Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 3

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 3

Day talked to the police for a while. And it’s not hard to pressure the teenager to confess to Day’s shoplifting. Day made the police talk so pressured that two young men confessed to breaking into the shop and keeping the stuff at home. As for the other youth, they did not go together. But it’s a conspiracy. Day talked to the police for a while. They dispersed where Day had to go to the police station again the next day. Day walked back into Bank’s shop again. before looking for a lover Brick sits behind the counter frowning at his beer. when he saw Day walking in The brick sat still.

“What’s up, P’Day?” Bank asked because he didn’t stay and waited to hear the story. due to having to continue to see customers

“Tomorrow I have to go to the police station. They confessed. Tomorrow, the police will probably take them to get the stuff.” Day answered with a normal expression. while turning to look at the silent brick

“Will you go back?” Day asked quietly. It turned and looked at Day with annoyed eyes. before getting up and walking away in frustration Didn’t answer a single word. Bank smiled.

“Pee It is very angry with Pee Day,” Bank said because he knew the mood of It.

“It’s getting angry like this every day anyway. But this time, the one who must be angry is me, not him,” Day said back before standing up again.

“Let’s go back first. I’ll come and see you again soon,” Day said to the bank before walking out of the counter.



“Have you returned?” A young man named Korn asked It as they walked past each other at the entrance.

“Eh !! ” The frustrated Brick replied with a harsh, bullying voice. Korn was a little stunned. As for Day, who walked behind him, the corner of his mouth lifted a smile as well. Brick walked to stand and wait at the car. when the day is unlocked Brick immediately went up and sat down. Day brought the brick back to the shop. The two of them still didn’t talk. Until Day closed the door of the shop and Brick pretended to walk up to the room. Inside the store, only the light at the checkout counter was illuminated.

Mum !

Brick’s slender arm was pulled by Day. before walking up the stairs to the upper floor

“What !? ” Itachi turned around and asked Day in a harsh tone. Still feeling angry and indifferent to loved ones

“Let’s talk about it first,” Dee said softly. before dragging the brick’s arm to the sofa inside the shop and pushing the brick to sit down Brick looked up at his lover standing in front of him with cloudy eyes.

“I know what you’re angry about, and you, do you know what I’m angry about?” Day asked back. The bricks pursed their lips together a bit. I know I know But didn’t want to admit that.

“So what’s wrong with me ?! who don’t want those bastards to get away first.” Brick shouted in a harsh voice. Day stood with his arms crossed and looked at the brick with his eyes still.

“I thought you’d remember when you went racing again,” Day said back, causing Brick to pause for a bit. with a frown

“What does it have to do with when I went racing?” It asked back. Day sighed softly. that the lover never remembered what he was worried about at all

“Did I ever tell you that your life, yours, is worth more than the money you bet on racing? It’s the same this time. You think your life is worth just an iPad and a hairdresser’s hairdresser’s accessories, bricks?” Day said in a harsh voice. Causing the bricks to freeze a bit

“Where is it difficult? with the fact that you will walk in and tell me in the store Even if we go out again, they won’t be there, it’ll be fine.” Day continued to say.

“I know, I understand that you want to catch the thief. But do you think? that if you miss what will happen I have never had any regrets or wanted them back. because I can buy a new one It’s just something out of the body. but for me I can’t find it anywhere, brick. only one of you Do you understand what I’m saying? How many times do you have to make me repeat that? That’s when you can understand my concern,” Day said again. causing the brick to flash hot in spite of being scolded The young man lowered his head slightly. I understand everything Day said. Because if at that time the other party pulled out the knife and if Day didn’t arrive in time or if the bricks are not visible The brick might have already been pierced.

“Excuse me,” Brick said softly. Day grabbed his lover’s neck and hugged him. Brick wrapped around Day’s waist as well. A gloomy face tucked into the lover’s belly.

