Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 2

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 2

Mum !

“Oh, brother It, why did you physically hurt me?” Blaine yelled indifferently when both cheeks were pinched by Brick.

“I didn’t do any physical harm. I just want to know if Pee Belle has any feelings or not.” It replied deadpan. Made Belle look at the hammer

“Well, you’re going to taunt me that you’re not aware of the shop break-in, right?” Belle said, sounding disgruntled. Day shook his head when he saw Belle and Brick playing with each other.

“So what do the police say, Brother Bell?” Day asked as he walked into the store. Belle and Brick followed in.

“He collects fingerprints. Take a picture and ask people around here,” Bell replied.

“Lost items?” Day asked. Belle went to pick up the items he had checked and handed them to Day. Day took it and took a closer look.

“Day, I think we should install CCTV cameras or not? Just in case there’s another emergency,” It suggested.

“Well, I think that’s good,” Belle agreed, Dayning thought.

“Then I want Belle to contact me. Let him talk to me first. I will look at the point where the camera must be attached. Stolen part I’ll buy it to fill it up. Brother’s iPad I’ll buy it back for you too,” Day said.

“It’s okay. About the iPad? Brother Slack doesn’t want to take it home herself,” Belle said, smiling back. Because I really didn’t think much about it.

“Not at all, Bell. Let Dayman buy it back, that’s good,” It said joining his lover. Belle smiled slightly.

“Then take what Day and It feel comfortable with. You can do it,” Bell replied. Day walked to the store to assess if there was any damage. As for Brick, he took a bag of his own clothes and Day’s stuff up into the bedroom. The second floor of the shop before coming down to talk to Belle.

“Brother Belle, do you know who it is?” It asked curiously.

“Oh, if you knew, you would have taken the police to drag your neck. But if I had to guess, it would be teenagers addicted to drugs around here. Probably saw that Day was not here regularly. So I came to break the shop. steal little things to sell,” Belle said back.

“I’m really curious. I’m going to slap you upside down.” It said angrily.

“Let’s do it. considered misfortune We lost a few things. To alleviate the heavy misfortune,” Belle said with a smile.

“Now, it’s Dharma Dhammamo,” It said jokingly before Day walked over.

“It’s already cold, are you hungry?” Day asked It.

“Very hungry,” It replied with a long voice.

“What do you want to eat?” Day asked back, It made a thoughtful face.

“I want to eat grilled pork. take me to eat Brother Bell, let’s go together, ” Brick answered Day and turned to invite Belle.

“Let’s go together, Belle. Go to my car,” Day invited another person. Belle nodded in acceptance. before closing the shop door Then Day took it and Belle to the Moo Kratha buffet restaurant. when you get a table Brick and Belle went to scoop food. Day was sitting at the table waiting.

“Belle, take a lot of bacon, I like it,” It said when he turned to see Belle shoveling bacon on a plate.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting fat? Oh, I forgot. Day probably has a way to help burn energy keke,” Bell teased. Color the face bricks.

“Wow, what did Brother Bell say? I don’t see anything. Let’s go eat some other snacks.” Brick made a face of ignorance. before walking to the other side Because he was embarrassed by Belle’s words. Well, last night, Day also helped burn many calories from eating cake at Nam’s shop. Brick picks up a plate to scoop bacon wrapped mushrooms.

“Ah, sorry,” a man’s deep voice sounded as he picked up the stick and the brick.

“It’s okay,” Brick replied before turning to pick up another stick instead.

“Are you coming with a friend?” asked the old man. causing the brick to turn to face Then the sickness If not narcissism It felt like he was going to be wooed. And the bad guy is the brick itself. It looked over at Day. who sits and looks still

“Come with your girlfriend,” Brick answered just that. before walking to carry the plate of food to the table without paying attention to the young man Brick placed the plate and looked at Day’s face.

“What are you doing?” Itachi hurriedly said and trapped him first.

