he still resents his lover Day sat at the end of the bed. He looked at his lover who sat here and there with an anxious expression. Then I couldn’t help but smile from the corners of my mouth. Why can’t Day see that Brick is bullying? but I don’t know who to bully with what So I just sit and tear things in and out of the bag like that.

“Get up and sit here,” Day called his lover. But Brick would not get up, but sat still and ripped off his bag like that.

“Don’t let it be repeated,” Day said in a deeper voice. causing the bricks to meet their mouths together but agreed to get up and sit at the end of the bed next to Day anyway with a reasonable distance Day shook his head in frustration. before pulling his arm to make Brick move to sit near himself

“Say something,” said Brick, his voice stiff.

“What are you? I think to myself. I’m frustrated by myself. I haven’t done anything yet,” Day said. Brick turned to look at Day cross-eyed.

“Oh, you didn’t do anything. I’m an idiot. I overthink it myself. Are you satisfied ? ” Brick said sarcastically. Day looked at the brick face with fierce eyes.

“Don’t be sarcastic, talk nicely,” Day said in a calm voice. Brick sits with a frowning face and says nothing.

“I don’t like it,” It said after sitting quietly for a while.

“What don’t you like?” Day asked back.

“I don’t like people messing with you. I don’t like anyone approaching you. You said that I belonged to you alone. You are mine and mine alone, too.” It said in a serious tone. Day lifted a slight smile from the corner of his mouth when he heard that.

“Huang Gu, is that so?” Day pretended to ask back.

“Well, do you think you’re the only one who is jealous of me?” Itachi said back with a colored face. At this moment, Brick’s heart began to cool down little by little. Day stood up and writhed around. and moved to stand in front of the brick seated at the end of the bed Day looked down at his lover.

“Then Can I make you confident? I’m only yours,” Day said, looking at the brick with gleaming eyes. Brick frowned. The initial frustration was replaced by perplexity.

“How do you do it?” It asked back with genuine ignorance. In a heart that has only jealousy of a lover, it makes me forget to think Forget to be careful with the sharp eyes and the licking of your lover like that. Day placed one hand on the floor of the bed. This brought Day’s face closer to Brick’s face. causing the bricks to lean backwards Before ruddy when seeing the eyes that implied some needs in the day

“So…like this,” Day finished speaking before biting his lips to the brick’s lips. both arms Thao straddle the brick. while constantly leaning towards the brick Brick opens his mouth to the familiar touch of his lover.

It wants to turn away from his lover’s kiss, but his body doesn’t do what he thinks. Day’s hot tongue glowingly intertwined with the brick’s little tongue. Taste the familiar sweetness without feeling bored Day continued to lean towards the brick. Causing the bricks that leaned back little by little to lose their posture. But one of Day’s strong hands held the lover’s thin back first.

“Ummm… uhhhhh” a shuddering moan came from the brick’s throat. Until Brick had to hold Day’s shirt with both hands. The tingling sensation lingered in the soft mouth cavity. Before Day slowly pushed the brick’s body to lie on his back into the wide bed. 

with his legs still hanging from the edge of the bed and the floor Day threw the tang down and rubbed it on top softly. Hot tongues serve to tingle the bricks. Their lips pressed together. Until Day slowly pulled away. The gazes of both of them stared at each other with sparkling eyes.

“I’ll make you confident. That I’m really only yours.” Day said in a soft voice. before bent down to suck on the crook of the brick’s neck

“Ah… ah” Brick cried out in a raspy voice. When Day sucked into the crook of the brick’s neck until a red mark appeared. Brick also put his arms around his lover’s neck as well. Day’s mouth and nose snuggled up, creating a love mark in the brick’s neck. His hand held up the shirt that Brick was wearing. along with caressing and squeezing across the thin waist The more you stroked it, the more your hand slipped and made Day persist in his lover’s heart. I wanted to do something very violent to the body of the person beneath me.

“Hmmm,” Day moaned as Brick nodded and sucked into Day’s neck. causing redness Day pulled away from his face and looked at the brick face with a slight raised eyebrow in question.

“Your team can still make a mark. I can do the same,” he said in a low voice. His face grew discolored.

