Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 13

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 13

“I’ll wipe myself for P’Day himself, P’It,” said Night.

“No !! Let it wipe, it says it’s the elder’s wife. It has to take care of Si Night,” Day said in a deep voice.

“Let it be wiped, then you say it nicely, idiot, what’s wrong, acting like you’re not hurting at all,” Gere said equally annoyed. Until Night had to reach out and hold his lover’s arm, not to be impatient to follow his brother as well.

“It’s okay, I’ll continue wiping it myself,” It said to Night in a low voice. Trying to swallow the lump Day looked back and forth at Brick, who was rubbing his other hand on the wrist that Day had grabbed a few moments ago. Because I still feel pain

“Brother Day, please calm down. Brother It is very worried about you.” Night tried to persuade him. Day let out a light grunt in his throat.

“Umm, night, let’s sit first.” Day lowered his tone when talking to his younger brother. Night looked at the bricks. Brick nodded. Before Night pulls his lover away from the partition

“If you want to wipe yourself, then wipe,” Day said to Brick in a deep voice. which made Brick secretly feel a little hurt But I don’t want to think too much Brick manages to gently wipe the upper body for Day. Periodically observe Day’s attitude. whether Day has any pain or not

“And you don’t want to wipe the bottom?” Day asked when he saw that the brick had already wiped the upper body. but still standing a little hesitant The reason he hesitated was because it felt embarrassed. Because the first time I wiped it Day is still unconscious. Haven’t woken up yet, sit and look like this.

“Wipe,” Brick said softly. before moving his trembling hand to untie Day’s pants Day wears a cast on his right leg from the knee down to the ankle. The brick gently wiped down Day’s legs. Try not to look indifferent to Day’s body. His smooth and hot face turned red. Made Day able to guess why the bricks were red in the face.

“Wipe it all over,” said Day.

“It’s all over,” Brick replied softly.

“Everywhere, there are still places that you haven’t wiped yet,” said Day. Brick is hotter than before When you know where day means exactly

“Why did you say it was my wife? Being my wife, why are you ashamed? act like you’ve never seen Or do you and I never have anything in common?” Day asked, his voice not very loud.

“No… well… well, you can wipe it,” Brick replied reluctantly. before using another cloth Day’s body cleaning wipes before the bricks turn red than before When Day’s middle body stood up Day also gritted his teeth. because I felt awakened

“Day…is…” Brick said hesitantly.

“Fuck it, it will go down. Have you finished wiping?” Day said indifferently. in spite of the feeling of wanting to release even though the body is injured But the feeling of wanting to let go didn’t go away.

//but you will be uncomfortable// Brick says in a low voice

“Never mind, I’m done wiping it off now,” Day said angrily. It quickly dressed for Day. along with a blanket

//Do you want me to move the curtain?// Brick asks in a faint voice because he didn’t want Gear and Night to hear

“Just a moment,” Day said, leaning his head on the head of the bed and closing his eyes. Brick went to collect the basin and washed the towels to dry on the balcony. When he returned, Day asked him to remove the curtain screen. Bricks slide out.

“Are you all right, P’ Day?” Night asked when he saw that the brick had removed the curtain.

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. while extending his hand to his younger brother as a way of telling his younger brother to walk towards him Night then got up and sat beside the bed. As for the brick, it sits with the gear.

“I heard some noise or something,” Gere asked It, because he couldn’t hear clearly. make the face bricks color again

“ Day let me wipe it a little softer.” Brick lies back to his friend. Gear nods in recognition.

“Oh, I’m a little lighter. It’s going to be more bruised than before,” said Gears. before continuing to watch TV It sat and watched Day and Night talk. with Day periodically looking at the bricks until Masonic’s parents come back again Let’s talk and briefly tell about Day’s symptoms again. and try to recite the story to Day But Day still couldn’t remember. So the two of you excused yourself to go back first.

“Didn’t you sleep here?” Day asked his brother. When Night said he would go home too

“I didn’t sleep. Tomorrow night I have classes. Night didn’t bring any clothes with him,” Night said back.

“Are you going to leave me with someone else?” Day continued to ask, causing Brick to hiccup a bit.

“Pee Day, Pee It is not someone else. P’ It is P’ Day’s lover. We have been together for a long time. Don’t say things like that.” Night said helplessly.

“Whoever I don’t remember is someone else for me anyway,” Day said flatly. causing Brick to sit and hold his mouth a little Pretending not to hear what Day said

“Why are you like this, Day?” Gears grumbled.

