Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 4

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 4

Day sat and looked at bills with a calm expression. Makes the brick that hangs the ball away from the ball for a while. feel a little uncomfortable Because of the attitude of the lover, he realized that Lovers are indignant in their hearts. 

Just refused to speak out, although Day would normally express his dissatisfaction. Even though Brick did not want Day to rampage But Day’s silence Bricks are also not used to it. Brick got up from the sofa. Walked over to Day in the chair behind the desk. along with holding Day’s arm

“What is it?” Day asked in a low voice.

“What are you angry about?” It asked, shaking Day’s arm lightly. Day raised his head to look at the brick slightly.

“Not angry,” Day replied.

“Lie… You don’t have to be quiet like this, did Day, I don’t like it,” it complained in a hoarse voice.

“I’m not lying. Let’s go sit and play games, I’ll work.” Day said in a flat voice. Brick’s face was bent, but he stood still. didn’t move anywhere Until Day had to let out a small sigh of relief. Put the bill in your hand on the table.

“Sit down,” Day said, moving the chair in which he was sitting back.

“Where are you sitting?” It asked Day, looking down at himself with a straight face. a little bit of brick but agreed to sit on the lap of his lover, but by good Both hands do not know where to put it on the lap and squeeze his hand together. because the bodies of the two are not much different Day grabbed Brick’s waist. because Brick sat on his lap.

“I’m not angry, it’s Gu Huang,” Day said directly. causing the hot bricks to flash

“Huh.. What is jealous? I don’t see anything to worry about.” Brick said in a low voice.

“I’m jealous of everything about you. Don’t you remember?” Day said back. It looked at his lover’s face with a touched feeling in his heart But still, it was as embarrassing as ever to hear such things from Day’s mouth.

“What about football?” It asked back, Day nodded in agreement. Brick immediately grabbed his lover’s arm.

“It’s really nothing Day. Ball is my friend just like Gear. You know very well,” It explained.

“I know, I know that you didn’t think about it. Oh, never mind. Let’s just say I’m not angry with you,” Day said. along with leaning back on the back of the office chair One hand was raised to spread the clear cheek of the brick. Sharp eyes staring at the lover without looking at him Brick himself looked at his lover’s face as well. Until Day slides his hand down to the back of the brick’s neck and leans the brick’s face towards Day’s face.

“You belong to me. Mine alone.” Day said seriously. before their lips lightly touched. Brick felt a rush in his chest. Both hands raised to wrap around the neck of the lover knowingly. Daylien’s hot tongue lingered on the brick’s lips. signaling brick to open his mouth a little before their tongues intertwined The brick leans forward slightly. so that the lips of the two join together more perfectly Day’s hot tongue passionately drew on the brick’s little tongue. Even Brick kissed back without giving up.

“Ummm,” a faint moan came from Brick’s throat. The sound of kissing escaped from time to time. Day’s sharp eyes glanced at the face of his lover who was closing his eyes because he was fascinated by Day’s kiss. with satisfaction When Brick opens his eyes, he must face heat. whole body hot Seeing the look in the eyes of lovers staring at them as they kissed like this Day’s strong hand slipped into Brick’s shirt behind him. along with softly stroking the smooth back and forth causing the bricks to goosebumps

Knock knock

There was a knock on the office door. But Day doesn’t seem to care. His lips parted slowly. but continued to bury himself in the crook of the brick causing the bricks to tremble all over

“D. Day.. someone has come.” It called in a low voice. feeling of heat flashing through the lower abdomen Day paused a bit. because the knocking sound continued Before Day let out a heavy sigh.

“Come in,” said Day, with it still sitting in Day’s lap. Brick jumped, his face flushed red when he realized that the office door had opened and someone had walked in. The brick will move up from Day’s lap. A strong hand grabbed the thin waist.

“Wow, did you come in at the wrong time?” Bell’s voice sounded. Causing Brick to not dare to look at the door because she was so embarrassed that Belle came to see the picture of herself sitting on Day’s lap like this Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth. who saw the brick biting his lower lip while shrugging his head because he felt embarrassed

“Belle, what’s wrong?” Day asked back, not feeling anything at Belle’s playful eyes.

