Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 12

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 12

when he heard what brick said Day raised an eyebrow. while staring blankly in front of the brick

“What good do you have? That’s why I’m taking you as my wife.” Biting his little lip in front of him, let’s really live together, why did he choose a brick? A little bit of brick When hearing the question from Day

“You can figure it out by yourself,” It said back, although in his heart he wanted to ask Day back as well. What do you have on D-Day to choose to love and live together? But when you think again only asked When Day himself could not remember.

“If I figured it out, would you ask me? Say something stupid.” Make brick look at Day at least.

“Then how did you and I meet?” Day asked, wanting to know about the past 3 years that he couldn’t remember anything about. The brick froze a bit.

“Meet because of the night My friend Gear is your boyfriend and girlfriend,” It said roughly. Because his heart didn’t want to tell Day that Day and It actually met out of pure resentment.

“So what?” Day asked. It took a deep breath. but not soon enough to answer A knock on the door of the room sounded. The nurse walked in to check the amount of saline and ask about Day’s symptoms a little more. with a brick standing and listening before walking away

“Let’s eat so we can take medicine,” It said as he moved the food stand to Day. along with adjusting the bed so Day can sit and lean comfortably Day frowned slightly.

“Does it hurt?” It asked, his face pale when he saw his lover’s face twisted. Day stared blankly at the brick.

“It’s a bit stingy, but why are you pale? The person who hurts is me, not you,” Day said.

“Mother ! Just seeing you get hurt hurts me too,” Brick shouted unbearably. Because if it hurts instead of each other Brick also wants to get hurt instead of Day.

“Don’t raise your voice with me,” Day said in a stern voice. A little bit of brick

“I always raise my voice to you. Before, you didn’t say a word about me,” Brick cut out, lamentably murmuring.

“Previously how I and you were, I don’t know, but now you don’t act like this with me, I don’t like it,” Day said again. Brick looked at his lover with trembling eyes. Before moving the food tray for Day and immediately went to the bathroom. Brick sat down on the toilet, covered his face with his hands and sobbed in displeasure. But can’t say anything. Since Day couldn’t remember anything about the bricks. It cries and tries to hold back his voice. When he cried until he was satisfied Brick got up to wash his face. and walked out again before finding out that Day has not yet eaten

“Why aren’t you eating?” It asked in a low voice. Day frowned.

“Do you think I can eat it? My arm is in a cast like this. I’m not good at using my left arm,” Day replied. Brick then hurriedly sat down. Immediately manage to feed day rice It quietly feeds Day rice. Day himself ate without saying anything.

“Enough,” Day said when he was full. The brick then slides out the food tray holder.

“Medicine,” Day said quietly. Brick tries not to look at his lover’s face. Because the more you look, the more it hurts. Seeing the empty gaze of Dayguard at the brick There was no sign of love and jealousy in his eyes like before. It walks to pick up medicine for Day along with water.

“What’s wrong, why are you crying?” Day asked, causing Brick who was accepting the glass of water to stop for a bit.

“I didn’t sing,” Brick lied in a low voice.

“Do you think I’m so stupid that I can’t see?” Day asked further, it pressed their lips together.

“Then what do you feel when you see me cry?” It asked back Day frowned slightly.

“What will you feel? You sing your own song,” Day said, causing It to feel both hurt and annoyed. But didn’t say anything further.

“Put the bed down and I’ll lay down,” Day said again. Brick therefore moves to adjust the bed for the lover. with Day staring at him without batting an eye Whether you don’t feel it, it probably isn’t. Day was annoyed when he realized that the other was crying. But I can’t give myself an answer why I have to be frustrated. When the bed has been put down for Day Day lay quietly watching TV. As for Brick, he went and sat on the sofa without saying a word as well. Even if the eyes are looking at the TV But Brick was thinking about what he had to do. To bring Day’s memory back to the way it was before.


Brick’s phone rings. Day turned to look. but didn’t say anything Brick answered the call and went out to chat outside the balcony so as not to disturb Day watching TV.

“What’s up, Night?” It answered the call of his lover’s brother.

(“Pee Day, how are you?” Night asked back.

“I just ate rice and took medicine. The nurse came in for one round and saw that in the afternoon the doctor would come in and check again, ”It replied.

(“And P’ Day, do you remember anything?” Night asked back in a low voice.

“It’s not yet night. It doesn’t remember my story,” It replied, his voice shaking a bit.

(“Brother Brick, calm down. Soon P’ Day will have to remember.) Night spoke to encourage his brother’s lover. Because he knew full well how much the brick must have hurt that his lover couldn’t remember his own story.

“When is Night? when will it be remembered What’s the point of it?” Brick vented in embarrassment.

