Love Syndrome Novel Chapter 1 – Intro

Love Syndrome Novel Chapter 1 – Intro

Day (looking at the brick still)

“Shall we share? quit smoking I quit eating cake.

Brick “take”


Day (staring at the brick)

“What the f*ck ! Why secretly cry?”

Brick (looks at Day with tears in his face angrily)

“Then what the fuck are you ! Why do you have to agree? I have secretly secretly.”



“What makes you think I will do as you request.”


“Because I am the person you love. Why did you do what I asked you to do?”


Brick (mumbles in the kitchen)

“Being Aiday’s wife, you have to be patient.”

Day (stands against the frame of the kitchen door) 

“If you get naughty, you might die.”


I want to tell you that the truth is that I want more intros.

But if you go down immediately Everyone will know right away. Why did Day come back to be brutal?

But let me tell you that this work is not about a third party. or anyone cheating on anyone

The whole reason was because of stupidity. The willful of the brick itself.

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