“Next time, whatever you do, learn to think carefully. love yourself a lot Worry about yourself a lot,” Day said again. Brick nodded his head in disbelief.

“So you understand each other well, right?” Dave asked again.

“Understood,” Brick replied softly. Before Day can hold the brick up.

“Then let’s go up to bed. I have to go to the inn again in the morning,’ said Day.

“Go with it,” It asked Day, looking at it still. before nodding Then the two went up to the bedroom. This time Day was considerably calmer than before. He also tries to adapt so that Brick doesn’t feel bad about his actions. But Day himself had to teach the bricks to adapt to Day as well.


“Here’s Brother Belle,” Brick’s bright voice sounded in the early afternoon of the day. while placing Bell’s iPad on the checkout counter Today is the day to open the shop. Because there are still some spare tools stored in Day’s office. Belle raised an eyebrow slightly. before picking up

“Did you get it back?” Belle asked happily. When I got my iPad back this morning, Day and Toad told us about last night. and go out to the police station by letting Belle take care of the shop first

“Okay, the police took him to get the stuff. Day made a request for Belle’s iPad back before.” It replied with a smile. Belle turned to look at Day standing beside the brick.

“Thank you Day,” Belle said, smiling.

“It’s okay,” Day said before turning to look at the customers in the shop. which came in a lot

“Today I am free. I’ll take the customers right away,” Day said, causing Belle to smile widely. Because Day hasn’t done hair for customers by himself for a long time. Belle therefore arranges to call regular customers immediately. And there are many people who will come in today. It’s easy to say that the day’s queue is full from 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

“Have you eaten yet? The customers will come on the day, they won’t have time to eat,” Bell asked when he remembered.

“I have already eaten. So what if a customer comes to Brother Belle to call me in the office?” Day said before turning around and nodding his head for Brick to follow himself into the office. The bricks follow but go well.

“Your regular customers must be a lot, right?” It asked.

“Fair enough,” Day replied. The brick grabbed his hair around.

“Why do you want to cut your hair?” Day raised a slight smile and asked.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to cut it?” It asked Day back to meet his lover sitting on the sofa in the office. then put your arm on one side of the sofa before leaning back to look at the hair of the brick behind then bent down to press his nose on the clear cheek


“You don’t have to cut it yet,” Day said flatly, standing straight. Brick immediately grabbed his cheek.

“Damn, let me show you that I didn’t give you a kiss on the cheek.” It yelled to cover up his embarrassment. Suddenly, the lover is stubbornly looking for a kiss on the cheek. Day smiled slightly.

“Can’t it smell good?” Day raised his eyebrows and asked. A little bit of brick

“Okay, okay, but can’t you tell me to stand up first?” Itachi said in a hoarse voice. Day gently rubbed his lover’s head with his hand.

“If I tell you first, will I see you ashamed?” Day asked back, causing the brick to blush.

“Psychic” Brick said that he was not serious. Which Day knows very well why lovers say that they are Day walked to sit in the work chair and check the income and expenses that Bell keep waiting to wait.

“Then why did you call me into the room? I think I’ll help P’ Belle look at the customers,” It asked.

“No, I just want to make sure you won’t go anywhere naughty,” Day said flatly. It understands the meaning that Day wants to convey well. Simply put, I just want the bricks to be in sight at all times.

“I always like to say things that are difficult to understand. So I’m going to help Bell. I’m not going anywhere,” It said, but it felt good that his lover was still worried and self-preserved.

“Um, don’t get in the way of other people,” Day replied, wrinkling his nose at his lover a bit. Before walking out to help Belle a little work Until not long ago Day’s first regular customer arrives. is a young woman older than Day But it still looks pretty in the idea of ​​brick.

“Day, the customer has arrived.” Brick walked in and followed Day. Day nodded before getting up and walking away

“Hello, P’Ran” ​​Day greets regular customers in a normal tone.

