His And Her Marriage Chapter 482

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 482 – The medical consultation only ended at night.

By the time all the children in the orphanage had received their treatments, the doctors were utterly exhausted.

Roxanne was also aching all over. However, the thought of those children getting better made her feel glad.

Those who suffered from more serious conditions had been sent to the hospital as well.

During the whole ordeal, she almost forgot about her original intention of being there. All she cared about was the children.

The children were all lined up in the courtyard when the doctors walked out of the cubicles.

Led by the director of the orphanage, the children bowed in unison and said, “Thank you, doctors!” The group of doctors was taken aback.

It was their first time doing a free medical consultation for orphans and also the first time they encountered such a situation.

Thus, they could not help but feel touched. Some of them even teared up. So did Roxanne.

She clenched her fists with all her might to stop herself from crying. Roxanne then caressed the head of the girl standing right in front before
reminding her,

“Take good care of the younger ones. If you need any help, you may ask the director to get in touch with me.” The girl nodded fervently.

She seemed reluctant to let Roxanne go. Roxanne felt the same way about the children too.

However, the thought of Archie and Benny waiting for her at home made her walk away.

Jack gave a concluding speech and some reminders to the children before the medical consultation was officially over.

Just as the doctors were making a move, Jack turned around and bowed solemnly at all of them.

“This medical consultation has been a great success, and it’s all thanks to each and every one of you. All of you are outstanding doctors,

and I hope you will continue to do well in this industry. Goodbye, and I hope to see all of you again.” It had been a pleasant cooperation.

When everyone saw how humble he was, their impression of the Damaris family became even better, and they smiled in response.

Very soon, all the doctors left, and the Damaris family stayed on to clear up. Just as Roxanne was also about to leave, Jack called out to her,

“Dr. Jarvis.” Roxanne stopped and turned around. Since Larry was walking with her and he was quite close to Jack, he stopped as well.

Jack smiled at Roxanne and apologized, “After giving it some thought, I feel that I must apologize to you.” Roxanne frowned and looked confused.

Based on what she could recall, it had been a lovely day working with Jack. She could not see why he had to apologize to her.

“When I met you this morning, I had doubts about your medical skill. But after one whole day of interaction, you have changed my perception.

You are indeed a very outstanding doctor in every aspect. I apologize to you for doubting your skill earlier on,” said Jack seriously..

Roxanne could not help but laugh. “It’s fine. I don’t mind. But, I had no idea that you had doubts about me.”

In fact, she had even been praising the Damaris family in her mind for teaching their children so well. By the look of it, it was true.

They were adept at hiding their true feelings too. Jack knew she was joking, but he merely smiled.

After a while, Jack extended his hand toward Roxanne and said, “I hope we can work together in the future when the opportunity arises.”

Roxanne accepted his handshake and responded in all seriousness, “I look forward to it.”

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