Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 11

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 11

“What’s the matter?” Nan asked when he saw the expression and gesture of Itachi. It just smiled slightly and picked up the cake box.

“On the day, the car overturned. I yell at it The story that he promised me that he would take me to eat cake but did not take it That day, he hurried back to catch up with the closing of the cake shop. To buy me a cake,” It said in a low voice. causing everyone in the room to go silent.

“Sorry, I don’t know. You don’t have to eat.” Nan pretended to take back the cake box that had been bricked. Because he thought that the bricks wouldn’t want to eat. But the bricks deflected the cake box to escape.

“It’s okay, I can eat,” Brick replied softly. Before getting up to pick up the plate and put the cake on the plate, he sat on the sofa as usual. Neil Nick Nun looked at each other. The brick sits and laps the cake into his mouth. with tears flowing down on the cake plate Brick sits down and eats cake and cries silently. did not emit a sobbing sound But everyone knew right away. because the shoulders of the bricks trembled.

“Enough, you don’t have to eat. This restaurant doesn’t seem delicious. I’ll buy you a nice restaurant.” Nan walked over and snatched the plate of cake in Brick’s hand. and change the subject Yes, this cake is not delicious. But Nan didn’t want Brick to eat with this kind of guilt in his heart.

“It’s okay, I can eat it,” Brick said in a trembling voice. Nick shook his head before sitting next to his friend and lightly squeezing his shoulder. Nan took the cake and immediately threw it in the trash.

“You don’t blame yourself too much. no one thinks that something like this would happen You’re not the one who touched Day’s car, it turned over.” Nick said, Brick sat quietly before getting up to sit beside Day’s bed as always.

//let it go// Neil said softly to his lover Because I know very well what to say now. Brick didn’t listen much. Unless only seeing Day recover safely. Nan sat with Nick and Neil for a while before he excused himself. and will visit again.

“It, I’ll go back first.” Nan walked over to It, who sat still beside Day’s bed.

“Well, thank you very much,” he said in a low voice. I sighed lightly. before walking out of the recovery room.

“You two go back and rest. I can take care of Day alone. Night will come in the evening, ”It said to the two friends. because he knew that Neil himself had to take care of his own garage business as well Neil and Nick looked at each other for a moment.

“Can you stay here, brick?” Nick asked bluntly.

“You can stay, don’t worry about me,” It replied, Neil and Nick excused themselves to leave. because having to go to see the work in the garage as well when everyone left the bricks that guard Day alone The nurse came in to look at it from time to time. with brick as an assistant Brick does everything for his lover himself, whether it’s body cleansing or feeding through a tube. Bricks really make people love everything.

After 3 days, Day still hasn’t woken up. But the bricks were not desperate. Because I know very well that people who love their bodies are much better. It came to stay at the hospital all the time. Others continued to come and visit. Because no one wants to leave Brick alone quietly. Today, Night and Gear, It’s parents, also came to the hospital.

“Brother It, what should I eat? You’ve lost a lot of weight,” Night said when he saw that Brick hadn’t eaten much. After eating, I can only eat a little. Plus, you have to take care of Day all the time. Causing the physical condition of the bricks to be thinner enough

“I’m not hungry,” It replied softly.

“Brick, we have to eat a lot. Because if we don’t eat Where do we get energy to take care of Day? If we fall ill for another person Who’s going to take care of Day?” It’s mother tries to convince her son to take care of himself more. A little bit of brick I feel bad for making everyone worried.

“I think I’d better take him downstairs to eat something,” Gears suggested.

“I can eat in this room,” It hurriedly said because he didn’t want to be away from his lover.

“Brick, I want you to go down and open your eyes. Just in the hospital area is good. You are in this room all the time. I hardly ever go out to see the outside world,” Gears said leaving. It turned to look at his parents and saw a look of concern in their eyes. I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh. that makes parents worried

“Fine, but eat in the hospital. Don’t go anywhere else.” Brick asked, and Gears nodded in agreement. before getting up to take the brick down to find something to eat at the hospital’s food court In which Night will be the party to watch Day instead.

“Eat a lot. Previously, I saw eating like a pillow,” Gear teased his friend. After ordering food, sit and eat together. Brick, who sat looking at the trees next to the food court, turned to look a little.

“I really can’t eat anything, Gear,” Brick replied in a low voice.

“If you can’t eat, you have to eat. I will ask for gastritis now. I don’t want to be complained by Day. If he wakes up and finds out that I take good care of my wife, it’s not good. Let his wife be so skinny.” Gear teased.