“It’s nothing much, it’s just Po, Ao Po, come in.” Belle called another of Day’s subordinates. who helped Belle take care of Day’s shop while Day was away

//Day, let me go first// Brick tells Day with a low voice Knowing that another of Day’s subordinates will also enter the office Po walked in with a colored face. Because I rarely see the picture between Day and the brick like this. Except for Belle, who seems like he’s used to it.

“Sit still,” Day said in a slightly harsh tone. Immediately caused the brick to face Day’s shoulder. along with hitting Day’s shoulder loudly to cover up his embarrassment But Day was still silent.

“What’s wrong with Por?” Day asked his subordinates.

“Well, today is Po’s birthday. Po therefore wanted to invite Pee Day and Pee It to Po’s birthday party tonight, ”Po said in a disconcerting voice.

“Where?” Day asked back.

“It’s at the BB pub ,” Por replied. Day lightly nudged his lover who sat on his lap.

“Going?” Day asked Itachi.

“Go,” replied It, without looking at Bel and Po. Even though I’m embarrassed, I want to travel anyway.

“Ok, what time is it?” Day asked back.

“Meet me at the restaurant at 10 p.m. Po has reserved a table,” Po said with a smile. I’m glad that my boss attended the event, which Day doesn’t normally hang out in pubs much.

“Okay, when I get there, I’ll call you,” Day said back.

“Huh,” Po nodded immediately. Belle looked at the back of the brick and smiled.

“Brick, don’t you want to turn around and say something?” Bell pretended to ask.

“Bricks, bricks,” Belle pretended to call out loud. Until Brick immediately turned to look at Belle’s face.

“Enough, Elder Belle, stop teasing. I’m embarrassed, brother.” It said, not being serious. with a red face Belle and Po laughed and laughed.

“Oh, no need to be embarrassed. Day hasn’t seen any embarrassment yet keke Let’s go, Por, in case the two of them want to do something else.” Belle pretended to say again.

“Brother Bel-ah !! ” It shouted in embarrassment. Until Bell and Po walked out of the office smiling and laughing. along with closing the door to the room It then turned to look at Dey with an angry expression on his face. but his face turned red

“It’s because of you ! ” Brick yelled at Day.

“Why me?” Day asked back.

“Damn it, two buffalo-like men sit on each other’s laps. You’re not ashamed, but I’m embarrassed,” it murmured.

“Why are you embarrassed? We’re in a closed room,” Day said in a normal voice. Brick frowned, thinking about pulling his lover’s ear a little bit, but didn’t dare, afraid that Day would come back.

“Who’s going to have a thick face like you? Let it go. I’m tired.” It pretended to be annoyed like that. Even though his face and ears were still red.

“Not anymore?” Day pretended to ask.

“Don’t continue, let go, get tired,” it yelled, struggling to get out of Day’s lap. Day released it well. Brick walked over and sat on the sofa as usual.

“Huh, the person who must be tired is me, not you. You sit on me, brick,” Day said in a calm voice. Color the face bricks. While picking up the phone, pressing to play the game, pretending to be clueless and embarrassed, Day smiled a little before continuing to look at the bills.


“Did you get dressed yet?” Day asked his lover who was spinning around in front of the dressing table. Around 3:00 p.m.

“It’s almost there, wait a little longer,” It replied, spraying perfume. Day sat waiting at the end of the bed. Walked over and stood at the back. Along with the scent on the white nooks and crannies Causing the brick to shrink its neck away with a tickle.

“Where are you going to spray perfume to call others?” Day said in a loud voice. while looking at the face of the brick through the glass with Day still huddled with his neck behind the brick.

“I didn’t inject it to call others. I inject like this normally. Oops, Day hurts, ”said It, crying out. When day was bitten into the throat Day continued to bury his sharp teeth still. with his eyes looking at the face of the brick through the mirror

“Day, it hurts,” It cried and pretended to turn around and push Day’s face away. But Day tightly hugged Brick’s body. Until Day slowly released his sharp teeth. Day’s teeth became bright red. The brick’s face was hot. When Daylia lightly touched the tooth mark on the neck of the brick and slowly pulled out Brick hurriedly raised his hand to stroke his neck. before frowning a bit Because of the pain at the bite

“Is it a dog? It can bite down,” Brick yelled a little. But I know very well why lovers bite.