(“Pee It, you need to understand Pee Day. P’Day still doesn’t remember anything.” Night said, his face instantly saddened.

“Karma will repay you,” It said in a low voice.

(“Brother It, don’t think like that”) Night said with pity.

“Never mind, I’ll take care of it like this. Night himself has finished school and hastened to come because now the most important person to him is Night.” just accept that in the past The person Day loves and cares about the most is Night. Day’s younger brother

(“Brother It”) Night moaned.

“Wait, I’ll have to go inside. That’s all for now. You won’t be able to call me.” Brick tried to sound cheerful. before cutting off the night call Brick sighed lightly. with a distant gaze sick person lying on the bed Turning to look at the balcony door often Stare at yourself until you feel frustrated.

//What the hell are you looking at// Day scolds himself. Because he didn’t understand why his eyes had to be fixed on the balcony door so often. until the brick walks in

“Night is calling,” It tells Day as usual.

“Who asked?” Day asked back, causing the bricks to press their lips together.

“Oh, I said it myself, is there something wrong?” It said back, trying to restrain himself fully so as not to get angry at his lover.

“Good mouth,” Day said out. Lazy bricks quarreled with lovers. So I can only sit and watch TV quietly. Turn around and see that Day has fallen asleep. Brick therefore got up to cover the cloth for his lover. It looks at Day’s face with sad eyes.

//I don’t like this at all. Remember me one day// Brick muttered softly. before sitting down in the chair next to Day then lays his head on the bed where Day lies before falling asleep arm shaking make the bricks gradually I woke up and opened my eyes slowly.

“Bricks,” a voice calls out to bricks. Brick nodded his head to look. Before seeing the eyes of Day who raised the head of the bed Then sit and look still. Turning to the side, he saw that the one who called himself was Nick.

“Why are you sleeping? Why not sleep on the couch?” Nick said, with Neil standing on the other side of the bed.

“Uh… I must have fallen asleep. When did you come here?” Itachi hurriedly moved to stand up. Because I feel strangely embarrassed who sits asleep and wakes up and sees that Day sat and watched as well And I don’t know when Day woke up.

“Come here just now,” Nick replied.

“Then let me wash my face first,” he said as he walked to the bathroom immediately.

“You know him too?” Day asked Nick who was standing there. Nick frowned. But he realized Day couldn’t remember the past three years. including Nick

“Your wife is my friend. Remember that too, no, hurry up and remember the old stuff,” Nick said out. Although I’m glad that Day has recovered. But he was a little shocked when he learned that Day couldn’t remember the people who had come in for the past 3 years.

“Is this your wife?” Day asked Neil, Neil nodded.

“Me and you have a wife as friends?” Day asked, and Neil nodded in agreement. Just as the brick walked to wipe his face out.

“Day, I’m serious. You really don’t remember the last three years, do you?” Neil asked tensely. Day frowned.

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. Neil’s face was a little tense. before turning to look at brick with pity Because he knows that the one who hurts the most is the brick. Nick drags the brick over to sit on the sofa and chat. Let Neil sit and let Day ask him some of the things he doesn’t remember.

“In conclusion, you opened a garage with your wife in Thailand permanently. As for me, I went to take care of the business of…my family?”

“Yes, your wife’s father. He trusted you to take care of every business. As for your hair salon at Kanchanaburi You can go and see it once a month, maybe,” Neil said. The two chatted softly, and Neil himself didn’t mention bad things in the past to Day. Because I want Day to remember this kind of story more by himself. He just wanted to explain Day’s daily life to Day.

“Neil, let’s go downstairs with the brick for a second,” said Nick, for the brick’s expression was not very good. Hearing Neil review things for Day Therefore, I want to take my friends down to breathe some air below.

“Where are you going?” “Where are you going?” Day and Neil said together. Before Neil looked at Day’s face Day also furrowed his eyebrows together in surprise. When he felt his own mouth, he would automatically ask. Nick himself was puzzled.

“Go downstairs to buy things. Come up soon,” Nick replied. It felt his heart flutter as he saw Day’s calm but pressured eyes. looking at the brick which Day himself did not know that How do you look at the bricks?

“You don’t have to go down, Nick. I don’t want anything right now.” It replied because he felt like Day didn’t want himself to go down. And Brick doesn’t want to be too far away from Day.

“Um, it’s up to you,” Nick replies, before Day continues to talk to Neil.

“So I agree that I also have another house in Bangkok, right?” Day asked Neil. Because Neil told me roughly.

“Um, but if you want to know anything other than this, you have to ask. You have to talk to the brick yourself. The person who will bring your memory back the best is the Brick,” Neil continued.

