His And Her Marriage Chapter 489

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 489 – After having some small talk, Hector cut to the chase and said,

“I heard from Alfred that you’re interested in the Damaris family’s plan to set up the research institute and thinking of collaborating with us, aren’t you?”

Hearing that, Roxanne perked up in an instant. Wearing a look of solemnity, she stated earnestly,

“I’ve always been interested in traditional medicine. I’m more than happy to know that the Damaris family will set up a research institute
specializing in this field.

ot to mention, your family has been leading in the field all this while.

Thus, I wish to grab this opportunity to collaborate with your family as I believe it’ll boost my advancement in traditional medicine too.”

Hector scrutinized Roxanne for quite a while with a smile. Apparently, he was utterly pleased with her explanation.

Roxanne put up a good front, but she could not help having her heart in her mouth.

She knew that she should not let the chance slip away that round. Even though Hector was undoubtedly satisfied with her,

she was still worried that things might go south. However, there was still no response from Hector after a while.

Clenching her fists, Roxanne looked into his eyes with determination. “Old Mr. Damaris, I hope you can give me a chance.

I’ll put in the effort and won’t let you down!” Only then did Hector nod gradually. “Of course, I’ll give you a chance.”

Buoyed up by his words, Roxanne was flushed with joyand at a loss as to what to do.

She had to tighten the clench of her fists to get a grip on herself. “You did well during the medical consultation, but I can’t help feeling regretful.”

Hector switched the topic abruptly. There was a slight change in Roxanne’s countenance; her heart skipped a beat.

She could not wrap her head around his stance. Sensing her anxiousness, Hector flashed her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry.

Since I’ve mentioned that I’ll give you a chance, I won’t take back my words.

I’m actually feeling regretful for not being able to see how well you displayed your skills with my own eyes.

Anyway, I hope there’ll be a chance for me to witness that during our collaboration in the near future.”

Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief and nodded agreeably. “Sure, Old Mr. Damaris, thanks for giving me this chance.

It’s an honor to be able to collaborate with the Damaris family, I’ll prove myself for sure!”

Hector began taking a fancy to her as time elapsed. Seeing how she swallowed her pride, he could not resist chuckling.

“There’s no need for formality. After all, I’m closely acquainted with Alfred. He keeps reminding me to give you more opportunities too.

ust treat me as if I were him.” Feeling a little awkward, Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled.

Hector added casually, “I’d met your professor long ago.

ven though he’s been overseas throughout these years, he’s contributed a lot to Chanaea with the medicine from his research.

Now that I think about it, it’s been quite a while since I last met him. I wonder how he’s been doing lately.”

Roxanne could sense that Hector was trying to let her feel more relaxed. She smiled gratefully.

“Professor Lambert has set up a research institute overseas. Apart from that, the one I’m currently working for was set up by him too.

I bet he’ll be overjoyed once he knows I have the opportunity to collaborate with the Damaris family.”

Hector nodded slightly. “Let’s have a meal together when he’s back.” Roxanne agreed at once. “I’ll convey your message to him.”

They chatted for the whole afternoon till it started to turn dark gradually. Feeling a bit tired, Hector returned to the topic. “

Jack is in charge of the research institute. If anything arises in the future, you can liaise with each other directly.”

After exchanging contact numbers with Roxanne, Jack held onto Hector’s arm and left with him.

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