“Get dressed quickly. Otherwise, I’ll take more bites.” Day said flatly. Immediately causing the bricks to check their order.

“It’s done,” It said hurriedly, because he didn’t want to be bitten any further. Day lifted a satisfied smile from the corner of his mouth. before taking the brick down to the car along with closing the shop Day brought it to the pub as scheduled with Po. which this pub has just opened for a few months now Day and It used to drive past but never visited.

“Call P’ Bell,” Day said as he drove into the parking lot. Brick then picked up his own phone and dialed Belle.

“Belle, Day and I have arrived….in the car….OK…” Brick spoke to Belle before hanging up.

“Elder Bell is already in the store. Day will come out to pick us up,” It said. Day then took It out of the car. to go straight to the entrance After a while, Belle walked out.

“Wow, you’re so handsome,” Belle said with a smile.

“Today, I’d like to take two handsome men,” Belle said before putting Day’s arm on each side of the brick. and then walked together inside Loud music spreads throughout the area. Tourists came to reserve the table until it was full. Bel brought Day and the brick to the table. which is adjacent to the front of the stage Many people raised their hands to pay homage to Day in a familiar way. But there are some people that Day and Brick have never seen each other. but is expected to be a friend of Po which includes both women and men

“This is P’ Day and P’ It, my boss.” Por turned to introduce himself to his friends.

“Hello, hello,” Po’s friends greeted. Day nodded. before sitting down in a high chair Brick sits beside Bale. with Day sitting on the other side which Day sits next to the stage

“Pee Day and Pee It, what’s a good mix?” Por asked.

“Give me both glasses of soda water,” Brick replied. Po also made liquor and sent it to Day and Brick. Day sends a message as he remembers it. It then turned to Por again.

“Po, this is Day and father’s birthday gift,” It said, racing against the music before handing Po a blue envelope.

“Thank you,” Poi raised his hand in salutation before opening the envelope handed to him by Brick.

“Brutal, P’Day, why do you give so much?” Po asked back when he saw the money in the envelope.

“Take it, just think that I’ll give you something in return for helping P’ Belle take care of your shop,” Day replied, raising his hand to salute again with a big smile.

“Oh, what about you, Day?” Belle pretended to ask, competing with the music.

“Pee Belle, I heard that you just left at the beginning of the month,” It pretended to ask back.

“Oh, it’s so good to help protect each other’s interests. Eh, what’s this mark?” Bell, who was sitting next to the brick, asked when the light shone on the brick and saw the mark. Brick quickly lifted the collar and closed it.

“What marks? No, Brother Belta’s eyes are not good.” Ithurt said in a high pitched voice. Belle smirked.

“If it’s not there, why would the bricks cover the collar? We have suspicions.” Belle teased. colored bricks while turning to look at Hammerday who was sitting with a smile on the corner of his mouth Brick secretly smashed Day’s leg under the table with his fist. Day himself didn’t feel any pain. But grabbed the brick’s hand and held it. and won’t let go Causing Brick to have to use his other hand to lift a glass of liquor to drink. Po’s friends started to get up and dance.


“Ah!” It cried out in shock when suddenly Day dragged the chair that Brick was sitting on. Let’s move to stick with yourself. Brick turned to look at Day.

“Sit next to me,” Day said into Brick’s ear. Now it was as if Day was sitting behind a brick. Because Day used his own two legs to straddle the chair of the brick. Belle herself began to dance. Brick began rocking in the chair with joy. Day sat still drinking. brick leaning back to talk to Day

“Are you bored, Day?” It asked, knowing full well that Day doesn’t like places like this very much. because there are a lot of people The darker it got, the more people came.

“A little, but that’s okay,” Day replied.

“If you want to go home, tell me,” It said again, and Day nodded in agreement.