“Huh, it’s fine,” Day laughed in response. Before moving to take off the brick’s shirt from the body while taking off his own shirt

“Ah,” Brick cried out as Day turned Brick on his back. to lie prone on Day’s body who switched to sleeping on their backs Day used one hand to hold the back of the brick’s head, bending down to kiss himself again. To which Brick kissed back passionately as well. Day clenched his teeth into Brick’s lips. The other hand moved to the edge of the pants on the back of the brick. A strong hand slipped into the gap of his trousers, his long fingers rubbing against the cleavage of his buttocks. This made the brick goosebumps all over his body.

“Umm… uh uh.” Brick’s panting sound came from his throat. because of tingling in the lower abdomen When Day touched the bottom of the brick Day pressed the buttocks of the brick so that the middle of the body was close to the middle of Day’s body. The Brick felt a strong sense of strength under Day’s jeans.

“Day…ah” Brick pulled his lips out and moaned, calling the name of his lover. Day also squeezed the brick’s tight buttocks like a hand. Long fingers insert a trace of splitting the buttocks. 

Swipe up and down through the back channel. Didn’t stop teasing with the channel of love, but how? but it is not difficult to cause the bricks to tremble Although Day was already lying on his back with bricks on him. But it’s not a problem for hiding in the neck of the brick at all. The brick itself was more than the embryo languishing under Day’s foreshadowing.

“Go down and take off your pants, brick,” Day said in a raspy voice. A little bit of brick before agreeing to move down to stand on the floor at the end of the bed along with taking off his pants Day also moved to take off his jeans as well. When the pants are completely removed Day moved to sit and lean against the head of the bed. While staring at the brick that stood, covering his body in the middle of his body, not putting his eyes

“Come up, brick,” Day called again. The brick slowly moved up onto the bed. The body became smoother and paler. Day reached out for a brick. Brick reached out and grabbed it knowingly. before Day exerts a slight pull Let the bricks move to straddle Day’s legs. by allowing the bricks to use their knees to prop their body upright Make the center of the brick exactly in the position of Day’s face. Brick continued to cover his core. But Day caught it anyway.

“I’ve never done this to anyone but you,” Day said before grabbing the core of the brick and licking the tip of the core with his hot tongue. making the bricks startle Both hands grabbed Day’s strong shoulders to support himself.

“Ah..Day ~ Ah” It called Day in a loud voice as he thrusted at the tip of his core. before Day occupied the essence of the brick with his warm mouth cavity The brick bent and trembled. When Day strongly sucks the brick’s core and pulled back and forth with his lips

“Aaah ~ ahh” Brick moaned frantically because of the extreme tingling in his core. Fingernails digging into Day’s strong shoulders. But Day didn’t say anything. while using his own lips to treat his lover

“…ma..can’t do’s going to come out…”ohh” said it with a trembling voice. Day recognized it immediately. that the lover is about to be released Day accelerated his lips. The bricks were even more sensitive than before. 

Both legs trembled. If not for the strong shoulders of Day Kham Body Brick must have collapsed and sat exhausted. Day used his other hand to gently stroke the tight buttocks of the bricks as a stimulus.

“Ah..ah…ahahahahah” Brick raised his head slightly. along with the furious moans Before the love water was released into Day’s warm mouth cavity Day also swallowed and stared at the peak of the brick without disdain. causing the brick to twitch and flash with excitement When released, the bricks were almost exhausted. 

Day pulled his lips out. before pushing Brick’s body to lie down on the bed while turning the bricks to lie face down Brick turned his head to look at Day with luscious eyes and his breath suffocated intermittently. 

Because of the exhaustion of the release of love water Day collapsed onto the back of the brick. A hot rod attached to the buttocks of the bricks. causing the hot bricks to flash again Day kissed the subtitles across the shoulder smoothly, snuggling up, sucking and biting lightly.

“You belong to me. I’m yours, Brick,” Day said in a raspy voice. The lower part is moved lightly. because Day’s hot rod was thrusting in the butt crack of the brick. before Day could raise the hips of the bricks to stand out By allowing bricks to use both knees to support the lower body up to the right position. 

Day turned to pick up the gel that was stored on the head of the bed and squeezed it onto his own hot stick. with the other hand gently caressing the buttocks back and forth Day slowly licked her parched lips. 