“When will it recover, gear? The doctor said it wasn’t too bad, so why didn’t it wake up?” It asked, his voice trembling. The gear is moving a bit. Because Brick still doesn’t know about Day’s brain concussion.

“In a few days it will recover. considered that it was exhausting work Let him rest for a while.” Gears still joked a little.

“It’s been a long time,” It said in a low voice. which Gears heard Gears doesn’t know how to heal brick’s heart.

“Ah, the food has arrived. Let’s eat first. I’ll go buy some snacks for tonight,” Gears said. Before brick and gears sit and eat together.

Inside Day’s recovery room, only the faint sound of the TV turned on. Night sat beside his brother’s bed. while continually squeezing Day’s hand and TV as well Brick’s parents were sitting on the sofa.


“Hmm.” Night glanced at his brother as he felt Day’s hands twitch lightly. But Daygang’s eyes were still asleep.

“What’s wrong, Night?” It asked mother.

“Uh..not sure. Just now, I feel like Day’s hand is moving,” said Night.

“Probably because Night massaged Day’s hand muscles as well. My muscles must be twitching,” said Brick’s mother. Night nodded. and continued to squeeze his brother’s hand


This time, Night quickly turned to look at Day’s hands again. with an enlarged heart

“Ma…ma, papa, P’Day really squeezed my hand,” Night cried to It’s parents happily. At this time, Day squeezed Night’s hand tightly. It’s parents immediately got up to see.

“Pee Day, can you hear me? Pee Day, wake up.” Night called his brother in a trembling voice. Day still squeezed Night’s hand.

“Khun,” It’s mother called out to her husband, her voice trembling as she saw Day’s eyelids move around. before slowly opening up

“Pee Day has recovered…I’m so excited…Mom. Brother Day is awake.” Night immediately sobbed out. Seeing his brother slowly waking up But there are still symptoms of dizziness.

“I’ll go call Dr. Rueang first. You stay with Night first.” It’s father said happily. when he saw that Day had revived Before rushing out to call the nurse and follow your best friend. Night squeezed his brother’s hand with joy as well..

Day who gradually came to his senses You have to constantly squint and open your eyes periodically. Because I still feel dizzy. He was still confused as to what he was and where he was. As soon as he opened his eyes, a sharp pain and pain all over his body suddenly felt. A lot of people talking with a group of men and women dressed in white surrounding him and shone a light into Day’s eyes Causing Day to turn away because of eye pain Then those groups of people checked the measurements according to Day’s body until it was chaotic. But Day didn’t have the strength to do anything except just lie still.

“Mr. Ravipol, can you hear me?” asked a middle-aged man in ground clothes. Causing Day to look at the face of the person who spoke for a while before nodding in agreement

“Do you feel any pain or headache?” the same man still asked. Day lay still, processing the other party’s questions.

“Dumb…head” Day’s hoarse voice sounded. Before the doctor asked the nurse to bring water for Day to drink from a straw. Day thirsty sucked in the water as his throat was dry. Day closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. as if wanting to set one’s own mind first Day began to examine himself and found that he had put his right leg and arm on.

“What am I?” Day asked the doctor in a low voice.

“You had an accident. you slept for days After waking up, there may be some numbness and confusion. Wait for a while. I’ll have to examine you thoroughly again,” said the head doctor. Day nodded slowly.

“You remember your own name, right?” the head doctor asked again. Day nodded, but was a bit confused by the doctor’s question.

“Yes, my name is Day Ravipol,” Day replied. Causing Night and Brick’s parents to stand apart for the doctors and nurses to perform their duties conveniently. even with a wide smile

“Then let the doctor let you lie down for a while,” said the head doctor. Before backing out to allow Night to come to his brother

“Pee Day, hilarious..Pee Day has actually recovered,” Night said with a sobbing voice. Day gently looked at his younger brother.

“Why are you crying, Night?” Day asked his younger brother back.

when finished eating Gears took Brick to walk around to buy snacks for Night for a while before going up to Day’s recovery room again. After getting out of the elevator, walk close to the front of the room. It then saw his father and the head doctor who was his father’s friend. Standing and talking in front of Day’s recovery room, the face is stressed. Brick immediately ran towards him.

“What’s going on?” It asked, his voice trembling. It’s father turned and looked at his son with embarrassment.

“What’s wrong, Dad? What’s Day?” It asked shocked. before hurrying to open the door to go inside the recovery room but found only her own mother sitting with red eyes Brick frightened when he didn’t see the body of his lover on the bed.

“Mom, where did Day go? Where did Day go?” It asked immediately with enthusiasm. Gear himself was a bit confused as well.