“Then can I dance with Pee Belle?” It asked for permission. Day nodded as usual. before Brick turned to Belle again. Day sat down and drank quietly. It got up and danced with Belle at his own table, not dancing anywhere. After a while, the DJ turned the music into a band. A gritty scream from a woman inside the pub rang out. When musicians come up to set their instruments

“Hello, let’s meet with us BBG again tonight, and in order not to waste time. Let’s go have some fun,” the band’s lead singer announced into the microphone. before starting to play the first song Vocals and rhythmic music Causing many people to get up and dance and sway, including the people at Day’s table Day didn’t care much about anyone. looking at bricks

“Day, I want to go to the bathroom.” Brick held out his face and told Day’s ear.

“Come with me,” Day said before asking Belle about the bathroom. Because I’ve never been here Belle pointed to the other side. Day nodded Before taking Todd’s hand, he led him to the men’s bathroom. which has enough people to use As soon as he walked into the brick, he staggered slightly. Until Day has to support

“Are you drunk?” Day asked, It shook his head.

“Not drunk, but intoxicated. Haven’t traveled for a long time,” It said jokingly.

“Go to the bathroom,” Day said, nodding as Brick went on his business. Do not stand on the outside of the jar.

“Why do you have to go to the bathroom? I can stand in this jar,” Itachi said back. Day looked at the brick with fierce eyes. before taking the brick arm and dragging it to the innermost bathroom

“Go in,” Day said shortly, Brick made a mouth protruding slightly. but agrees to go into the bathroom Day then leaned against the wall and waited for the bricks. Who walks in and out of the bathroom Day didn’t really care. until a small figure of a young man walked in Day raised his eyebrows a bit. But when the other party saw Day, he smiled widely.

“Papa Day, I miss you so much, I didn’t expect to see you here,” a voice greeted. Causing Brick to wonder who came to say hello Day nodded slightly.

“When did you come back?” Dave asked.

“Yesterday, I was going to go see Pee Day at the shop as well. Do you miss me?” The other asked with a smile. before the brick opens the door Look at the face of the person standing and talking to Day.

“Who?” It asked Day, looking at the face of a young man who was smaller than Brick and Day.

“Acquaintance,” Day replied, making the other person’s face tighten up a bit.

“Let’s talk later,” Day said to the other side. before taking the bricks to wash their hands But the other party followed suit.

“Pee Day’s heart, won’t you introduce me to your friend?” said the other person.

“Um, that’s it, who is this?” Itachi wanted to know. Day sighed wearily.

“This is Poom, I used to be a regular customer at my shop, and this is Brick, my wife,” Day directly introduced. Causing the person named Phum to be a little confused

“What’s the matter, P’Day’s wife?” Phumi immediately asked. shocked

“Um,” Day replied. It felt strange. with the attitude of a young man, no less

“What, when P’Day said that he would not be with anyone in person? I went abroad for only three years. Have you changed your words yet?” Phum asked back.

“Okay, who is this guy, Day?” It asked immediately. While Day stood and rubbed his face with his hand in frustration. He himself didn’t expect to meet the landscape here either.

“Bhumi, this is about my brother. Don’t be reminded again,” Day said in a harsh tone. The young man had a dissatisfied expression on his face. but dare not say anything The young man looked at the brick in frustration.

“And if I go to the salon to get my hair done? Can I go?” The other asked again.

“You can go because I welcome all customers. Excuse me,” Day said and immediately took the brick out of the bathroom. before leaving the bathroom It turned to look at the same young man again. saw that the other party was looking behind Day with wistful eyes

“Day, who is it and what does it have to do with you?” It asked curiously.

“Don’t pay attention to nonsense,” Day said back before taking Toad to sit at the table.

“But I want to know, tell me, I’m worried about you,” It asked back.

“Do you really want to know?” Day asked again. Brick nodded.

“Just someone I slept with,” Day replied calmly. causing the bricks to stop suddenly even knowing that the past Day had slept with many other people, both men and women. But Brick never asked who or where it was. I only know about Kim the only one.

“Is it like Brother Kim?” It asked back with a not so good face.

“Some things You don’t have to want to know too much, just remember that everyone I pass by There is no one for me to be as serious as you are.” Day replied, his face tense a bit.