“I thought Day wouldn’t remember me anymore. I haven’t seen you many times before.” The girl greeted with a smile. The girl’s posture looked neat.

“I live in Bangkok. It’s been a long time coming back But what will Brother Ran do?” Day politely talks to the customer. Brick standing behind the counter with bale I couldn’t help but secretly smile. Because I rarely see Day talking to customers like this a lot.

“I want to cut my hair out a bit. And dye it again, ”the girl replied.

“Then let’s go wash my hair first.” Day said as he led him to the bed to wash his hair inside. The girl followed. After washing my hair Day brought the young customer back to sit in the empty chair inside. The young man’s hand slightly wiped the girl’s hair. before discussing hairstyles and dividing hair into sections Brick looked interestedly at his lover’s hand. Day’s hands do everything. fluently along with starting to use scissors alley Slice the girl’s hair out bit by bit. Day’s long fingers ran through the girl’s hair. It made Brick feel strange in his heart.

“What’s wrong, Nong Brick? stand staring Or do you want to be a hairdresser?” Belle asked when he saw it standing still. It turned to look at Belle’s face before smiling dryly.

“It’s nothing,” he said in a low voice. How dare you say that I feel itchy in my heart when I see the hand of a lover who has touched himself so often to touch other people Even if it’s just hair

“I thought Huang didn’t want Day to cut his hair for anyone else,” Belle teased, smiling. causing the bricks to stop suddenly Because it pierced the black heart.

“Even though he’s jealous, this is his job. What can we do?” It replied in an indifferent voice. It made Belle smile fondly.

+++++++++++++++++++++ 50% ++++++++++++++++++

“Even if Day does hair for anyone. But I believe that Day’s feelings when touching the customer’s hair with the moment he caught the brick’s hair It’s different,” Belle said, making it smile. before turning to look at the lover who does hair for the client Day also concentrates on doing hair for clients. Day glanced up in the mirror, which reflected the bricks on the counter. Day raised his eyebrows a bit. when the eyes meet with the bricks making the bricks hot before quickly averting his gaze

(What the hell are you doing?) Brick scolded himself in his heart. Day’s smile slightly lifted up the corners of his mouth. Knowing what a brick is Day did hair for the customer for a while and it was done. A young female customer walks up to checkout at the counter.

“Thank you very much,” Day replied, giving the girl a soft smile. before walking out of the store As for Day, he had to receive regular customers who came to wait immediately. The bricks also help to keep doing things in the shop. 

“Where are you going?” A flat voice asked before Brick could open the door to the outside, causing Brick to startle a bit. Because he didn’t think Day would see it. because he saw that Day was concentrating on doing hair for the client Didn’t even turn to look at the brick. When Brick turned to look, he saw Day turning to look at him to get an answer from Brick.

“I’m going to buy pearl milk tea. Do you want it too?” Brick said back because he was really going out to buy milk tea.

“Bought just for a glass. Finish buying and come back quickly.” Day commanded in a smooth voice. It nodded before walking away with a small smile. Although Day is busy doing hair for customers. But it was confident that he was still in Day’s eyes all the time. 

It went to buy bubble tea at a shop not far from Day’s shop. It was evening when the students were out of class. Then come take a walk in many shopping centers In particular, the milk tea shop where the bricks come to buy has to wait a bit because many students come to buy. With the appearance of the bricks being in a stage that can be called good-looking The surface of the brick was white and clear. Making the bricks become the target of the eyes of the female students. and some young people But most of them are female students. It stood and waited in line with a calm expression. while murmuring to himself that he should have picked up a mobile phone as well will be able to stand and play to kill some time While waiting for the bricks, he saw a group of young girls standing looking at themselves and turning around to gossip and smile.

(Do we have something wrong?) Brick secretly thought in his heart. along with making a smooth survey of himself until 1 of the girls’ group approached with an awkward look which it looked like a young woman who was urged by a friend to walk towards him

“Uh.. Brother.” A young girl’s voice called out. It looked at the face of a young girl who looked probably about 16-17 years old with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Yes,” answered Brick.

