His And Her Marriage Chapter 483

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 483 – There was still some work to be done, so Jack stayed back and bade the two of them farewell.

Both Larry and Roxanne left the orphanage. Larry looked at her and smiled. “So, what do you think of the medical consultation today?

Judging from Mr. Damaris’ reaction, you should have attained your objective.” It was only then realization dawned on Roxanne.

She had placed all her focus on the children and forgot she was there to gain the support of the Damaris family.

To her, the children were more important. As it turned out, she had helped the children and won Jack over at the same time.

His behavior earlier on was proof enough of her success. Roxanne’s eyes sparkled with excitement when she realized that.

She turned and thanked Larry, “Thank you for helping me today, Larry.” Larry raised his brows and said, “I don’t recall helping you with anything at all.”

Roxanne then started to list the things he had helped her with. “In the morning, you must have told Mr. Damaris lots of good things about me.

With you around, I was also not that nervous. Furthermore, when Dr. Hopp made things difficult for me, you stood up for me,”

Seeing the exaggerated manner she was listing the ways he had helped her, Larry stopped her from counting and said,

“I only told Mr. Damaris that you were a student of Professor Lambert and nothing else. As for the rest, that wasn’t why Jack noticed your medical skill.

here’s no need to thank me.” Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled. Larry’s eyes darkened as he added meaningfully, “If you want to thank someone,

I think you should thank Mr. Queen.” Roxanne was surprised when she heard that. However, she returned to her senses very quickly and explained, “

I have no idea what’s up with those supplies either. Larry, please don’t get the wrong idea.” Unfortunately, Larry was still suspicious, “

If I recall correctly, the Queen family is the reason why you got to attend the medical consultation.

On top of that, you also know the person who delivered the supplies.”

In other words, those supplies had been delivered specifically for Roxanne since the Queen family had sent someone she knew.

Roxanne did not expect that to cause a misunderstanding and tried her best to clarify things. “

Mr. Tanner from Queen Group is in charge of the herbs, and I knew him through the research institute.

Perhaps, Mr. Queen sent him to make things easier. There’s nothing between the two of us.”

Larry studied her carefully. Seeing that nothing amiss with her behavior, he finally nodded and advised her, “Fine.

I only want to remind you to consider Archie and Benny’s feelings when you find a partner.

Whoever you choose to be with will end up being their father. The boys have always been smart. Now that they are quite grown up,

they are bound to have their own opinions.” Roxanne nodded and said, “I understand.”

At the mention of Archie and Benny, Roxanne could not help but remember the children at the orphanage. She started to feel depressed.

Larry knew what was on her mind and patted her arm. “We have done whatever we can. Let’s leave the rest to fate.

Those children are very pitiful indeed. I hope God has mercy on them and give them a fighting chance.”

Roxanne nodded in agreement, but she felt helpless.

If only my medical skill were better, we might not have to send as many children to the hospital today.

If only I had studied more about ancient medicine, then I may have been able to cure the children of more diseases…

“Don’t think too much. It’s getting late now. Both Archie and Benny are still waiting for you,” consoled Larry.

That was when Roxanne snapped out of her reverie, said goodbye to him, and left.

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