“What did I say?” Dee asked in a low voice. Brick wrinkled his nose at Day a little bit.

“Don’t be too tempting. It’ll be fine,” Day said, but didn’t mean anything serious.

“Release my house I’m just mine, but still, good-looking people are like this keke ”It said jokingly. because he knew that Day didn’t say anything seriously

“I hate this kind of laughter. Have you scooped Por? If that’s enough then sit down,” Day grumbled flatly.

“Would you like anything else?” Itachi asked, looking at the food on the table. Both snacks and fresh food

“No more, you’re enough. If you’re not full, you can take another lap.” Day said. It sat down next to Day. Arrange to put the vegetables in the grilled pork pan around and place the pork fat on top. before Belle returned.

“Brick, just now saw it. Is there a handsome guy coming to flirt with you?” Belle pretended to ask. Day lifted a slight smile from the corner of his mouth.

“Elder Belle finds trouble for me again. A little bit.” Brick said, his voice trembling. Day put his arm on the back of the chair where Brick was sitting. Let Brick and Bale take care of the fresh food on the grill. Day looked at the young man who talked a bit with bricks. because the tables are not far apart The young man periodically secretly glanced at Day and the bricks.


It puts his elbow to lightly jab Day’s flank. Causing Day to look at the face of the brick

// Why would you care? He just looked at it// Brick spoke in a soft voice because he knows what Day looks at

//I’m just looking too// Day replied just like what Brick said just now. Brick picks up the roasted pork and puts it on the day plate.

“Hmmm, let’s eat, I’ll grill it for you,” It said. Day then sat down and ate grilled pork along with Brick and Bale.

“Ah, really Day, I saw the bank asking for it,” Bell said as he remembered. Day was silent for a moment before nodding.

“After you finish eating, go find it,” Day replied.

“Bank, a snooker table?” It asked, remembering that there was a day junior named Bank who opened a snooker table. Day nodded When finished eating, payment has been made. Day took Belle back to the shop first. because Belle will take his own car to go home Then Day and Brick took a fresh shower before heading to Bank’s shop. Because of the smell of grilled pork track shirt and hair

“By the way, I haven’t been to your junior’s snooker table for a long time. As far as I remember, I’ve only been there a few times,” It said as he sat in the car. As for Day, he still acts as a driver.

“I haven’t been looking for it for a long time either,” Day said back. After a while, the car stopped in front of the junior’s snooker shop. The two got out of the car and walked inside.

“Hey !!!! P’Day, how did you come?” A voice greeted with delight from the young junior. when he saw who walked into his own shop along with hurriedly walking towards Day nodded to his juniors as a greeting. The common room now has people playing at every table. Many people turned to look with interest. Anyone who was familiar with Day would directly come and greet him. with a brick walking behind Day Day turns to hold Brick’s hand for them to stand beside each other. Some people who knew about Day and Brick and smiled a little. Some people who didn’t know were still confused as well.

“Brick, go sit first,” Day said while looking at the bank.

“Brother It, come sit this way first.” Bank invites him up because behind the checkout counter there is a sofa to sit on. A little bit of brick saw Day talking to another junior

“Pee Day has a lot of fans. It’s been a long time since I’ve met my fans. Let them talk first, brother.” Banks said with a smile. It then gently shakes Day’s hand that holds the hand of Brick.

“Day, go sit over there,” It said and Day nodded. Before Brick walked over to sit on the sofa.

“How old is your daughter, Bank?” It asked.

“It’s almost 6 years old, brother,” Bank replied with a smile. before bringing water to the bricks

“Where are you going? Didn’t you bring him to the shop?” It asked further because he wanted to play with the little boy. since raising salmon Make bricks like children some more Where do you meet cute kids? Can’t help but play with

“I’m at home. have to go to school tomorrow So I didn’t bring them here,” Bank answered with a smile. It sits and looks at Day and sees Day standing talking to 3 acquaintances, thinking that most of the teenagers who know Day are quite respectful of Day. Rarely does anyone dare to climb the thread or speak badly of it. Out of style, if Day orders something, he will even follow it.