“Well, P’Day doesn’t remember anything,” Night interjected for his brother. Gears let out a weak sigh of relief.

“Take my brother back Take good care of my sister, ”Day told Gear in a dark voice.

“Oh, I know. Brother Huang mode is back again. I’m bored. Let’s go back home.” Gears grumbled slightly. Before inviting Night home Night walks to find bricks.

// If P’Day says something Sister It, don’t pay attention to it// Night talks softly to It. because he knows how sad Brick is When Day speaks badly Brick nodded with a soft smile. because it’s father had whispered before leaving that Let’s put up with Day’s mood during this period first. Because the head doctor told me that Day might have some bipolar disorder. because of recovery He was also in the middle of being confused because he couldn’t remember anything.

“Night, let’s go back. don’t worry Even if it says that you are more than this I won’t leave it anywhere.” It replied with a smile. Night looked at Brick with pity. because he knew very well how much the brick had to endure.

“Then me and Gear go back first. school early tomorrow I’ll hurry up and help take care of P’Day,” Night said again. before turning to bid farewell to his brother and leaving Day’s recovery room equipped with gear When Night and Gear leave The whole room fell into silence. There is only the sound of the TV loud enough to be heard.

“I’ll put the bed down,” he said, breaking the silence. because Day’s headboard was brought up for Day to sit in the evening The sky outside is now dark as well.

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. Before Brick slowly adjusts the bed that Day lay down for him. In spite of this bed, Day himself can press the remote control to adjust himself. But the bricks want to do it anyway.

“I’ll go take a shower first. What do you want first?” It asked.

“No,” Day replied shortly. Brick therefore went to pick up his own clothes. Then go take a shower and get dressed.

“Shall we turn off the light?” It asked as he came out of the bathroom.

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. Before the bricks come to turn off the middle light and turn on the bathroom light. so that it can be seen in the room

“Give me the remote,” Day said, and Brick hurriedly picked up the TV remote. Day, press to change to see what programs continuously. before stopping to watch the movie channel It also came to lay down on the sofa while watching a movie. When he turned to look at Day again, he found that Day had fallen asleep. The brick then moves up to cover the cloth. with the TV turned off because he himself was completely sleepy as well But that forced not to fall asleep before Day because in case Day wants something Bricks can be picked up. When everything has been closed. Brick went back and lay down on the sofa as before. and quickly fell asleep

the next day

It still takes care and wipes for Day as usual. In the late morning, the head doctor comes to check. and told Day to periodically massage the leg that wasn’t wearing a cast. Because I didn’t exercise and get up and walk. So I want to stimulate some muscles. Which the brick accepted but well When the head doctor left the room Day immediately had it sit and massage his legs. Brick came to sit and massage.

“Tell me if it hurts anywhere,” said It, because Day’s other leg was still bruised. Day nodded while closing his eyes and allowing it to continue massaging his legs.


Brick’s phone rings. Brick then got up to pick it up. before pressing to answer the call and pretending to go outside to talk on the balcony.

“Can’t we talk here?” Day’s voice asked quietly. causing the bricks to halt a bit.

“I’m afraid the noise will disturb you,” Brick said back.

“Did I say it’s annoying?” Day asked back. Brick hesitated a bit before agreeing to walk over to the sofa to answer the call.

“Yes.” Brick pressed to answer the call of the person who called.

“Recovered. It’s been two days now…….Uh…difficult? Hmmm….at HHH Hospital …Yes, Room 507.  If you can’t find it, then call me again…Yes..” It spoke to the person on the other end of the line for a while. before hanging up.

“Uh..Ball is calling.” When the call ended, Brick turned to Day as usual.

“Then do I know you?” Day asked back, causing It to think that Day might not remember the ball.

“You know him, but you probably don’t remember him,” It replied, Day frowning slightly.

“And who is it?” Day asked.

“It’s my friend,” It replied again. Day nodded his head. But was a little suspicious. why this brick’s friend Brick to speak politely too In spite of Day’s hearing that Brick talks to Nick and Gear, I always do, but Day doesn’t ask anything. Because I can’t think of anything.

“Let’s continue the massage,” Day said to Brick when he saw Brick standing still. It then hurried to sit down and continue the day massage immediately. Until the time passed until noon It sits and feeds lunch on Day as always.

Knock knock

A knock on the door of the room sounded. with a young man who opened Day turned to look with a frown. It smiled a little when he saw the other party.

“Hello, P’Day” Ball raises the hand holding the fruit basket to pay homage to Day who is eating. Brick hurriedly put down the spoon. to pick up a fruit basket on tanday.

