His And Her Marriage Chapter 476

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 476 – After a bit of coordination, all four doctors were given some patients.

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief and returned to her post to work away.

Silence descended upon the cubicle. Occasionally, the sounds of the kids joking and playing around rang out, but they kept it soft.

It was almost as though they were worried about disturbing the doctors. The more Roxanne worked, the heavier her heart felt.

Their first round was a simple examination of the kids’ pulse and getting an idea of how their health was.

Those with more complicated medical issues would have to receive extra treatment.

When Roxanne first saw the abandoned kids, she was already heartbroken for them. Actually treating their condition made her feel even worse.

Some of the kids had milder issues and could be cured with some medicine or via acupuncture.

Unfortunately, the doctors on site couldn’t help those with more complicated issues. All they could do was send the kids to the hospital,

where the Damaris family would pay for their medical fees.

The first few kids Roxanne treated all had mild issues, and she was just about to sigh in relief when she examined a kid with a more serious condition.

The kid was only about four or five years old and was around Archie’s and Benny’s age. His round, chubby face was tense with nervousness.

When Roxanne looked into those big, round eyes, her heart ached so much that she couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Am I very sick?” asked the kid fearfully. A lump lodged itself in Roxanne’s throat.

She didn’t have the guts to answer that question because she worried that her voice would be thick with tears if she spoke.

The kid ended up consoling her instead. “It’s fine. I’m just an orphan nobody loves anyway, so no one will be sad even if my condition is bad.

Don’t feel bad for me. Your eyes are getting all red with tears.” The place was quiet, so everyone heard what the kid said.

Feeling helpless, Roxanne dug her fingers into her palms before turning around to ask the others for help.

She had lost a kid once and couldn’t bear the situation before her now. Lack paused. He made his way over to them and stroked the boy’s head.

“Don’t worry. We’ll take you to the hospital, and you will be fine.” The kid shifted his gaze and looked right at Roxanne.

He wanted an answer from her. Roxanne took a deep breath and suppressed her urge to cry. She made herself smile and promised,

“You will be fine, and you are not a kid nobody loves. Once you’ve recovered, someone will come for you and adopt you.

You will have a daddy and a mommy, and you will grow up happy and healthy. That is why you must be good and let us treat your illness, okay?”

The kid’s eyes glowed at the mention of a daddy and a mommy. Eager and filled with anticipation, he asked, “Is it true?

Will I really have a daddy and a mommy? Even though I am so sick?” Roxanne’s heart clenched in her chest.

The kid’s words suggested that he knew exactly how bad his situation was.

Yet, he was more worried about whether someone would love him For a moment, Roxanne was tempted to take the kid away.

However, when she thought about how she couldn’t give him a proper family, she had no choice but to shove that desire aside.

“You will be fine. Also, you’re so cute that everyone will be fighting to have you,” cooed Roxanne as she caressed his cheek.

The kid smiled brightly and nodded excitedly. He was so happy that his face was turning a little red.

Jack had participated in quite a few similar events, but his heart would still ache when he witnessed something like that.

He had to take a few seconds to compose himself before he could shout at the workers outside. “Get someone to send the kid to a hospital.”

Soon, a man showed up and smiled at the kid before offering his arms. The boy got out of bed and obediently climbed into the worker’s arms.

Before he left, he turned around and waved at Roxanne. “Bye.”

Then he looked at the other kids from the orphanage and bid them goodbye as well.

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