Love Syndrome Novel Season 3  Chapter 1

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 ,  Chapter 1

Author : 여 님 (Yeonim ) 

Pueng !

The sound of the office door closing was loud. before it’s father walked in with a confused face

“What else is it? Frowning, walk away.” It’s father asked his son-in-law who was sitting at the desk.

“What else is there? It piques me, saying I didn’t keep my promise,” Day replied calmly.

“Promise what?” Itachi’s father continued to ask.

“I told him that. At noon, I will take you to the water shop. I saw that he was going to try the new flavored cake of Nam. But Dad saw that my work was still piled up in front of me, ”Day said in a normal voice.

“Ah, so it’s touching,” It’s father said when he found out the reason. Day nodded Because Brick came to complain that Day didn’t take him away. Day then asked to postpone it in the evening because he wanted to clear the purchasing documents first. It and Day have been living together as a couple for over two years. Quarrel with each other, get along well, as a couple Day is still consistent with his seriousness, stillness and fierceness. but maybe not as much as before As for the person who has changed more than before, it’s the brick. But it’s not that Day always indulges. Which story is too much? Day will speak for a reason. May cause the bricks to be touchy. But Day didn’t think too much about it.

“That’s about it,” Day replied with a light sigh.

“You don’t go after him too much,” said the father of It, jokingly.

“Dad knows how your son is,” Day said back. It’s father didn’t say anything. Before asking for the documents of the customers who are friends with him. Day then finds it in a normal manner. He didn’t even think about going to reconcile his lover right now. Because I know that I go to reconcile when I’m stupid. The brick will be several times more stupid than before.

Knock knock

There was a knock on the office door. before Brick’s mother opened the door Along with dragging the arms of his only son Day raised his head to look a little. before raising an eyebrow in surprise

“Oh, what’s wrong with you?” It asked father.

“Bring the stupid kid back,” It’s mother said with a smile. causing the brick to bend more than before It’s father shook his head. because he thought that Brick would definitely go and sue his mother

“You, reduce your wayward idiot like this a bit. Day was busy. If you want to have free time You’ve learned to help him somehow,” It’s father said, how could he be scolded?

“Well, I already told Dad. that I’m not good at paperwork I’m good at it, but it’s better to work in the garages, ”It complained.

“Then why didn’t you learn mechanics at first? Why did you come to study communications? I haven’t seen you doing any work in the line of study,” It’s father grumbled. The brick frowned before sitting on the sofa. Day tells his lover with straight eyes.

“Well, the gears are learning here,” Brick said, not quite loudly. It’s father also learned that It chose to study according to his friends. But with the indulgence of the child, he let him study. which the bricks can be finished Although the grades are not very beautiful It’s not a problem. because the bricks come to help work in the shop and also looking for a son-in-law to help take care of the family business again

“You, be careful, you’re so stupid, Day will throw it away someday,” It’s father threatened jokingly.

“Dad, you don’t have to threaten, right? Day doesn’t dare to leave me,” It said in a turbid voice. resentfully

“Speak nicely,” Day said in a low voice. when he saw that it was talking against his father Brick froze for a moment before sitting down and covering his mouth.

“Did you tell me? to take to the evening I didn’t change my mind and didn’t take him a bit, so I could choose to go but postpone the time. With not being able to go, which one would you take?” Day said somehow. After letting your lover be stupid for a while

“Mom” It turned to plead with his mother. when he saw that his father did not take sides

“It’s better late than never,” said It’s mother. It has made it aware that he has no one to take sides for sure.

“You can go in the evening,” said Brick, thumping. before immediately getting up and walking out of the office Day looked after through the store window. then saw Brick walk to put on a mechanic’s clothes and walk to hit the band and hit the tusks with his subordinates to vent their emotions But the subordinates that bricks go to drain with that He is a close subordinate and gets to know each other really well. which no one is offended But if the brick goes to drain with other people Day will be to blame.

“I’m tired, Day,” his mother said. Day took his eyes off his lover walking in the garage. and turned to the brick’s mother

“It’s okay,” Dee replied with a soft smile. and continued to work without saying anything.

“Work is over ! ” Brick, who had walked in the door forcefully, slammed his voice up. Day looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already four o’clock.

“Give me another half hour,” Day said, causing the brick to pout again.

“Can you come and do it again tomorrow ? This is out of work. Are you going to do OT?” Itachi said sarcastically. Day’s eyes came up to look a little.

“Go take a shower and change clothes at Papa’s house and then come down. Are you going into a water shop with the smell of motor oil on you?” Day said in a calm voice. causing the bricks to halt a bit

“If I take a shower and get dressed You have to take it. Don’t extend the time too.” Brick said in a stern voice. Day let out a small sigh of relief.