“I brought some fruit for you,” Ball replied. Ball also knew that Day had an accident when he called Toad while Day was still recovering. But did not have time to visit. I’m free today, so I contacted It to come and visit Day. Brick takes the fruit basket and places it on the counter in the room.

“Thank you very much for the ball. It’s not difficult to find a room, right?” It said respectfully. The ball shook his head a little.

“Not difficult,” Ball replied with a smile. Itachi turned to look at Day and found that Day was staring at the brick and the ball.

“It’s…the…” It explains the story that Day doesn’t remember anyone to the ball. but don’t know what to say.

“I don’t remember you,” Day said. causing the ball to raise an eyebrow confusedly while looking at the face of the brick.

“Well, Day can’t remember anyone in the past 3 years,” replied Brick.

“So you don’t remember the bricks?” Ball asked shocked. The face brick is a bit dull. with a nod of acceptance Makes the ball feel pity for the person in front of him.

“Okay, are you going to continue feeding me?” Day’s fierce voice sounded. Made Brick hurried back to sit beside the bed to continue feeding Day.

“Ball, sit and wait a moment. Let Day finish eating first.” It said respectfully. The ball nods Along with looking at the brick and day alternately from time to time, but most of the time the ball is fixed on the brick. Until Day, who sat observing, felt annoyed in his heart that he couldn’t tell. until the day eats rice and eat medicine.

“Are you two friends?” Day asked before Ball started to question Day’s condition.

“Yes,” Ball replied in a normal manner.

Knock knock

Not as soon as Ball and Day talked about what to do next. There was a knock on the door as Knight and Gear walked in.

“Have you eaten lunch yet? Oh.. Aw, sorry, I didn’t know there were guests.” Night hurriedly apologized when he walked over and saw the ball sitting on it. Ball smiled a little.

“School is over, night?” Day greeted his younger brother. Night nodded with a smile.

“Have you eaten yet?” Gears asked his best friend. The brick shook its head.

“Still, I just finished feeding the day,” It replied.

“Then brick go downstairs to find something to eat with me? I haven’t eaten anything either,” Ball suggested. A little bit of brick feel a little embarrassed.

“Yes..” Brick refused.

“Good, Brother It will go down and open his eyes a bit. The restaurant below has a lot of food to choose from. Pee It, go down and eat with Pee Ball first,” Night said immediately. before the brick said anything Causing Day to frown at each other.

“Who’s going to take care of Day?” It replied, feeling a little worried about Day.

“What about Night and Gear? Brother It, please rest for a while. Night will take care of P’ Day instead first. Go down and eat until you’re full, then come up.” Night said with a smile. Gear looked at his lover in surprise. who saw Night urge him to go down to eat rice and ball

“It’s just downstairs, Brick,” Ball said. It looked at Day’s face. before nodding in acceptance.

Yes Come up soon,” It said to Night and turned to tell his lover. Day didn’t answer but sat staring at the ball without looking at it. as if wanting to figure out who the ball really is

“I’ll be right back.” Ball got up and told Day again. before taking Brick out of Day’s room

“Do you know that guy?” Day turned to Gears.

“I know him, but I’m not close to him,” Gears replied straightforwardly. Because enough to get to know the ball for a while.

“Well, the brick said it was his friend. You’re friends, aren’t you?” Day asked.

“Yes, but that ball. It’s familiar with the bricks. I got to know one another through the bricks. But they are not close to each other, ”Gear explains.

“Do you want to know why? Or do you remember anything?” Night asked excitedly. Night knows a lot about balls and bricks. Because Brick used to tell about it. that Day doesn’t like football very much Night then urged the brick to go with the ball. because he wanted to stimulate his own brother’s memory.

“Because I don’t remember. That’s why I’m annoyed.” Day replied with a grumpy voice.

“Don’t be frustrated. Calm down.” Night tried to calm his brother’s mood. Day let out a heavy sigh. because he felt dissatisfaction deep down inside When you see a ball and a brick walk away together.

“What should I eat?” Ball asked when he brought It into the hospital restaurant.

“Anything. Wish it was easy I don’t want to leave Dayman for a long time.” It answered honestly.

“Pee Day’s younger brother is taking care of this place. I think the bricks are too thin,” Ball said worriedly.

“I don’t eat much, it’s stressful, especially when Day is like this. The more you eat, the more you can’t eat.” It replied. Ball then called the staff to order 3 dishes along with 2 more dishes .

“If the bricks don’t eat Where are you going to take the energy to take care of P’Day?” Ball said back. Brick sat down with a gloomy face.

