His And Her Marriage Chapter 484

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 484 – It was late at night by the time Roxanne arrived home.

However, Archie and Benny were still awake. They opened their bedroom door carefully and stuck their heads out when they heard her coming up the stairs.

Roxanne grew heavy-hearted as she was reminded of the kids at the orphanage when she saw the boys.

Seeing her expression, the boys ran over to her and asked in concern, “Mommy,

what’s wrong? Did something happen at the medical consultation today?” Roxanne forced out a smile and led them back to the room.

The boys flanked Roxanne and stared at her earnestly. “Mommy, how are the children in the orphanage?”

Roxanne shook her head ruefully. “They don’t have parents. In fact, some of them were abandoned by their parents because they were sick.

However, they are still very obedient and understanding.”

Images of those kids lying on the bed flashed through her mind, as well as those who were sent to the hospital because the doctors were helpless to treat them.

After learning about their condition, the children hadn’t forgotten to thank the doctors.

Archie and Benny shared a look as their expressions grew stern. They asked carefully, “Are the children very ill?”

Roxanne inclined her head gently. “Some were abandoned by their parents at the orphanage as their parents couldn’t a ford to save them.”

“Mommy, can’t you save them either?” Benny gazed at her innocently.

To him, Roxanne was the best doctor in the world and was capable of treating all kinds of illnesses.

Roxanne patted his head in resignation and explained, “Sorry, Darling. I’m not as capable as you think. There are many diseases that I can’t cure.”

Hearing that, Archie and Benny frowned in disappointment. They then offered Roxanne some comforting words,

“Never mind, Mommy. Someone else will come out with a way to save them! Children are blessed, so we’ll surely grow up healthily!”

The kids at the orphanage were so sick that Roxanne couldn’t be of help. Archie and Benny were disappointed,

but they knew their mother was definitely more depressed than them at the thought.

Hearing their comforting words, Roxanne pursed her lips and flashed a smile. “That’s what I think, too.“ “But they don’t have parents.

They must be sad,” Benny said as he stared at Roxanne earnestly I have Mommy, but sometimes, I still wish that Daddy is with me.

The children at the orphanage don’t even have a mommy. I feel sorry for them. Roxanne bobbed her head as her lips curved into a stiff smile.

“Their new daddies and mommies will bring them home soon.” Benny tilted his head and asked gingerly,

“Do the people at the orphanage treat them well? Do they get to eat and sleep well?”

Knowing he was worried about the kids, Roxanne grinned and assured him, “The people at the orphanage treat them well.

This afternoon, Mr. Queen donated some supplies to the orphanage, so their situation will get better.

If you’re still worried, I can bring you two there to visit them someday.” Archie’s and Benny’s eyes lit up in delight. “Really?

Can we really visit them?” Roxanne smiled as she nodded. “We need to bring many delicious food and toys for them!” the boys enthused.

Roxanne was pleased by how caring they were.

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