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. Made the bricks feel a little better. before hurrying out of the office and heading straight to his parents’ house to take a shower and change clothes Brick and Day will leave their clothes at their parents’ house. In case of any unexpected days, Day collects work before walking out to look at the order in the office and the garage again. because really The garage will be closed around 7:30 p.m., but It often comes to complain about Day’s dismissal at 4 o’clock regularly. Therefore, It’s father will come to take over.

“It’s done.” Itachi walks up to Day, smelling good. Because I just finished taking a shower and washing my hair.

“Why didn’t you dry your hair first?” Day asked, seeing that the brick’s hair was still damp.

“Going in the car and it’s dry now, really complaining,” It said back. Day shook his head back and forth.

“Have you told Mom and Dad that you’re coming back?” Day asked because Brick’s parents were in the house.

“I told you, Dad said I’ll come and see you later.” It said back, Day nodded in agreement before walking to the car. Subordinates doing OT in the garage They breathed a sigh of relief. When Day returned home I don’t like this boss. But just when it’s near Day I often feel tense, I can’t do anything right. Even though Day has taken care of the shop for two years.

“It, I’m complaining to my husband. I suspect Brick won’t come in today,” Nam greeted when he saw Brick and Day walking into the store. The brick immediately rushed to find water.

“Day didn’t bring me here at noon, brother Nam. And where is the taro flavored cake, is it delicious?” It said telling about Day before asking for a shiny brown cake.

“It’s delicious. All of my skill. Hello, P’Day,” Nam said to It before turning to raise his hand to pay respect to Day. who just walked in to the counter Day nodded slightly.

“There are a lot of people today,” Day greeted because he saw that there were really many people.

“Yes, there are a lot of people in the evening like this. P’Day and Brick Would you rather sit in the room? The tables are full outside,” Nam said, as the young woman built a small reception room to rest on the other side of the shop.

“Um, good. A lot of people are dizzy,” Day said just like that. In fact, he still didn’t like crowded places like before. After accepting the girl, Day and It walked inside. But before entering Day’s room, he stopped for a bit.

“Go in first. Let’s go to the back of the shop for a while,” Day said to It. causing Brick to immediately look into green eyes

“Today all day I only smoked one cigarette at noon,” Day said knowing why Brick was looking at himself. Brick made a protruding mouth.

“Let’s go,” It said back before walking into the waiting room first. Brick complains every time Day smokes. Day himself tried to reduce as much as he could. Day walked out to the smoking area of ​​the shop. along with the normal smoking cigarette lighter

“Can I have a cigarette, please?” came a young man’s voice. Day turned to look. before sending the lighter not given after rolling their own cigarettes, but how The man smiled slightly. before getting to the smoking point

“I thought that no one would smoke at all. I forgot to bring a lighter.” Said the slender young man with a smile.

“You can ask at the store. They have one to borrow.” Day said in a flat tone. didn’t pay much attention to the young man.

“Do you come here often?” the man continued to ask. Day glanced a little.

“No,” replied the young man shortly. and continue smoking In fact, Day and Brick come often. Only Day didn’t want to talk much.

//It’s a pity// The young man next to me mumbles softly, but Day can hear it anyway.

“Isn’t the smoke finished yet?” The brick’s harsh voice rang out. Along with walking across It looks surveyingly at the young man beside Day.

“Why did you come out? Doesn’t it stink of cigarettes?” Day asked, Brick came to stand with a bent face beside Day. From the reception room, you can see the smoking area as well. And Brick saw a strange man talking to his lover. to have walked out

“Smelly, but can’t you want to come and stand with me?” It said back, his eyes glanced at another man as well. Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth. because he knows what the bricks think before raising his hand to crush the brick head back and forth

“Thought a lot,” Dee said simply. The stranger himself did not dare to interfere. when he heard the two of them talking because of Day’s words that told him not to think too much Accompanied the eyes of the bricks who were looking at me wrongly. make the other party enough to recognize that What are these two people? Day’s hand hit bricks are not very strong. who came to rub his head before putting his hand on my hair to fit into the picture

“Ah, are you going to add another cigarette or not?” It hurriedly said and intercepted immediately. Seeing Day taking another cigarette out of the pack

“One more please,” Day said in a low voice. before continuing to smoke Brick stands frowning. Because I know full well that if I don’t go to the day, I will probably continue to smoke anyway. But as far as today, the day has decreased to some extent, which is very good.

“Excuse me first,” said the strange man standing as an extra for Brick. before walking apart

“You know each other?” It asked Day immediately.

