His And Her Marriage Chapter 481

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 481 – Jack relented and instructed, “Tell them to bring it in, then.”

Obeying his orders, the staff member turned around and went out.

After that, Jack went out to check the goods. Before he left, he called Roxanne and Larry to come with him.

Soon, the delivery truck drove into the compound, followed by three ambulances. Rex jumped down from the truck and greeted the three respectfully.

Jack and Larry were meeting him for the first time, but it was obvious that Roxanne knew him.

They both glanced at her, gesturing at her to speak for them. Roxanne got the message, and she nodded politely at Rex, asking, “Mr. Tanner,

this is…?” Rex smiled and replied, “It’s like this. Mr. Queen said that the children in the orphanage are very pitiful, and knowing that the Damaris family is here giving free consultations, he sent me over to deliver some supplies to the children.

They are nothing valuable but rather some clothes, bedding and so on. We should have sent medical supplies, but Mr. Queen said that the Damaris family did not lack those, so he sent daily necessities instead.”

Jack nodded and asked the director of the orphanage to check the items. The Damaris family merely provided free medical consultation for the kids, and
hence, had never taken these daily necessities into consideration.

Roxanne looked at the three ambulances which followed behind the truck. “What about those ambulances at the back?”

Rex explained, “These ambulances are all owned by the Queen family’s private hospital. Mr. Queen said that the facilities here might be insufficient.

If necessary, the children can be sent to the Queen family’s hospital, and the Queen family will give them free treatment.”

The three nodded in unison, but their hearts were full of misgivings.

Jack had no knowledge of Roxanne’s personal life except for the fact that Alfred admired her deeply.

Thus, Jonathan’s actions naturally aroused suspicion about his relationship with Roxanne.

Even though Larry was familiar with Roxanne’s past, seeing the consideration Jonathan showed her,

he could not help but wonder about their relationship too. Roxanne was unaware of the other two’s thoughtful looks. Even though she, too.

felt that Jonathan’s actions were rather strange, she smiled and thanked Rex. “That’s very kind of Mr. Queen. Thank you, too, for making this trip.

We thank all f you on behalf of the children.” Rex waved his hand. “This is my duty. It’s no problem at all. I’ll convey your thanks to Mr. Queen.”

Roxanne smiled. The director came over in a hurry. Seeing the truck full of supplies, he thanked Rex again.

After the goods were deemed more than sufficient, Rex did not hang around but bid them goodbye and left.

Roxanne and the others returned to their cubicle. The kids were crowded around Daniel, and some cheeky ones were even mimicking the way he was checking a patient’s pulse.

Noticing the adults coming back, the children returned to their positions. Roxanne looked at them apologetically. “Sorry for making you wait so long.”

The children shook their heads. “We only waited for a short while. You all work so hard, so you should take a break.”

Seeing the children behaving so well, Roxanne felt her heart melting.

“What did the Queen family send?” Daniel asked out of curiosity as they had not brought anything in.

The three gave a brief explanation of what happened just now.

Daniel nodded but was puzzled about why the Queen family showed such kindness to the children.

His thoughts then turned to Roxanne, who had been recommended by the Queen family. Naturally, he put two and two together.

Roxanne had no idea what the others were speculating about. Instead, she focused on doing her best to treat the children.

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