Because I want to insert my body into the channel of love of my lover. Day took the gel to sign at the love channel of the bricks. Causing the brick to startle a bit because of the coolness of the gel Day used his long finger to lightly press on the entrance.

“Ugh…Day ~” Brick called his lover in a faint voice. The love channel contracted because of the tingling. Day did not use his fingers to open the way first. Knowing full well that Brick will be able to take all of his hot sticks as they are already familiar with. Day hasn’t inserted it yet. but leaned in to kiss the liner and bite the lobe of the lover’s ear His other hand grabbed his own hot rod and rubbed the brick’s love channel.

“S*x done to release desire with s*x done to show love It’s different, Brick,” Day said in a raspy voice. before pushing the head of the hot rod into the love channel of the brick

 Ok.. Saw..

“Ugh.. Ugh” Brick startled and groaned out of pacifier and sensitivity. Because I didn’t set up because he listened carefully to what Day said Day inserted Thanong’s hot rod as far as possible. before leaving the word

“Why do you like to work so hard?” Brick said in a loud voice. I feel the heat in the channel of love

“Well, I want to remind you to know and feel that I belong only to you,” Day said as he kissed the brick’s smooth shoulders and back. before straightening up and moving his hips strong

“Ah… ahh” Brick moaned with tingling as Day slammed back and forth slowly but intensely. Day licked his lips in satisfaction. before speeding up his hips until the brick rocked back and forth Brick’s hands tingled at the sheets. His smooth face was also warped with excitement.

“Ah…ah…hah ~ ah” Brick moaned in a scratchy sound. because of day’s frequent shocks

“Ummm….ah…..brick…seed…so tight” Day moaned with the same sensitivity. no matter what happened many times But the love channel of bricks is always tight.

“Ah…ah…ah” Brick moaned loudly. with a thrill white brain Can’t think of anything now

“Ah…remember, brick…umm….I’m only yours…hmmm. I’ll do this to you alone.” The warmth from the hot sticks Make the brick feel like it’s about to melt.

“Day..uh…ah” It moaned and called his lover loudly. The moaning of the two synchronized like the love channel of bricks snatching Day’s hot sticks.

sop sop sop

pop pop pop

Day’s thumping and sarcastic sound from the love channel. Mixed with the wet sound of the gel at the same time. Day held on to Brick’s hips tightly. Strong hands both squeeze the throttle and kneading the firm buttocks of the bricks with their hands Brick also moved one of his hands to pull his core as well.

“Zee-Dee-Dee-Ah…” Brick moaned in a trembling voice. Day accelerates the hip alley frequently. until the bricks trembled terribly

“I’m yours…ummm. You belong to me..” Day roared in a low voice from his throat. Both sweat oozed out.

Puek Puek Puek

Day’s thumping sound echoed with the firm sound of the brick’s buttocks.

“Day..ah ~ Day uh huh” The brick was about to release again. causing the love channel to tighten Day’s hot stick Day then accelerated the pace again. causing Brick to barely breathe with Day’s blow this time

“Ah… ah ah” Day himself was close to release. The two groaned out of the bedroom.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa” until finally the bricks released again. with tingling Day also gritted his teeth and thrashed his hips.

“D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D” Day twitched and released love juice into the love channel of Brick until it felt warm in his abdomen. Day slowly relaxed his pace. Both of them gasping for air instead of groaning. Day pressed himself against the brick’s back and kissed the brick’s sweat as well. But Day did not last long, then moved and grabbed Brick’s body and turned it over to lay on the other side of the bed.

“Will..continue to Day?” It asked, his voice trembling as he realized that Day’s hot rod was once again vigorous. Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth.

“I want to repeat you several times. You’ll know that I really belong to you alone,” said Day. before starting to move your hips again, again, and again.

When reinforcing the brick to know that Day will belong to the brick alone. Day then took his lover to wash himself in the bathroom. and take them back to sleep on the wide bed again Itad lay in his bed wide-eyed, sleepy and exhausted from Day’s insistence. Day then manages to put clothes on for his lover by himself. Brick lies drowsy for Day to dress up for him. When you’re done dressing up for Brick and yourself. Day came back to sleep next to the lover again. along with pulling the brick into a hug Day kissed softly on the forehead.