“It Day is awake.” It’s mother got up and grabbed her son’s arm and said. make the brick heart beat His lips curled up into a smile, but tears fell uncontrollably.

“Really? Are you telling the truth? And where is Day? Where is it?” It asked with joy in his voice.

“The doctor took Day for a physical examination and then brought him back,” It’s mother continued. But his face was still stern. It’s father and Dr. Ruangrit also walked in.

“Ah, Doctor Day, it’s all right, right? The results of the physical examination came out all normal, right?” It asked further. Ruangrit turned to look at It’s father asking for opinions. Because there is something they are worried about and stressed about.


The sound of opening the room door rang. along with the male nurse who pushed Day back into the room with Night following him not far away Brick smiled broadly with tears of joy. Day lay in bed with his eyes open. with a weak physical condition.

“Day” It called his lover out of longing, pretending to run towards his lover at the bedside. but was pulled by his own father

“Dad, I’m going to see Day,” It said, looking at his father’s face, not understanding why his father would hold him back.

“Khun, let the child know,” It’s mother said in a trembling voice that made it even more confused. Gear himself doesn’t understand. So walked to stand next to Night and whispered to each other softly It’s father released his son’s arm. It then hurries straight to cling to the edge of the bed when the nurse has already brought Day back to bed.

“Day, how are you? Hehehehehe? Day lay looking at the bricks with still eyes…

“Who are you?” Day asked when he couldn’t figure out who the person standing crying was asking him now.


The bricks flashed all over the body. Hearing this question from Day’s mouth.

“Hug…You’re kidding me, right? Day…Huh…You’re angry that I’m stupid enough to make you like this, right? I’m sorry, I was wrong…Hug. .Don’t tease me like this day….don’t punish me like this.” It cried out in a sobbing voice. I felt a tingling pain all over my chest and heart.

“Hey Day, don’t play like that. The bricks aren’t even funny,” said Gears. Night immediately grabbed his lover’s arm and looked at his lover with red eyes as well.

“Night, who is this guy?” Day asked his younger brother, looking at Gears indignantly.

“Gear It, come out and talk to Dad on the balcony first.” It’s father, who was watching, could not bear to call the two of them out.  

“But..hehe” It still wants to be with his lover.

“Come out and talk first,” It’s father repeated. Gear then pulled his friend’s arm and led him out of the balcony. with the balcony door closed as well

“Huh… Dad, what’s this about? Day is teasing me, isn’t he?” It asked crying. It’s father had a tense expression on his face.

“It, Gear, listen to dad……Day didn’t pretend to not recognize you two,” It’s father said in a serious tone.

“Day really doesn’t remember anyone,” It’s father continued. The brick shook its head.

“Not true…hehe..papa is lying. Day just now remembered Night, ”It sobbed and said.

“At first, Mom and Dad were confused as well. When Day wakes up, he can greet Night as usual. But when I turn to see my father and mother Day was confused. Ask Night as well who father and mother are. Dr. Rueang took Day for a thorough examination and asked some questions and found that Day’s memory of the previous 3 years had disappeared. Dayman thinks that Night is still in high school, so it’s easy to say that those of us who just met Day just over 2 years ago, Dayman doesn’t remember anyone.” It’s father said in a stressed voice. Brick stood in shock when he heard it.

“Hey, brick… brick ! ” Gears shook his friend to calm him down. Pitiful tears flowed.

“Huh.. will it go away? Day will it go away?” Itachi shook his father’s arm to ask further.

“Doctor Rueangman said that This is up to us. How much can we bring back Day’s memories? Doctor Rueangman said that the chances that Day would come back to remember were high. Because the memory disappears only for a short time, ”It’s father continued.

“Hug.. for a short time. But it’s my time with him, Dad. ” It said in a sobbing voice.

“So what are you going to do about it?” Gears asked, sounding equally stressed.

“I will make it remember the story between me and it. Heck…I’ll take care of it myself. Even now I am a stranger to it.” Brick said in a trembling and faint voice. After talking, the three of them returned to the room again. It’s father walked up to It’s mother and took her out of the room so that the four of them could talk first. Brick walked and stood beside Day’s bed. who is now sleeping holding hands with Night Night turned to Brick and Gear with sympathetic eyes.

“D-Day” It called Day, his voice shaking. Day turned to look at Brick with his brows furrowed together.

“Sorry, I really don’t know who you are,” Day said hoarsely. It felt a slight pain in his chest when he heard Day’s calm voice and cold gaze again.

“You really don’t remember me, do you?” It asked Day, turning to look at Night a little bit. Night lightly squeezed his brother’s hand.

