His And Her Marriage Chapter 488

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 488 – The meeting with the Damaris family was important, so Roxanne dressed up to show her sincerity.

That afternoon, she arrived at the café earlier than the agreed time. Shortly after, she spotted Jack leading an elderly man into the café.

The grey-haired man who resembled Jack was skinny and wearing a traditional outfit.

It only took one look for her to guess how they were related to each other.

Shocked, Roxanne got up hurriedly. She waited until they both came to a stop in front of her before giving the elderly man a polite bow.

The man gave her a kind smile and observed her carefully.

Roxanne had put on light makeup and tied her hair up to reveal her delicate features and swan-like neck.

She looked beautiful and demure, dressed in a simple but elegant long dress.

Sensing his gaze, Roxanne stood in her spot and allowed him to observe him as a smile played on her lips.

A while later, the old man looked away and gestured at Jack.

“Dr. Jarvis, sorry to keep you waiting.” Jack helped the old man into a seat across from Roxanne, then introduced them to each other.

This is my grandfather, the head of the Damaris family. You can call him,” “Call me Old Mr. Damaris,” Hector Damaris interjected cheerfully.

He seemed kind and friendly, so Roxanne flashed a warm smile. “Hello, Old Mr. Damaris,”

Hector nodded genially and went straight to the topic. “

I asked you out today for a talk as Jack told me you did a great job at the medical consultation yesterday.”

Roxanne nodded obediently to indicate that she was listening: “

Jack told me that the acupuncture skills you used seemed old school and differed from everyone else’s.

Where did you learn them from?” Hector gazed at her curiously.

Roxanne wasn’t about to lie to him, so she replied honestly, “My mentor was interested in ancient medicine, so I was lucky enough to have read some related books in his house.

After that, I worked hard and received some help from my mentor to develop the acupuncture treatment myself.”

Hector nodded thoughtfully as he shot Roxanne an approving look.

Roxanne mentioned that her acupuncture skills were derived from ancient medicine books and that she received help from Harvey,

but Hector had been in the industry long enough to know that one would only succeed if one worked hard enough.

It was clear that Roxanne had worked hard to develop her own unique acupuncture skills.

“Before the medical consultation, Old Mr. Queen would lavish praises on you whenever he contacted me.

After the medical consultation ended, Jack came to me and told me you’re a rare and talented doctor.

Now that we finally got to meet in person, I realize they are telling the truth,” Hector commented.

Roxanne glanced at Jack subconsciously, for she had no idea he would mention her before Hector. Jack merely smiled in response.

“I love researching, that’s all. There are many great traditional medicine doctors in the country, so I might not be as capable as them.

ld Mr. Damaris, I don’t deserve your praise.” Hector waved his hand.

“You might not have that much experience, but I’ve been in this industry long enough, and my judgment is always accurate.

ou’ll be the cream of the crop internationally one day.”

Roxanne was touched to hear that and thanked him gratefully, “I do hope so, Old Mr. Damaris!” Hector responded with a joyful grin.

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