“Are you sure? That I’m only yours,” Day said and asked in the ear of It, who was sleeping with eyes bleary. Brick nodded in acceptance, although he was sleepy, but his ears could still hear the sound.

“If one day you don’t have confidence in me again. I will remind you like this every time, okay?” Day said with a slight smile.

“No…take…and…tired,” It said in a small voice before he could not resist his body. Falling asleep in no time Day smiled slightly. before lightly kissing the bright cheeks of bricks with a whisper in the brick’s ear

“You don’t take it, but I’ll take it,” Day said, that’s all. before turning off the bedside lamp and closing his eyes slowly follow another brick


“Why are you making that face?” Day asked early in the morning. When walking out of the bathroom, he found his lover lying prone on the bed. By facing sideways towards Day have a gloomy face

“My body hurts ! ” Brick said with a thumping sound. along with rubbing his face against the pillow back and forth

“My body hurts, go lie down and rest,” Day said in a low voice. Brick turned and looked at Day with wide eyes.

“You don’t think you’re responsible for me, do you? You’re the one who made me like this, day. Dammit. You’re going to hit, to emphasize, what’s yours so hard. I’m not a rubber doll. I’m not overbearing, you bastard ! ” Brick shouted out in a series. Causing Day to shake his head with the symptoms of his lover

“If I’m not responsible Will you come to sleep and rant like this? And besides, I never thought of you as a rubber doll,” Day said back in a calm voice. causing the bricks to halt a bit but still frowning You can see the bricks yelling like this. Don’t think that bricks are still comfortable. Because as soon as he opened his eyes, he felt pain all over his waist and spine. With each move, I felt a throbbing pain all over my buttocks.

“You hurt me,” Brick said again. Day walked over and sat on the bed next to the brick. while gently spreading the hair that had fallen onto the face of the brick

“So what are you going to do with me?” Dave asked.

“I want to take a shower. But I can’t get up,” It said in a soft voice. Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth.

“I can carry you to take a shower. But you shouldn’t yell at me,” Day said back, biting a brick in his mouth.

“I probably won’t be able to go downstairs to eat,” It continued, his voice softening.

“I’ll bring it up to eat in the room,” Day replied.

“I want to eat cake too,” It continued.

“Take it big,” Day said back, looking straight at his lover’s face. Brick made a mouth and put it on Day a little bit.

“Isn’t that right?” It asked back, Day sighed lightly.

“I’ll have someone buy it for me. Do you want anything else?” Day asked back, It shook his head.

“Take this first. Still can’t figure it out.” Itachi replied with a smile. Emotions start to improve when your lover indulges.

“Then let’s take you to the bathroom first,” Day said before carrying his lover into the bathroom. All the time, Brick complained about it because his body ached every time he moved. Until being scolded by Day to be quiet Brick can stop complaining for some time.

“How was last night? Did you fight with the bricks?” Belle immediately asked when he saw Day walking down from the upper floor.

“A little bit. But talk to each other and understand,” Day replied, opening a daily account for a rough look. because I saw customers gradually come into the store because Belle came to open the shop since morning

“Hearing this, I was relieved. I thought Brick was going to run rampant again,” Belle said with a smile.

“Huh, he doesn’t dare to be so rampant,” Day replied. Belle looked at Day smiling.

“Did you know? Day really has changed a lot,” Belle said, causing Day to look up from the account and look at Belle.

“Change how?” Day asked in a low voice.

“In the past, Day was cold to everyone. rarely smiling even though smiling at customers But it was a commercial smile. I didn’t smile because I really wanted to smile like right now. Day looked much better than before. And it’s less brutal than before,” Belle said with a chuckle. Day didn’t say anything. Just think what Belle said.

“I hope so. that Day will never go back to the way it was before,” Bell continued.

2 Be Con


Let’s update the brick day. Ency is now redundant. because there are few poses, haha,

sorry for disappearing On the 1st day , Yeonim made merit at home.

Causing to prepare the preparation work in advance

Then on the 2nd day , go to Bangkok again. Just got back on the 3rd day .

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