His And Her Marriage Chapter 480

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 480 – After the little interlude between Daniel and Roxanne, the meal could be considered a jovial one.

When lunch was over, the doctors grouped up according to their respective cubicles and walked back together.

The children obediently followed behind. Many doctors had already formed a friendly bond with the children.

The children crowded around Roxanne, causing Jack and the others to find it rather hard to move along.

With some difficulty, they reached the entrance to their cubicle, and the candy in Roxanne’s purse was nearly all gone.

When they entered, Daniel still had some candy left. Hence, he seemed more popular than Roxanne as the children crowded around him with smiles.

They appeared to have forgotten the unhappy incident from the morning.

It was heartwarming for Roxanne to see the children growing so fond of Daniel. She knew children well. They were not one to hold a grudge.

No matter what one did to them, as long as one treated them sincerely, they would reciprocate with genuine affection.

These children were just the same. When Daniel had nearly given away all his candy,

Roxanne clapped her hands and told the children to come back and line up. “Darlings, it’s time for you to receive your treatment.”

Fortunately, the children in the cubicle had complete trust in them by now, and they were obedient even without bribing them with candy.

When theyheard Roxanne’s words, the little ones lined up almost immediately and waited quietly.

The four adults looked at the children and exchanged glances, smiling. Then they began to diagnose and treat the little kids.

Not long afterward, there was a cautious knocking on the cubicle door. Everyone looked in the direction of the sound.

“Mr. Damaris, a batch of supplies was sent to the door of the orphanage, and we were informed that it is for us.”

The staff stood at the door, waiting for Jack’s instructions. Everyone was stunned at this news,

The free medical consultation was already in progress, so why would someone suddenly send supplies?

Furthermore, Jack had not been informed of this beforehand. After returning to his senses, Jack frowned and responded, “

Ask them to return it to the sender, and tell them that the Damaris family will not accept any supplies provided by outside sources when giving out free medical consultations.”

Over the years, for the sake of their patients’ safety, most of the Damaris family’s resources were procured by themselves.

Even when supplies were needed, they would contact other prestigious families in advance and would not accept any donations from unknown sources.

After all, they could not ascertain that the materials donated were of good quality. If there was a problem with the materials,

the Damaris family was responsible for the patients. The staff member hesitated, asking, “It’s from the Queen family. Should we reject it?”

At that, Jack and Larry turned to Roxanne instinctively.

Among them, Roxanne was the only person with any connection to the Queen family and the reason that they would donate supplies.

Even though the Damaris and Queen families were on good terms, the Queens had never offered any help to the Damaris family before.

It was only after recommending Roxanne did they send materials. Hence, it was only logical for one to conclude that Roxanne was the reason.

Noticing the two’s gaze, Roxanne quickly waved her hands with a bewildered expression on her face.

To her, it was good enough for the Queen family to recommend her.

As for the donation of these materials, she had not heard either Alfred or Jonathan mention it.

Seeing Roxanne’s reaction, the two finally understood what was going on. Meanwhile, the staff was urging with caution,

“Mr. Damaris, those materials…” If those materials had been sent by anyone else, he would not hesitate to return them to the sender.

However, knowing about the goodwill between the Queens and the Damaris family, he had to consult Jack first.

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