“I don’t know if I should still remember the past. Or will it be okay to let it pass?” Day said in a calm voice.

“Damn Day, how could you say that?” Nick yelled as he saw Brick sitting in tears as he heard Day say it.

“The brick loves you very much. It’s almost crazy to know that you’re hurting. And the more you can’t remember about it like this How much do you think it would hurt, damn, if you woke up like this? I think you better not recover.” Nick said angrily.

“Dammit Nick, don’t talk like that,” It groaned as he heard what his friend said. Causing Nick to pause a bit. When you realize that you talk too much but fearing that his friend would be hurt by Day’s words So it makes Nick feel a little overwhelmed.

“Short, calm down,” Neil had to say. So Nick just sat there grunting. with Day looking at him with still eyes

“Your wife’s mouth is fine too,” Day said carelessly. Sharp eyes stared at the face of the brick, as if trying to think of something. But it couldn’t figure it out. It was as if there was a faint mist obscuring some of the images, but the more he thought about it, Day felt a headache. So he leaned his head on the pillow. with eyes closed Immediately causing the bricks to rise up because he was observing Day’s condition

“What’s the matter, does it hurt anywhere?” Itachi asked in a troubled voice. along with standing on the side of the bed Day opened his eyes slightly. Both eyebrows were still furrowed together.

“It’s okay,” Day replied, sounding as calm as usual. It looks hesitantly at Day.

“I said it was nothing,” Day repeated. It then moved forward to sit with Nick as before. Nick continued to sit and grumble. until some time has passed The head doctor walked in to check. along with repeating the matter of taking care of Day to it again Brick tried his best to remember. when lunch comes It was responsible for feeding Day. Until Day has eaten and taken medicine. Day fell asleep again. Neil and Nick returned. Day wakes up again when Night has arrived.

“Brother Day, are you awake? Would you like some water?” Night immediately asked his brother. As for Brick, he got up and poured water into a glass for his lover. Day used his left hand to take water from the brick and drink it back. before lightly patting his younger brother’s head.

“How are you doing?” Day asked his younger brother in a weak voice.

“Good,” Night replied, before the conversation was monopolized by Day and Night. Brick felt like he was a surplus. Although Night tried to get the bricks involved in the conversation as well. But Day seemed to want to talk and would like to ask his own brother more than alone. when dinner comes Brick pretends to get up to enter Day

“No need, I’ll let my younger brother feed it himself,” Day said, causing the brick to froze.

“Eh, Night said P’Day had better feed P’It. Night is not right. P’It has fed P’Day all day, right? Ah, it’s true. Night will go down to buy snacks. The shop will close now I saw that they said it was delicious. Please give P’Day a night, P’It. I’ll buy some snacks for you.” Night said with a smile. along with smoothly avoiding Day’s recovery room Makes Day a little irritated. Because it can be seen that the younger brother avoids feeding himself

“Why are you standing there? Bring some rice,” Day said. It hurriedly moved the food stand to Day. along with sitting quietly Day also looked at the face of the brick all the time.

“Didn’t think to say anything?” Dave asked.

“What are you going to say?” It asked in a low voice.

“You don’t want to tell me about you and me?” Day asked again, biting his lip a bit.

“I don’t know where to begin,” It said in a low voice. Because I really don’t know where to start. before continuously feeding day rice

“How many years have you and I been together?” Day asked.

“ Over 2 years,” It replied, Day nodded in agreement. but still can’t remember anything

“What about my sister and your friend?” Day asked about her own sister.

“Even so,” Itachi replied.

“Did I meet you when you were in school?” Day asked. Simultaneously eating the rice that Brick has fed as well

“Hmm,” It replied shortly. Day sat down, frowning, trying to remember the stories. but can’t remember Brick himself was able to see that Day was trying to remember.

“You don’t rely on anything too much. You’ll have a headache.” Brick said worriedly. Day then asked no further questions. before sitting down to eat and take medicine until full

“Have you eaten anything yet?” Day asked, realizing that he hadn’t seen a brick eat anything all day. only drink water and a little bit of bread

“No,” replied Brick.

“Then why didn’t you eat?” Day asked angrily.

“I’m not hungry yet,” Brick replied in a low voice, not hungry, but he couldn’t eat more than the stress and pain in his chest made him not want to eat.

“Go and eat, I don’t want anyone to blame me. that you came to take care of me until I didn’t eat,” Day said in a deep voice.

“Well, I’m not hungry yet,” Brick argued.

“If you’re not hungry, you have to eat ! Then you don’t have to take care of me,” Day said again.

“No ! ” Brick yelled back immediately, his voice trembling.