“How many years have P’It been dating P’Day?” Bank asked curiously. Because I rarely talk to bricks much

“Well.. It’s been over 2 years,” replied Brick.

“Unbelievable. that Pee Day will be able to date Pee It…um I don’t mean that Pee It is bad or anything, I’ve never seen P’Day date a serious person before. A lot of people have come to P’Day. But P’Day never really cared about anyone. At most, it’s just passing through,” Bank said honestly. It makes It want to know about Day’s past. Even though they have been together for over 2 years, but the story before dating It It doesn’t know much about Day.

“Bank, ask me something. In the past, was Day flirting? Does that mean he’s dating a lot of people?” It asked while squinting at Day.

“If I tell you, will I be trampled by Day, Phi It?” Bank asks jokingly.

“Come on, you won’t get hit,” It said back, Bank smiled a bit amused.

“Was it before? Whether you’re flirting or not, I’m not. A flirty person is someone who flirts with that person, but P’Day has never flirted with anyone before. Only people came to find him. If Pee Day meets someone who likes him, he just responds. I’ve never really dated anyone. Pee Day loves Night very much. Life is devoted to his younger brother alone.” Bank replied honestly. Brick sat still and listened.

“Then has anyone ever really wanted to date Day?” It asked.

“Oh, a lot of things. Brother It. But people who want to be serious When P. Day’s words and coldness came in, all of them disappeared. No one can catch Pee Day. If there were any, I would only see Brother Brick.” Bank teased, making the brick’s face turn a bit colored.

“Are you gossiping about me?” Day’s smooth voice sounded. Before Day walked straight in and sat next to the brick.

“A bit empty,” It hurriedly refused.

“It’s nothing, Day. Pee It just asked if Pee Day was flirting in the past. Is there a lot of people who like it?” Banks said jokingly. Causing Brick to turn and stare at the bank immediately Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth. before hugging the brick neck

“Ask yourself and don’t bother me,” Day said.

“I’m not a bit sleepy. I just want to know.” It said back immediately.

“Pee Day, do you have anything to drink? I’ll let the kid buy it for you,” Bank asked.

“Let’s get some beer,” Day replied, before Banks got up. Day turned to his lover and leaned on the back of the sofa in a relaxed manner. His arm was also on the back of the brick.

“If you have anything, you can ask me. You don’t have to ask anyone else,” Day said.

“Act as if I asked. That’s what you’ll answer.” It said that he didn’t take it seriously.

“It depends on the question. It’s nonsense, isn’t it?” Day said.

“You’re saying I’m asking a nonsense question?” It asked back, Day shrugged his shoulders a bit.

“I didn’t say that your question was nonsense. You said it yourself.” Day replied. It frowned Mun.

“Kuan Teen ! ” Brick said the lover went back and leaned against the backrest and turned to face another direction. Day raised his hand that was placed on the back of the brick. came up and gently rubbed the back of the brick Make brick secretly smile a little Because he knew that this was Day’s reconciliation.


Brick’s phone rings. When I picked it up, I saw that it was my best friend’s number. It turned to look at Day. saw that Day was looking at himself as well

“I’m calling Nick,” It told Day first. Day nodded Brick then pressed to answer the call.

“Oh, what’s up?” It received a friend’s call.

“Not at home Kumakarn and Day…………….. Well, there was a little problem at the store. So Dayman invites us to come together………….I still don’t know why…….Damn, you’re running away from your husband. What else are you arguing about? You’ll be killed by it soon…………Okay, that’s it. Take care of yourself. But let me guess. You will be dragged to the place by your husband…..err, rhinoceros” Brick joked that his friend laughed. before hanging up

“I don’t know what Nick is arguing with Neil. Will come to invite me to run away for a trip,” It turned and told Day jokingly.