“Pee Day, P’Day, listen to Night. The story that Night will tell Pee Day It’s all true. P’Day knew from the doctor that his memories in the last 3 years had disappeared,” Night said introducing. because he thinks that he must be the one who says everything Because Day now Go back to Day 3 years ago, Day, who was only interested in his own brother.

“This is a gear. Night’s lover.” Night introduced Gear to his brother to get to know again. Gear looks stressed out While Day immediately frowned.

“loved one? Men together here night And how did this guy come to date Night? Why…” Day asked in a stressed voice. felt dissatisfied when he realized that the man standing next to his brother Living as a lover of a younger brother Because Day doesn’t feel very good with the gear.

“The Night’s Story We can talk a little later. But it’s about P’Day and P’It,” said Night, raising his head to look at the brick a bit. Causing Day to look at the bricks as well It looks at Day through the curtain of tears.

“Pee Day and P’ It are also lovers,” said Night. Day lies stunned.

“Isn’t it true, Night?” Day asked his brother back.




“Day !! …Hurry..” “Pee Day”

It and Night called out to Day in shock. When It heard that Day asked Night He could barely stand. Both legs were so weak that he collapsed onto the ground. But Day swiftly grabbed Brick’s arm with his uncasted hand. Causing Day to feel chest pain due to moving too fast Gear quickly supports the brick. Night also hurried to support his brother.

“Day..hehehe..does it hurt anywhere?” It sobbed and asked his lover with concern. Although Day could not recognize himself. But the brick is still worried about the lover. Day frowned slightly. with a shake of his head back and forth Day looked at the brick face in confusion. He himself did not understand why his body’s reaction was spontaneous. Just saw that the person named Brick was about to collapse to the ground. The brain commands the arm to help this person.

“Ugh, headache,” Day said as he closed his eyes due to the real headache.

“I’ll go get the doctor myself,” said Gears quickly. along with running out to follow the doctor which was just that Father Brick’s friends were still standing in front of the room Dr. Ruangrit came in to check a little. Along with giving Day another painkiller.

“Ah, better let him rest first. During this period, he had periodic headaches like this. It’s normal for people who…” Ruangrit stopped talking at this point. because he realized that Brick did not yet know about Day’s brain injury.

“What is it, Doctor?” It asked, his voice trembling. It’s father sighed lightly. before telling all the symptoms to Brick Brick’s face paled upon hearing this.

“Why do you have to shut me down? It’s better for me to know about this from the beginning, hehe..” Brick complained to his father.

“I don’t want you to stress any more,” It’s father said. The brick still stood sobbing. while turning to look at Day from time to time Now Day slowly closed his eyes again.

“So what are you going to do? Will you go home first? Then let Night take care of Day first,” It’s father asked. The brick shook its head.

“I’ll take care of it myself…..I’ll make it remember me,” It said. It’s father then invited her mother back first. and will visit again the next day In the room on the floor, there are gears, nights, bricks, and Day has already slept.

“Brother It, don’t think too much.” Night sits and squeezes brick hands encouragingly. Brick sits and looks at Day who is sleeping without looking at him.

“I can’t think of anything more than Night,” It said, for now it felt like his brain was empty. I don’t know what should I start doing or managing first.

“Let’s slowly help each other restore the memory of P’ Day,” Night said.

“Damn, it’s good that he also forgot what I did to you. If it’s difficult to remember that time alone I’m sure I’m going to hit that foot again,” said Gears. before being lightly hit by Night.

“That’s right, if it remembers that time. He probably hates me,” he continued.

“Brother Brick, don’t listen to gear, it’s so bullshit. Believe me, P’Day will soon be able to remember everything. P’ Day loves P’ It very much. He won’t leave Brother It to stay with things like this for too long.” Night tried to encourage his brother’s lover.

“I hope he’ll come back to you soon too,” It said in a low voice.

After Day fell asleep again He woke up early in the morning. which the person who watches Day is a brick because today night has class.

“Did you wake up and drink water?” It hurriedly got up to ask his lover when he saw his lover’s eyes waking up. Day looked at the brick still. before looking around the room.

“Where’s my sister going?” Day immediately asked about Night. Brick swallowed the lump, sobbing into his throat.

“Night goes to school. I’ll be back in the evening,” It replied.

“Ah, that’s true. My breakfast just arrived. Eat now so you can take medicine,” It said when he remembered. before rushing to prepare breakfast for Day Daynon looked at the young man whom his brother had said was his lover with calm but observing eyes.

“Are you really my lover?” Day asked curiously. Causing the bricks that stand back to Day to stop a bit before taking a deep breath.

“Yes, I’m your wife.” It turned to look at Dey and said in a serious tone.

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