“No, they asked to connect the lights,” Day answered honestly. because he really came to ask for the fire Brick slammed himself into a wooden chair, frowning. But didn’t say anything more.

“Seriously, why did you come out?” Day pretended to ask in a quiet voice. A little bit of brick

//I’m an idiot// Brick says in a muffled voice But Day heard it anyway.

“So what?” Day raised his eyebrows and asked back. Brick sat still and did not answer. Day raised one hand to wrap around the brick’s neck. Brick tilted his head to lean against Day who was standing beside him. With a pleading attitude without the person himself not knowing that this is a pleading symptom Day didn’t say anything but stood and smoked a cigarette. and leave it in the sand bucket that the shop has prepared before bending down towards the face of the brick


“I only have you. Why would you think too much about it?” Day gave a light kiss to Brick’s lips. along with saying what Brick was afraid of in his heart Day himself didn’t understand. that we’ve been together this much Why is Brick always afraid of being dumped by Day? but vice versa Day never once feared that he would be bricked. Why?…………Because no matter who the brick wants to go with Day was ready to drag the bricks back and lock them up so they wouldn’t belong to anyone.

“What the hell are you doing? Other people will see it later.” Brick said in a disconcerting voice, his face turned red. They had been together for over two years. But I still feel embarrassed when Day does something like this.

“You can go in now. The water will think that you have already returned home.” Day said in a flat voice. before hugging the brick neck to get up and walked into the store together

“Brother Chan, are you there? I bought some cake for you,” It shouted to his neighbor outside the fence. The girl leaned out of the house with a slight smile.

“Thank you, Brick. Oh, Nong Kan is here. My parents just sent it to me this afternoon and saw that they were going to a party,” Chan said as he carried the round boy out. Immediately made Brick’s eyes widen because he used to raise small children often.

“Nong Kan,” It called happily. before turning to look in their own home which Day took the car to park in the garage

“I’m taking Nong Kan to see Day,” It hurriedly said before handing a bag of cake boxes to Chan and holding Nong Kan himself . Big smile on the brick There is no fuss. Brick kissed the little boy’s cheeks with nostalgia.

“I’ll bring it back,” It said and Chan nodded in agreement. Because at least I can prepare something When the bricks took the children to play Brick carried the little boy into the fence.

“Day, look who is this?” It said in a clear voice. Day, who opened the door of the house, turned to look before smiling faintly. It carried the little boy to Day. while holding Nong Kan’s hand and gently pasting it on Day’s cheek

“When did you come?” Day asked in a low voice. But the eyes looked at the little boy with affection as well.

“Brother Chan said he came in the afternoon. Maybe their parents came to take care of them while they were at the party?” It replied as Chan said. Day nodded

“Take him into the house,” Day said before opening the door. then walks in to pick up a picnic bed and lay it on the bricks for the younger children to lie down Nong Kan can crawl now. Brick swings toys to lure Nong Kan to crawl towards himself.

“I’m going to take a shower first. Take a good look at Nong Kan,” Day said. It nodded in acknowledgment before continuing to play with Nong Kan. Day went up to take a shower in the bedroom.

“Are you hungry again?” Day asked as he walked downstairs after taking a shower and getting dressed.

“I don’t know yet. If I’m hungry, I’ll tell you, bruh.” It answered before turning to play with Nong Kan. The little boy let out a big laugh. Day shook his head and smiled. This is the daily life of the two. which may look normal But it was normal that the two of them were satisfied with it.

“Stop making that face for a second,” Day said. while driving the bricks to the parents’ shop late in the day

“Last night, I told you to do it gently. Have you ever listened to it? Now those bastards tease me up. Are you embarrassed for me?” It yelled because last night Day plays so hard for him on the bed that his waist hurts all over. I also feel a little abrasive when walking.

“I saw that you wanted to have children. That’s why I did it.” Day answered with a deadpan face.

“When did I tell you that I wanted to have one?” Brick shouted back, his face flushed.

“Well, I saw you playing with Nong Kan. I think you want to have it, ”Day replied. It knew that his lover just wanted to annoy himself.

“Let’s talk about it, don’t mind me,” Itachi grumbled. Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth.

“Or do you want me to find trouble and take someone else?” Day pretended to ask. It turned and looked at him with green eyes.

“Let’s go find something else to take care of. I’ll go get someone else.” Brick immediately retorted. Day raised an eyebrow. before letting out a small sigh of relief

“ It’s been over 2 years and you still haven’t stopped thinking about taking someone else?” Day said with a laugh in his throat. Brick can only jab his mouth in annoyance. Because I understand the meaning of what Day said well until arriving at the store Brick then opened the car door and went straight into the garage. Day shook his head. Because he knew right away that his lover was looking for trouble to vent, hit the band, hit the tusks on his subordinates. Day walks into the office to work on unfinished work.

