His And Her Marriage Chapter 490

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 490 – Alfred was well aware that Hector had met up with Roxanne earlier that day.

After dinner that night, he gave Hector a call to have a grasp of their collaboration.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was seated alongside him. After knowing that the Damaris family had agreed to collaborate with Roxanne, he notified Lucian without hesitation in the meantime,

Lucian had just put Estella to sleep when he received Jonathan’s call. “Yes?”

“Let me tell you some great news. The Damaris family has agreed to collaborate with Dr. Jarvis. Thus, I suppose she’ll not fly overseas temporarily,”

Jonathan responded with sheer blissfulness in his tone. Lucian arched his brows and nodded pleasantly. “Well done.”

rom the other end of the line, Jonathan’s voice sounded again. “

Even so, it implies that Dr. Jarvis will have to deal with the young heir from the Damaris family for a certain period after this.”

ucian knitted his brows. “What do you mean?” “Jack Damaris will be in charge of the Damaris family’s research institute.

You know him, don’t you?” Jonathan replied with utter schadenfreude in his tone. Lucian’s frown deepened into a scowl instantaneously.

Undeniably, the Farwell family did not have expertise in the medical field.

onetheless, he had run into the so-called young heir of the Damaris family several times.

Jonathan added insult to injury by elucidating further, “Mr. Damaris is the heir of the Damaris family.

Not only that, his medical skills are the most outstanding among the young generation of the Damaris family.

s for his looks, you had seen him in person before, right? He has quite a pleasant temperament too.

I heard Old Mr. Damaris was willing to collaborate with Dr. Jarvis partly because Mr. Damaris had helped pull some strings for her.”

“So what?” There was intense displeasure in Lucian’s voice, Jonathan raised his brows. “

Dr. Jarvis and Mr. Damaris are not only single but also from the same profession.

I’m convinced that they’ll have a lot of common topics later, What’s more, they are both outstanding.

If they get to liaise with each other more, I’m afraid..” Five though Jonathan did not finish his words, Lucian had a clear insight into his mind.

Unequivocally, Roxanne and Jack matched each other perfectly well and might fall for each other in the long run.

If so, Lucian’s effort would go down the drain. At the thought of that, Lucian’s expression darkened.

He was frustrated enough with Larry by Roxanne’s side. If Jack turned out to be another one who would stick to her,

Lucian would not dare to imagine how he would react. After what seemed like an eternity, there was no response from Lucian.

Therefore, Jonathan tried to enlighten him sincerely, “Since I’ve made things clear, do you still intend to feign ignorance?

I’ve put in a lot of effort so Dr. Jarvis can remain in Chanaea this round. If others become the ones to benefit from it, I won’t be able to accept that even if you can bear with it.”

On the heels of that, there was another round of silence. When Jonathan was at a loss for words to advise Lucian, the latter eventually muttered,

Next, he hung up on Jonathan before the latter came to his senses.

Catching sight of the phone screen darkening, Jonathan was bereft of speech.

My goodness! How could he only respond nonchalantly after I’ve said so much? What does he mean by that?

onathan had sensed Lucian’s feelings toward Roxanne, and the woman was even Éstella’s biological mother.

Since then, he had been giving his all to help Lucian with that.

Nevertheless, he was speechless about the duo’s current state after putting in so much effort.

He was worried stiff when Lucian even quarreled with Roxanne. That was why he hinted at Lucian, hoping he would take prompt action.

It never occurred to him that the latter would remain unperturbed. Consequently, Jonathan started having an awful headache.

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