“ friend wants to know your name,” the girl said with a colored face. It raised an eyebrow slightly. Before looking at the group of girls’ friends who stood a little away

“Why do you want to know?” It asked back, looking for something fun to kill while waiting to buy milk tea.

“Well.. Uh… my friend likes me. So it wants to know too,” the same girl said again. along with turning to look at his friends from time to time

“Who likes me?” It asked back.

“The one with the pink bag,” replied the girl. Brick looked at the group of young girls again. saw the girl carrying the pink bag smiling embarrassedly

“My friends want to know you. Then why didn’t you just come in and talk?” It asked back, laughing at the girl’s attitude in his heart.

“Well, it is..” the girl will continue.

“Brother, my friend wants your number, can I have it?” before the same girl had finished speaking. There was another young girl who came straight in and asked for a brick number. Brick froze for a bit.

“Enat ! ” The voice of the first girl who came to talk to Brick called the name of the new girl with a dissatisfied tone. The face that looked embarrassed at first turned sour.

“Who are you calling Eh E Tui?” A young girl named Nat immediately argued back. causing the bricks to stand abyss

“That’s you. How did you come to ask for his number? I’ll come and talk to him first.” The girl named Tui Wa immediately went back as well. There was no embarrassment like when he first walked towards Brick.

“Talk first, talk later. It’s not related at all. It’s up to him. Who are you interested in?” Another girl argued back. Causing the bricks to move away from the impact a bit

“Uh, younger brother, we said we shouldn’t fight,” It said to the two girls. which now the groups of friends of both girls have joined their own friends students in line They turned to look with interest. The more handsome young men Standing in the circle of young girls They all thought that the topic of discussion was definitely this young man.

“I didn’t want to quarrel with it, brother, but I saw that it called me again first,” a girl named Nat said. Brick smiled wryly.

“Why are you messing with my friend?” the other girl’s friend said again. The brick looked at it and it could be assumed that the two groups had not fought before. Plus they study at each school.

“Speaking like this, you better come and slap me,” another young girl’s voice said defiantly.

“Not good, brother. Let’s not talk about it.” It said immediately.

“You guys are fine. But can you tell me that Between this friend of mine and that friend Who do you care more about? Who do you choose?” The young girl dragged her good-looking friend to stand next to the brick. made the brick startle when it was dragged about it

“Uh, brother..I said..” It was about to persuade the group of two girls again.

“Oh, this handsome brother can’t choose us, girls.” Belle’s clear voice sounded. along with walking to squeeze a group of girls to stand next to the brick

“Belle,” It called Belle, smiling. I’m glad that someone came in to defuse the situation. The girls looked at Belle puzzled. Blake hugged the brick arm. while looking at the teenage girl with full eyes

“Brother, don’t tell me. That I’m this Jake’s husband,” one of the girls said startled, the brick in front of him gaping, and Belle giggled.

“Lady, I want this handsome hyung to be my husband too, but it’s a pity that this handsome hyung’s husband won’t let me keke,” Belle said, causing the brick to turn red with anger. shy The girl was still processing Belle’s words.

“Simply say that this work is out of whack.” Belle finished speaking and dragged the brick out of the encirclement of the girl who stood in the abyss after realizing that A handsome young man that they would like to get to know. pressure to have a husband already Belle took It to order milk tea because the queue was interrupted. When he got it, Belle took It to walk back. In the midst of the astonishment of many people around there




“Keke, the whole thing is like this,” Belle tells Day about what It found with a laugh. Day looked at the face of his lover who was sitting next to him while drinking milk tea with his eyes still.

“What are you looking at? I haven’t done anything wrong,” It said when he saw his lover looking at himself.

“I just looked and didn’t say a word that you did wrong,” Day said back, wrinkling his nose at his lover a little. Now Day is taking a break because the regular customers doing their hair are steaming.