“Brick” the sound of the brick Make Brick look up from the customer’s wheels to look at his lover.

“What’s up?” It responded, looking at the other subordinates sitting at work, limp. Acting diligently, earnestly, and laughing

“This afternoon, I’m going to go back to Kan for a bit. Will you come with me?” Day asked. He also opened a beauty salon and left it for Belle to take care of.

“Go,” It said immediately.

“I want to eat cake there,” It replied immediately. It’s subordinates secretly make a face of their own cousin. But the bricks were visible anyway. Long legs in a mechanic’s clothes, kicking his subordinates angrily.

“What do you mean by making that face, Bass?” It asked his subordinates in a deep voice. but not so serious

“I thought that Hiei It wanted to go because Hi Day invited him, where else would he want to go to eat cake? about the cake Come first.” Basod couldn’t help but taunt his cousin.

“It’s just like you. When I hear about girls Don’t think that I don’t know. That you called to leave work two days ago to say that you were sick. In fact, you took the girl to travel,” Brick said angrily to his subordinates. Startled Bass Glancing at Day, who was standing and looking at him with still eyes Then I feel scared.

//Hey, let’s say something in front of Heyday// Bass secretly whispered back make the bricks remember

//Oh, I’m sorry// It responded softly as well before turning to smile dryly at his lover.

“Are you okay?” Day asked again.

“Go, if you want to go, when will you walk and tell me? I’m going to take a shower again,” It replied, Day nodded in agreement. But before Day walks away Day turned to look at basketball, his subordinates in brick’s garage again.

“Bas, sick is sick. Having errands to do is having errands. You understand, right?” Day said to the media. So that the young man knows that if he takes a leave of absence, if he calls to say that he is sick That is really uncomfortable. It’s not a lie to go do something else.

“Yes…” Bas replied softly. before Day goes The voice of the subordinates around there suddenly sighed.

“Oh, it, you’re trying to make me die prematurely,” Bas suddenly moaned. Brick therefore slapped his subordinate on the head 1 time in annoyance.

“Why did you suddenly return to Kan?” It asked while getting in the car. Day is driving back to the beauty salon in Kanchanaburi.

“Pee Bell called to say that someone broke into the shop last night,” Day said in a calm voice. Brick’s eyes widened as he heard this.

“Hey ! Really, and what can it do?” Itachi asked, shocked.

“I saw Pee Belle saying that they were mechanic tools, iPads, Pee Belle and a little bit of money in the drawer. Because Pee Bell kept some change in the cashier’s drawer. It didn’t even go up to the bedroom. There is a shop on the opposite side. They are curious. Why did the sliding door open? So they shouted to remind me that I went back to the shop. But two people pushed open the door and ran out. That’s why he knew that someone had broken into my shop,” Day recounted as Belle had told him. when he heard the news from Belle He wasn’t shocked. Because no matter what, there was no one to rest. Money story for the day It’s not such a big deal.

“When did P’Bell call?” It asked tensely.

“When we got to the store, that was it,” Day said back, because when he walked into the office. Belle then called.

“Then you just invited me back in the afternoon. are you crazy day Instead of knowing, I’ll come and see.” Brick yelled, not loudly.

“I want to clear the work on the table first,” Day replied.

“Have you notified the police yet?” It asked.

“Since last night But Pee Belle doesn’t want to call to annoy me late at night. So I called to tell you when it was late,” Day replied. It sat crossing his arms and frowning.

“Enough said, both Bell and you. So calm down,” Brick said taunting the lover. Day smiled slightly.

“No one is fine. I care about people more than money. It’s good that someone slept over at the shop,” Day said back.

“Who the fuck is that? Dare to dig into the neck of a cobra. If caught, Father will squat and align himself,” It complained silently. Day sat quietly without saying a word. The two of them arrived at the store and it was already very cold. Day ordered Belle to close the shop before one day. Wait for him to come back to see the order first. Which now Belle is waiting at the store with Por another shopkeeper

“What did it get, Brother Belle?” It asked immediately as he got out of the car to meet Belle. Although I already know some from Day But Brick wanted to know more.

“Wow, Nong It, we haven’t seen each other for over a month. Look so radiant. The last time I came, I felt too thin,” Belle greeted with a smiling face. There was no sign of worry or stress at all about the shop being broken into at all. Until Brick secretly couldn’t think that neither the shop owner nor the staff Are they insensitive or not?

(==) brick

2 Be Con

At first it was still going on.

It’s a story each day first.

Brutal people haven’t reached the return queue yet.


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