“Huh, if you were in Bangkok, you’d probably go with it,” Day said.

“It’s like you’re going to let me go.” It said, but Day didn’t say anything. Until the bank gave me a beer and two appetizers.

“Today, I want to try playing snooker. Teach me a lesson.” Brick looked at the people playing in the common room and wanted to try it out.

“Bank, do you have a free table?” Day didn’t answer the brick. but turned to ask his own juniors

“In 20 minutes, can we have a table available, P’ Day?” asked Bank, Day nodded. Before sitting and drinking to wait for the time When the deadline is over, no one extends the time. So 1 snooker table was empty. Day and Brick then walked out to the table. Day handed the cue stick to Brick. Before talking about how to play roughly let the bricks know first When it’s time to catch the wood Day made a gesture for Brick. 

Along with using the arm to wrap the body of the brick on the back so that the brick holds the wooden position correctly. Causing the hot bricks to flash quite a bit Because in front of a lot of people But Day didn’t seem to care what other people were looking at. 

After teaching the bricks for a while Day then let the bricks play by themselves. with a bank to play with Day went back to drinking behind the counter as usual. The bricks were playing for fun because they stabbed some balls, some didn’t, like an amateur. After a while, a group of people walked into the shop.

“Bang, do you have any free tables?” a deep voice asked in a friendly manner.

“Wait a second, Brother Korn. Let me check first.” Bank replied intimately as well. As for Brick, he stood and played without looking at the new arrivals.

“Ah, you meet again,” said a voice from behind. It made It turn around to look with a frown. before realizing that the people who greeted themselves now It’s the person who met in the pork pan restaurant.

(Is it too coincidental?) Brick secretly thought in his heart. before nodding to the other party without saying anything

“Pee Korn, VIP room, can you wait another half hour?” Bank walked back and said after checking the schedule.

“What about the common room?” Korn asked back, looking at the brick as well. Bank raised his eyebrows a bit. Because usually Korn’s group doesn’t play in the common room much. The bank goes back to check again.

“The common room isn’t empty yet, sir,” said Bank, before the brick placed the cue.

“Let him play at this table and get the bank, I’m done,” Brick said back because the bank gave Brick to play for free. Bricks therefore do not want to cause the bank to lose much income.

“Is that so, Brother It?” Bank asked back, Brick nodded in acceptance.

“You can play together. Many people are having fun,” Korn invites.

“It’s okay, take it easy.” It said back before walking over to Day. Korn looked in and saw that Day was also looking at himself.

// Bank, do you know those two too? // Korn whispered to Bank, not very loud.

// It’s my brother, I just stopped by to visit // Bank replied, not everyone knows Day. Because Day himself doesn’t often hang out with anyone. Except for people who are really close to each other.

// Are you really a fan? Just then, I met him at a pork pan restaurant. He said he was going with his girlfriend. and then saw them sitting together // Korn continued to ask. Bank raised his eyebrows a bit. Evaluate

// Yes, he’s a fan. And my brother who sits inside is also very jealous of his girlfriend// Bank replied with a smile. a trapping Because when I know Korn’s taste as well Korn nodded in acceptance. Then smile a little before starting to play snooker with a group of friends

“Day, give me the car keys. I’m going to get my coat in the car. The bank shop is turning on the air conditioner, it’s so cold,” It said, Day handing over the car keys. It then got up and walked out of the shop. Korn turned around and gave a slight smile to Tok. Brick himself just smiled as if saying hello. Brick walks to the car to open the door and pick up the coat. The neighborhood is near the gym. and sports fields Causing general teenagers to sit in groups and chat with each other

“Have you sold your iPad yet?” someone asked.

“Not yet, let the matter be quiet first, damn it, because the old bastard from the opposite house So the two of us got a little something.” The chatter continued loudly. causing the bricks to halt a bit Brick stood still next to his car. Because the other person was sitting in the seat next to Day’s car a little bit making it quite clear to hear

“Damn, how dare you go up to that store? I’ve seen them say that the owner of the shop is brutal.” Someone’s voice rang out again.

