His And Her Marriage Chapter 477

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 477 – All the kids became teary-eyed when they saw him leaving.

Roxanne also tilted her head down to hide her pain away. Jack’s voice came to her cars at that moment.

“There are many similar cases, and all we can do is help them as much as possible. It is okay to be sad, but don’t let it overwhelm you.”

Roxanne understood the logic behind it, but actually dealing with it was still a little challenging The kid earlier was extremely polite and kind,

so it was even more difficult to accept his unfortunate fate. Jack didn’t say much else. He left her with a simple sentence.

“There are other kids waiting for you.” After saying that, he returned to his seat.

Roxanne took a deep breath and shifted her gaze down to look at the kids standing next to her.

Every single one of them was looking upward and staring at her with their big, round eyes.

They were all on the verge of crying, and within those eyes was the most basic fear of all—the fear of death.

They were worried about the boy who left and also scared that they’d meet the same fate.

Seeing how terrified they were forced Roxanne to suppress her sorrow. Crouching down to look into the kids’ eyes, she comforted them softly,

“Don’t worry, kids. We’re here to protect you, so everyone will grow up safe and healthy. Your friend will be back soon as well.”

After that, she turned around quickly. She couldn’t bear to keep looking into their eyes, so she fumbled a little when she stood back up.

Still, she pretended to be calm as she palled the bed and asked, “Okay, who’s next?”

Quite a bit of time passed before a kid fearfully climbed onto the bed. Roxanne glanced at him. Her heart was heavy when she treated him.

Fortunately, the rest of the kids she had with her had minor problems, and she could cure them on her own.

The bad news, however, was that the three other doctors there had to deal with quite a few kids in bad condition.

Every now and then, someone would leave the place to go to the hospital. Everyone was understandably upset each time a kid left.

Daniel watched as more and more kids left, and the frown on his face became more intense.

At the end of the day, he was still a traditional medicine practitioner.

He might get jealous easily and could be arrogant sometimes, but the kindness every doctor possessed remained alive within him.

They worked until the afternoon when the orphanage served lunch in the cafeteria and had everyone go there.

Roxanne and the others stopped working, but their hearts remained heavy. They handled the remaining kids and took everyone to the cafeteria.

No one knew what had happened. Perhaps the kids who left Roxanne’s and the other’s cubicle had said something,

but almost every kid in the orphanage was staring at Roxanne during lunch.

The other doctors couldn’t suppress their curiosity and were looking at her as well.

Sensing everybody’s gaze, Roxanne felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles.

“Miss?” asked a kid as he cautiously approached Roxanne while still holding his tray of food.

Hearing that cute voice had Roxanne turning her attention to the kid. She smiled and asked, “What is it?”

The kid stared for a bit before asking, “The others said that the candy you gave out is delicious. Can I have one?”

Roxanne was stunned for a few seconds before she came around. She smiled and grabbed a few sweets from her purse before handing them to the

“Here are a few flavors. If you like them, I will bring more the next time I drop by.”

The kid grinned shyly. He grabbed the drumstick from his tray and handed it to Roxanne before speaking in his sweet voice. “

Thank you, Miss. I know you have been working hard as well, so here. I love drumsticks, but I’ll give this one to you.”

Roxanne was surprised when she heard what the kid said.

When she returned to her senses, she smiled at the kid as a complex emotion bubbled up within her.

“Thank you.” The kid smiled shyly before turning around and leaving

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