His And Her Marriage Chapter 485

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 485 – It was getting late, so Roxanne chatted with the boys briefly before putting them to bed.

After they fell asleep, she returned to her own room. Roxanne was physically and mentally exhausted after working hard the entire day.

She washed up quickly and went to bed. The following day, Roxanne woke up and headed to the research institute.

The staff knew that she had participated in the Damaris family’s medical consultation yesterday, so they immediately came to her to ask her about it.

“Dr. Jarvis, how did the medical consultation go?” “Are the Damarises that skilled in medicine as the rumors claimed?”

A barrage of questions sounded in Roxanne’s ears. Her lips curled up as she explained,

The Damaris family’s medical consultation isn’t as mysterious as you think. Think of it as an ordinary medical consultation that normal hospitals offer.

As for their medical skills, I don’t have the right to comment on that. However, seeing how influential they are,

they must be more capable than the usual doctors.”

Everyone had been too busy treating the children to notice whether the other doctors were equipped with exceptional skills.

However, it was clear that they were excellent in some way as they were able togather so many reputable doctors.

Besides, Roxanne was also impressed by the medical equipment invented by the Damaris family.

Hearing that, everyone stopped asking about the Damaris family and instead quizzed her about the medical consultation.

Roxanne remained patient and told them everything they wanted to know.

Colby interrupted the crowd’s questions and led Roxanne out of the research facility before things got out of hand. “

The Damaris family has plans to build a research institute, righı? Did they say anything before you left?” he questioned.

Roxanne’s brows knitted, for she wasn’t sure of that. “I don’t know.

They said nothing of the sort during the medical consultation yesterday, and I couldn’t ask them outrig gut,” she told Colby truthfully,

A deep line appeared between Colby’s brows. “Did they notice you?” he asked anxiously.

He knew why Roxanne decided to join the medical consultation. She wanted to establish connections with the Damaris family and exchange ideas regarding the medical industry.

She also wanted to collaborate with the Damaris family to elevate their research institute to a higher position.

Never mind if the Damaris family didn’t mention the research institute. I wonder if Roxanne managed to befriend any of them.

Roxanne appeared hesitant. “I think so. But he only acknowledged my medical skills and said nothing else.”

After all, Jack hadn’t even asked for her contact details before he left the venue.

Thus, it was pretty hard for her to contact the Damaris family in the future. Holding that thought, Roxanne let out a sigh of regret.

I’m afraid I won’t get the opportunity to read the ancient medicine books that the Damaris family has.

Colby fell silent for a moment before he patted her on the shoulder. “Never mind. It’s enough that they acknowledged your medical skills.

There are many doctors in the country, but only a few manage to catch the Damaris family’s attention. You’re now one of them.”

Hearing his encouraging words, Roxanne chuckled gaily.

“You’re right. I don’t know if I’ve achieved my initial goal, but what we did yesterday was more meaningful than my goal.

I nursed many kids back to health, so it doesn’t matter even if the Damaris family didn’t notice me.”

Admiration flashed across Colby’s gaze. “I’m glad you think that way.”

At noon, everyone in the research institute gathered for lunch to celebrate the success of the medical consultation yesterday.

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