His And Her Marriage Chapter 478

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 478 – “It looks like the little ones like you a lot, Roxanne.”

Alongside Jack, Larry walked over with a plate of food in his hands and sat across from Roxanne. Roxanne greeted him by bobbing her head.

After smiling at Jack, she turned around and teased Larry, “I’ve more experience taking care of kids than you.

Besides, I always carry some sweets just in case I need to use them to coax children. It’s effective, isn’t it?”

If it were not for the sweets, Roxanne believed the children would not have cooperated with her no matter how much they liked her.

Jack concurred, “It’s indeed a good trick. We can use it on the children during our medical consultations next time.”

Roxanne froze for a moment and pressed her lips into a thin line. “It’s just something I learned from experience since I need to handle my kids.”

Jack did not continue with the topic as he was more concerned with her mental state. “There will be more children coming in the afternoon.

Do you want to take a break, Dr. Jarvis? You must be exhausted.” Roxanne shook her head and gave a serious answer. “I can handle it.

I’d undertaken tougher tasks when I was overseas. These kids need me, and I can’t just walk away from them.”

She came here today because she wanted to win the trust of the Damaris family.

She also hoped to take this opportunity to convince the family to collaborate with her.

But after seeing how sickly the children were, Roxanne abandoned all her initial thoughts. She just wanted to try her best to treat those little ones.

All these children were almost the same age as Archie and Benny, and they reminded Roxanne of her two sons and the girl who had passed away at a
young age.

Compared to the fate of these frail children, the exhaustion she experienced was nothing Upon hearing that, Jack was astonished by the woman’s determination.

To Jack, carrying out medical consultations round the clock was already an unbearable burden, even for a man.

He could not picture how intense Roxanne’s workload must have been when she was overseas. Mar Out of curiosity, Jack turned to glance at Larry.

Larry nodded steadily. “You heard that right. The woman standing in front of you is a fighter.” Roxanne grinned but kept mum.

During the conversation, someone came up and sat beside them.

Roxanne whipped her head around in the person’s direction and saw Daniel awkwardly sitting beside her.

When she saw Daniel’s face, she instantly recalled how he treated her earlier and wondered if he had come to find fault with her again.

All the other doctors looked over. They even wished to bring their plates over and watch the drama unfold.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Dr. Hopp?” Larry initiated the conversation with Daniel as if he was trying to protect Roxanne.

Upon noticing the hostile tone in his voice, Daniel knitted his brows. He looked in Roxanne’s direction and asked stiffly,

“Why did you help me just now?” That question took Roxanne by surprise.

“Why did you help me persuade the children even though I’ve been finding fault with you?” Daniel asked her another question.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne responded with a casual smile.

“Because I believe you’re not just a respected expert in traditional medicine but also an ethical doctor.

You’ve been picking holes in everything I did, but I know you wouldn’t vent your frustration on the kids.

I’m sure you only wanted to give them the best treatment.”

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