“Don’t come crying to see me. What’s wrong with you? You’re a little fierce and you’re crying,” Day immediately intercepted. He was displeased when he learned that Brick was about to cry.

“You are not a meow. I don’t know How do you feel…” Brick said again. Before the door of the room opened with Night and Gear walking in with Masonic’s parents. Brick immediately wiped the tears from his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Itachi’s father asked. It walked to his mother with a gloomy face. Day sits annoyed on the bed.

“Pee Day” Night hurriedly walked to his brother immediately.

“Nothing, night. What did you buy?” Day asked the youngster to change the subject.

“Pee Day, father and mother, P’ It came to visit,” Night said. Day raised his hands to pay respect to It’s parents. But it still feels strange to Day now. It’s father sighed lightly. before going to sit beside the bed

“How are you?” Itachi’s father asked. Day replied.

“Dad, I don’t know what to say. You can’t play with your father like this,” It’s father said tiredly. Day stayed silent and didn’t say anything further.

“But anyway, try to enter. take care memory story It will come back sooner or later,” It’s father continued. before turning to look in front of the brick sitting next to his mother

“So are you okay Brick? Will you hire more nurses?” It’s father asked. Immediately the brick shook its head.

“It’s okay, papa. I can take care of it.” Brick replied immediately. Even if the lover does not recognize himself Even if the lover will say bad words to But Brick still wants to be the person who takes care of the lover by himself.

“Well, if it doesn’t work, tell me,” It’s father said again. Before inviting It’s mother to talk to the head doctor about Day’s treatment.

“My friend hasn’t eaten anything yet. Give him something to eat, too,” Day said to Gear in a calm voice. Gear then turned to look at the brick.

“Haven’t you eaten yet?” Gear asked. Brick nodded slowly.

“Huh, go eat. Here, I bought it just in case. Take care of yourself,” Gears grumbled to his friend. Night then manages to pour rice for it to sit and eat. with Day sitting on the bed looking at him without looking at him The brick could only take a few mouthfuls and put the spoon down.

“Eat more.” Day’s deep voice rang out. causing the bricks to startle

“I’m full,” It replied in a low voice. He really couldn’t eat anything.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Eat just a little bit. Eat like that. How can you have the strength to take care of me?” Day said in a deep voice.

“Hey, calm down. You can recover one day. But it looked like someone who had been awake for months. So consistently fierce, wow,” Gears complained, not taking it seriously. Day turned to look at Gear with fierce eyes. makes the gear a bit quieter Because I don’t want to quarrel with the injured person.

“Eat more,” Day said harshly. Brick therefore had to continue eating. with Day sitting and staring

“I really can’t eat it, I’m going to throw up,” It said when he had eaten half of the plate. Day grunted in his throat. but didn’t say anything It made it realize that Day would agree. Brick then got up to drink water.

“Brother Brick, do you want to eat cake?” Night said inviting him because he bought it for the bricks too. Causing Day to pause a bit

“Cake?” Day was fascinated by something with the word cake. Day frowned, trying to think, but couldn’t think of anything.

“Night, I want to smoke. Go buy some for me,” Day said.

“No ! ” It hurriedly called out. Day turned to look at the brick.

“Why?” Day asked back.

“Your body is not good. You should stop for now, Day,” It warned.

“That’s it, Brother Day. Don’t just smoke.” Night said to another person. Day let out a heavy sigh.

“Um,” Day answered, causing It to smile relieved that his lover had listened intently.

Knock knock

A knock sounded on the door. with a nurse walking in.

“It’s time to wipe yourself off,” said the nurse.

“Is Khun It going to wipe Khun Ravipol herself?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, I’ll wipe it myself,” It replied, before the nurse brought a device to dry him. along with pulling the scene to block In which there are only Day and two bricks in the scene. Then the nurse walked away to give Day some privacy. Brick quickly prepares a towel for Day. Brick takes off his shirt for Day slowly. and then start wiping from the upper part of the body first with Day’s eyes fixed on him all the time The brick slowly wiped over Day’s body. Whenever I saw the bruises on my lover’s body The bricks were watered up every time. It tries desperately to wipe it for Day. and trying to stop the tears from flowing down as well.

“What is it?” Day asked, shook his head. didn’t say anything.

Mum !

“I asked what was the matter. Why are you crying so often ?! ” Day said in a deep voice. with his left hand firmly gripping the brick’s wrist causing the bricks to burst into tears instantly Gears and Night quickly enter the scene.

“Brother Day, take it easy,” Night said hurriedly. and tried to remove Day’s hand from the brick’s wrist but not removed.

“Day.. Hurray.. I’m hurt.” It called out shortly. along with Day’s hand that slowly loosened by itself.

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