His And Her Marriage Chapter 487

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 487 – They chatted briefly. As the sky was turning dark, Roxanne got up and bid goodbye to them.

When she got home, Archie and Benny were already there. Lysa had also already prepared dinner Roxanne and the boys had their meal together.

After dinner, she played with them and waited until they fell asleep before going back to her room.

Roxanne lay in bed, she couldn’t help but think about what Jonathan had told her that afternoon.

It was Lucian who told Jonathan to deliver the supplies. Why did he do that? Jonathan even told me to ask him his motive personally.

Roxanne had a feeling that Jonathan knew something. Why does it feel like there’s a hidden meaning in his words?

Conflicting emotions welled up in Roxanne when she came to that conclusion. As her mind wandered, she slowly fell asleep.

Roxanne was awoken by the sound of her phone ringing early the following morning When she looked at the caller ID,

she realized it was from a number she did not recognize.

Roxanne hadn’t slept well last night and was woken up rudely by an unknown number, so she answered the call gruffly and demanded in a hoarse voice, “Who is this?”

A few seconds later, the person on the other end of the line chuckled and replied, “It’s me, Jack Damaris. Did I wake you up, Dr. Jarvis?”

Roxanne jerked awake and sat up in bed. Rubbing her eyes, she told him, “No.

’m usually awake at this hour, but I fell asleep later than usual last night.” Jack laughed understandingly.

“Mr. Damaris, how did you get my phone number?” Roxanne was still in a daze, I remember Jack didn’t get my contact details previously.

Jack replied cheerfully, “I got your number from Old Mr. Queen. Sorry for the abrupt call, Dr. Jarvis.”

Roxanne quickly waved his concern away. “Oh, it’s fine. Why did you call me this early, though?”

Jack glanced at the old man clad in a traditional outfit beside him. The old man gave him a curt nod.

Jack parted his lips and revealed, “Well, I need to discuss something with you. I think we should meet up and talk in person, though.

Dr. Jarvis, are you free to have a chat?” A thought flashed past Roxanne’s mind, and she immediately brightened up. “

Mr. Damaris, I can meet you anytime.” “Will this afternoon do? I’ll send you the location later,” Jack suggested.

Roxanne agreed to his suggestion at once. After the call ended, Roxanne felt nervous.

Jack went through the trouble just to contact her, so the only possibility was that the Damaris family wanted to collaborate with their research institute.

That was what she had hoped for all along. Now that her wish was going to come true, Roxanne grew increasingly anxious.

Hopefully, I don’t mess up when we meet this afternoon. After breakfast, Roxanne called Colby.

Colby was already at the research institute. He had changed his clothes and was about to head into the research facility when he received Roxanne’s call.

“Dr. Jarvis, what is it?” Roxanne explained, “I won’t be going to the research institute today.

The Damaris family just called me and asked to meet with me today, so please handle all the affairs at the research institute.”

The same thought popped up in Colby’s mind, too. He agreed readily,

“Sure! Don’t worry about the research institute and focus on your discussion with the Damaris family. Don’t get stressed out.”

Roxanne agreed without hesitation

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