“Will you go home?” Day asked, It shook his head. Until Belle leaned towards the two of them.

“What is it? Isn’t the brick dancing anymore?” Belle asked in ignorance.

“Dance,” It replied to Belle before turning to Day.

“I haven’t returned yet,” It told Day again. Day nodded. Before Belle invited Brick to continue dancing. Day also knew that it started to think a lot. But Day still didn’t want to talk about anything now. I thought I’d come home first. and then explain it to the bricks for complete understanding Until a young man named Phum walks towards Day with a glass of wine in his hand. Belle widened her eyes slightly. when he saw the young man who used to be familiar with his familiar face Brick frowned as he saw the young man walking towards Day.

“Brother Day probably doesn’t mind, right? If I would like to raise a glass too, ”said the young man with his eyes looking at the brick with a straight face. Day also looked at the brick a bit. Because I want to know how the brick will do. It immediately moved to stand near Day.

“Day may not mind, but I…” It said in a deep voice. while staring at the face of a young man named Phumkheng

“What, I’m just asking to raise a glass too,” Phoom said. It turned around and grabbed his own glass and turned to the young man again.

“Then let’s hit Tanday and that’s it.” It said, slamming the glass of wine in his hand hard on the glass of wine in the young man’s hand.

Crank !!

“Ah ! ” shouted the other in shock. Because of the impact of the brick’s liquor, the glass in the young man’s hand nearly slipped. But causing the liquor in the glass to spill out until it wets the other’s shirt

“Here ! What the hell are you doing ! ” The young man named Phum shouted loudly. race with music while pretending to dash towards the brick But Day got up to block it.

“I apologize for my wife too. I think it’s better for Phum to go back to Phum’s table.” Day said in a flat voice. with staring at the face of a stern young man

“Did you protect it? It deliberately teases me Brother Day saw it,” said the young man. make the table closer They turned to look suspiciously. The people at Day’s table stopped dancing and looked at the three people with interest.

“Really dead, when did you come back from the outside?” Belle’s voice interrupted. In fact, Belle saw the landscape. But still didn’t want to say hello because he saw that the young man was straight towards Day. Phum looked at Belle in disbelief.

“I talked to Pee Day. I didn’t talk to you.” The young man said that Bell had a dark voice. It made Belle’s face a bit tight.

“Excuse me, but I like to talk about villagers,” Belle said promptly. Causing the young man to look at Belle angrily when he realized that he was being sarcastic before turning to Brick again with Day

“Don’t be arrogant. P’Day will throw you away.” Phoom said that he had come out. It lifted a smile before traversing the day to stand in front of a young man named Phum. before mockingly looking at the head-to-toe young man

“Sorry, don’t use your own norms to judge others. If it really drives me away It probably won’t stand dating me for over 2 years, but as for you, let me guess, Day would have kicked you out just one night,” Brick said, causing the other party to stand trembling in anger.

“Wow, Is It a fortune-teller? Guess that’s right.” Belle is a couple for another person. Brick smiled mockingly.

“That’s enough, why are you arguing? The music is so loud, you two are still arguing and arguing against the music again.” Day said that Brick and Phum came out equally loud

“I don’t like it !! ” It said loudly. where the music stops Causing everyone to turn to look at Day’s table Day let out a heavy sigh of relief.

“What’s going on?” The guard who looked after the pub walked over and asked immediately. when he saw that there seemed to be a problem

“It’s nothing. Just chatting for a bit.” Belle replied in a sweet voice.

“I’m going home,” It said immediately.

“Um, go back, Po, I’ll go back first. Pee Belle, I’ll go back first.” Day turned to Po and Belle. before hitting the brick

“Say goodbye to Po,” Day said, making it frown at the brick to remember that it was Po’s birthday.

“Papa, I’m sorry for spoiling the fun. Happy birthday,” It said before turning to look at the young man named Phum again with displeasure. Then Brick pulled Day’s arm to leave the pub. But it seems that the young man named Poom was still following him as well.

“Wait a minute, P’Day,” Phum’s voice rang out before Day and It reached the car.

2 Be Con


Go ahead and wait a few more moments. Now it’s brutal.

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