“Sass, you’re talking softly,” another man cursed at his friend back.

“The owner of the shop is not here. I saw that I went to live in Bangkok and came back once in a while and there was no one who slept over the shop too.” The same person replied. causing the brick to frown I immediately guessed that the group of teenagers who were talking here must be the ones breaking into Day’s shop.

//Damn, the world is really narrow too// Brick mumbled to himself. before secretly looking at that group of teenagers which were sitting together for 3 people, who looked at the condition and knew that they were addicted to drugs

“Did you sell everything yet?” another friend asked.

“No, some things are sold to second-hand sellers in flea markets. type of hair dryer A hair straightener.” When the other party replied like this Make Brick confident that this group is definitely the group that breaks the day shop. when going to follow the day was afraid that these children would go away first It then decides to walk towards him immediately.

“You’re so good,” he said in a deep voice, causing the three of them to startle slightly. before turning to look at bricks with dissatisfied eyes

“What the hell, and who are you suddenly saying that you’re here with us?” said a young boy fearlessly.

“Who am I? I’m the owner of the shop you guys went to break in last night.” It said back, making the three of them look at each other frantically because they didn’t think it was such a coincidence.

“You have no evidence,” said the other head doctor.

“I heard what you guys were talking about. I’ll arrest you guys and send them to the police and have them search your houses. Now I’ll find the evidence.” It said angrily. before heading towards the three young men

“Damn, you think I’m afraid?” The other party saw that they were more than themselves. therefore coming straight to the brick as well and a skirmish ensued. teenagers sitting far away They were hesitant and shocked whether they should go and help or not. and don’t know what happened

“Pee Bank, Pee Day’s girlfriend was crowded in the parking lot,” a teenage boy who remembers Brick. Ran to tell the bank because he didn’t see Day sitting behind the counter. Causing Day to get up and immediately run out to the front of the store. Including the group of Korn as well Now, some people have come to help it because they remember that it is a fan day. As for those who don’t know, don’t dare to interfere.

“Damn it ! ” Brick shouted angrily. When he missed being punched in the face until the corner of his mouth was broken And the other party pulled out a knife. dashing towards a brick

Mum ! Phew !!

The hand of the person holding the knife was grabbed. along with being punched in the face by the skill of Day who ran in just in time Day looked at the other party with his eyes glowing with anger.

“Day, these kids are the ones who break into our shop.” Ithur said, Day immediately turned to look. At this moment, the three youths looked at each other for a way to escape. because he saw that on the side of the brick there were people joining

“Hey Ido, what are you guys doing around here?” Kon’s voice sounded. Causing It and Day to immediately turn to look when they know that a person named Korn knows one of those boys.

“Brother Korn,” the other party called in a shocked voice.

“Do you know them?” Day asked quietly.

“Yes,” Korn replied.

“A kid from my neighborhood I know my parents well. What did it do?” Korn hurriedly asked Day, turning to look at the young man standing with fierce eyes.

“Good, so that the police can come in and catch them easily,” Day said back. Now the three young men were sweating before running away. But the bank’s guys catch up until they’re all done. Day immediately called the police.

“It’s good that I came out to hear them talking,” It said. Day turned to look at his green-eyed lover. halt the bricks

“What did I do wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” Brick asked his lover in a harsh voice.

“Go wait in the bank’s shop,” Day said flatly.

“Why do you have to force me to wait in the store? What the hell are you doing today?” Brick turned to yell at his lover.

“I told you to wait in the store ! ” Day gritted his teeth. causing the bricks to halt a bit

“Oh, mom ! I can’t do good things, I won’t do anything bad later,” It yelled back before walking angrily into Bank’s shop. Day was waiting for the police along with others who were standing in the crowd.

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