“Oh, it’s very charming. Will make the girls slap each other,” Belle said jokingly.

“Elder Belle also talks too much. I think those kids have been in trouble before. So take me as the subject of a slap. but like that He’s good-looking, keke,” It said with a laugh.

“Huh, dare to swear? That at first you didn’t want to talk to those kids,” Day said as if he could read bricks’ minds. causing the bricks to startle

“Okay.. a bit empty. The younger brother walked in and asked. That’s all I’m going to answer,” Brick hurriedly muttered. In fact, Brick only thought of having a chat there to kill time. But I don’t think it will go too far. Day raised his hand and lightly squeezed the back of the brick.

“Are you sure?” Day asked back coldly, the bricks shrinking his neck as Day squeezed a little harder than before.

“Sure, it’s just a small talk,” Brick hurriedly said softly. Day slowly released his hand from the back of the brick’s head.

“If possible I want to put a collar on you. Other people will know that it’s already owned. So you won’t have to mess with my stuff again,” Day said, rubbing the brick’s head back and forth. before getting up and walking to see the customers make the hot bricks burn

“Oh, so shy, so shy, so shy, so jealous, I wish I had someone to wear a collar for me,” Belle said jokingly, not too loudly.

“Papa Bell, I’m not a dog.” It turned around and yelled at Little Belle. to cover up the shyness and when looking through the glass saw that his lover was looking at him with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth The more it made the bricks blush, heavier and heavier.

“I’d rather go to sleep in my office.” Brick avoided this embarrassing situation that made his face almost explode. Brick enters Day’s office. and lay down on the sofa along with picking up the phone to play games


The phone in his hand rang. along with the name of the caller Brick raised his eyebrows a bit. before opening the curtains in the office to look out at Day Saw that Day was doing hair for the client, Brick hesitated a bit, but pressed to answer the call.

“Hello, Ball,” It said on the phone.

(“I thought the brick wouldn’t answer my call again”), the sound of the ball rang out.

“Then why should I not accept it? And here comes the ball. What’s wrong?” Itachi asked back.

(“I just came back from Chiang Mai. Bought some bricks as well. So I called and asked if I was still at the store.”) Ball asked back.

“Ah, I’m not in Bangkok right now. Just come to Day Shop in Kanchanaburi,” It replied.

(“Is that so? And when will the bricks return? I’ll bring it in for you.” Ball continued to ask, just as the office door opened. Brick startled Day who walks in and looks at the brick face still. while also looking at the phone in the brick’s hand

“Wait a minute,” It said to the people on the line. before looking at Day’s face again

// The ball is calling. // The brick tells the lover directly. Day went a little further. But he nodded in agreement and didn’t say anything further. Day went to sit at his own desk. Brick felt a little nervous.

(“Pee Day, are you with me?” Ball asked when he heard it talking to someone else.

“Yes, uh, I’m not sure yet. when to go back Keep in mind that if I go back, I’ll call and tell you again. Otherwise, the ball can be deposited at my store.” Itad continued talking to Ball. because he considered himself not doing anything wrong Even though I feel insecure about my lover’s attitude

(“I’d better wait for the bricks to come back first. Let’s say when are you back? Call me and let me know.”) The ball replied.

“Yes, so that’s all for now, football. Thank you for the gift too,” said Brick again. before hanging up when the other party said goodbye and returned Brick looked up at the lover reading the newspaper at the table. without even bothering to look at the bricks at this moment

“Ball traveled to Chiang Mai. Then buy something to leave So he called to ask. Are we at the shop or not?” It said to let Day know first.

“Hmm,” Day replied. Day was now restraining himself. Day knew that bricks and balls really had nothing to do with each other. But Day could not help but be jealous anyway.

++++++++++++++++++ 100% +++++++++++++++++++++

2 Be Con


Take it lightly first.

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