“How about the bricks? That Pee Day doesn’t remember anything like this,” Ball asked about the mental state of Brick. It just smiled a little as if smirking at himself.

“At first it almost didn’t work, but what can I do? It happened. I have to accept what happened,” Brick replied in a low voice.

“What will the bricks do next?” Ball asked.

“I have to continue to take care of it like this. Take care of it until it remembers.” Brick replied in a dull voice.

“Uh, I didn’t mean to say anything bad. Supposedly, if Pee Day doesn’t remember…” Ball was about to ask another question. The brick that was facing outside the store immediately turned to look at the ball.

“Day, it must be remembered. It must have remembered me. It must remember everything as before,” Brick said in a confident voice. Ball smiled slightly.

“Yes, Brother Day must remember. I’m sorry if I made Brick feel uncomfortable,” Ball said as he realized that it might have affected Brick’s heart quite a bit.

“It’s okay,” It replied before the food was served.

“Pee Day, which channel are you going to watch? Night’s dizzy.” Night asked as his brother kept pressing the remote control to change channels. Didn’t stop watching any channel.

“Night, take the remote. I don’t want to see anything anymore.” Night then picked up the remote control and pressed to change the channel by himself.

“What’s wrong with Day? Do you want Night to follow the doctor?” Night asked when Day raised his hand to hold his temple.

“It’s nothing … And here, the brick has been down for a long time to eat. Why hasn’t it come up yet? Aren’t they supposed to take care of me?” Day asked. Causing Gear to raise an eyebrow a little.

“It didn’t even go down for half an hour. Do you want him to quickly stuff rice into his mouth and hurry up?” Gears asked back. Day turned to look at Gear still.

“Yeah,” Day replied. Night held his brother’s hand and gently squeezed.

“Pee Day, I look at Pee Ball and Pee It. P’ Day, can you think of anything?” Night asked Day, frowning at each other. then shake your head back and forth.

“I can’t imagine, but I don’t really like that guy’s face,” Day replied, causing Night to smile happily. Even if Day doesn’t remember But Day’s deep feelings still remain. Not all gone This gave Night encouragement that Day would soon remember everything.

“Pee Ball, he used to flirt with Pee It,” Night Long said to encourage. causing day to halt “Flirting with that brick?” Day asked back.

“Yes, but Pee It already has Pee Day. Brother Ball then cut his mind. But they’re still friends,” Night said again. Gere sits and looks at his lover with incomprehension.

“A guy like a brick, what’s so good about that guy flirting with him?” Day asked curiously.

“This matter, Brother Day has to figure it out by himself. What’s good at Brother Brick? That’s why P’Day stopped with P’It alone,” Night continued. Day let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay, you and me are really in love, right?” Day asked again. Night let out a small sigh of relief.

“At this size, will Elder Day still ask? whether it’s true or not,” said Night. Day sat still and didn’t say anything.

when the rice is full Brick and Ball went out to buy some snacks. and took them back up to Day’s recovery room again entering the room Brick also sensed some pressure in the room. but didn’t think anything.

“Did you eat dessert? I bought it just in case,” Ball asked.

“No,” Day answered quietly. while staring at the brick that put the stuff in the refrigerator.

“Come here,” Day called Brick, Brick went to stand beside the bed.

“What do you want, Day?” It asked his lover.

“Massage legs,” Day said back. It hurriedly moved a chair to sit and massage Day’s legs immediately.

“Then why didn’t you just tell Night to massage first?” It said without thinking.

“I’ll give you a massage, and you’ll massage,” Day said in a deep voice. It then quieted down and sat down to massage Day’s legs.

“You can go back, I’m going to sleep.” Day turned to chase the ball. Confusing the ball a bit.

“Uh… well, I’ll go back first. Keep it if I’m free, I’ll come and visit again. call me too Because I’m still not sure when I’ll be free again, ”Ball said to Day and It.

“Yes,” It replied, then pretended to get up and walk to pass the ball.

“Where are you going?” David asked in a deep voice.

“Walk and pass the ball,” It replied.

“Why do you have to walk to send Can’t your friend walk back by himself?” Day asked further, making It look at Day incomprehensibly. Ball gave me a soft smile.

“You don’t have to send me, it. Thank you very much. Good bye. Day. Let’s go. Night gear. It.” Bola said goodbye to everyone before walking away. Brick turned to look at his lover.

“What’s wrong with you?” It asked.

“Fuck me, damn it, why are you so annoyed?” Day grumbled. It only thought it was Day’s bipolar disorder.

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