His And Her Marriage Chapter 479

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 479 – Daniel looked at her in disbelief. He did not exactly believe what she said.

Even he himself felt he had gone overboard earlier. No one else would have been able to handle the situation as calmly as Roxanne did.

Yet, it seemed she truly had not taken his words to heart. Upon noticing the puzzled look on his face, Roxanne explained with a smile,

“I’ve been in the industry for quite some years now, and I’ve encountered countless people who doubted me, and some of them even gave me terrible attitude.

Thus, I wasn’t bothered when you questioned my medical skills, but what annoyed me was how impatient you were with the kids.

Since you’ve apologized, let’s not dwell in the past anymore. I believe all the traditional medicine doctors are virtuous, and I also believe the Damaris family would have selected the best candidates for this mission.”

The way the crowd looked at Roxanne instantly became friendlier when they heard what she said. What Roxanne said was what they had in mind.

They, too, believed that all traditional medicine practitioners were trustworthy and virtuous.

Even doctors were bound to make mistakes, but as long as they treated their patients sincerely, they deserved the professional title.

That was why no one dared to question Daniel’s status even though he had been arrogant all these years.

Daniel was silent for a while and eventually responded with a nod. “I’m so used to being put on a pedestal that I failed to see the bigger picture.

I’m sorry, Dr. Jarvis. Please forgive my demeanor earlier. I hope we can interact and get to know each other better.”

Roxanne smiled and replied, “Sure.” “But Dr. Hopp, please don’t frighten the kids in the afternoon anymore. They can’t take it,” she quipped.

Blushing in embarrassment, Daniel responded with a nod. “I was too impulsive in the morning. Thank goodness you stopped me.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to face the kid.”

Now that Daniel had calmed himself down, he was overwhelmed by a pang of guilt for nearly paralyzing a child in the morning,

Roxanne gave him a comforting grin. “The kid is fine, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Let’s do our best to treat the other children in the afternoon!”

Daniel agreed without hesitation. lack arched his brows as he did not expect the two to reconcile their differences in such a short time.

e felt there was something unusual about Roxanne. After apologizing to Roxanne, Daniel turned around and looked at Jack.

He apologized to Jack sincerely, “I’m sorry, Mr. Damaris. I nearly tarnished the Damaris family’s reputation.”

If words got out that the Damaris family was responsible for causing the child to become paralyzed,

the news would have smeared the family’s good name. Jack instantly put on a serious face when Daniel mentioned the Damaris family. “

You’re right, but I can turn a blind eye to it since it was a false alarm. Dr. Hopp, I hope you can give your all to treat the children.

The Damaris family organized this medical consultation for underprivileged children because we want to provide them with better healthcare services.

That’s why we gathered excellent doctors from all over the country to participate in the initiative.

Please note that this is not a platform for you to compete with each other.”

Jack had not raised his voice, but the doctors around him could hear him loud and clear. They started responding to his remark.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Damaris. We’ll do our best.” Jack gave the crowd a curt nod.

Roxanne took a sidelong glance at the people around her and realized they were no longer shooting doubtful and curious looks at her.

Instead, the way they looked at her had become friendlier. Roxanne gave each of them a faint smile before continuing with her lunch.

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