His And Her Marriage Chapter 475

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 475 – Roxanne tilted her head down and saw the kids surrounding her.

They had heard what Larry said earlier, but they were still a little scared.

If possible, she wanted to treat the kids in person as well, but she had to stick to the schedule for the day.

Being responsible for curing all the kids would mean that she likely wouldn’t be able to finish today, even if she worked all night.

She was still heartbroken, but seeing the bigger picture encouraged her to coax the kids sweetly, “The doctors there can cure you too, little ones.

They’re nice. Remember how kind they were during the check-up?”

The kids turned to one another after hearing what Roxanne said, but no one wanted to take the first step forward.

Roxanne couldn’t help feeling a little defeated when she saw their reaction.

“If you insist on waiting for me, then some will not be treated today, and that is not ideal. I really hope that everyone can get their treatment today.”

Hesitation engulfed the kids once more. Just as Roxanne was struggling to find the words to convince them,

the little girl, who was the leader, stepped forward. She obediently made her way to Larry’s side and requested, “Please be gentle.”

Larry smiled warmly at her and stroked her head. “Got it. Thank you for trusting me.” The girl smiled sweetly.

Now that someone had taken the first step, more and more kids began leaving Roxanne’s side. They went to the other doctors.

Daniel was the only one left with absolutely no patient. The kids might’ve claimed to have forgiven him,

but they were still terrified of him, especially since he had a scowl on.

Daniel was even more infuriated when he saw how the kids were actively avoiding him.

He had been a traditional medicine practitioner for years, and that was the first time he wasn’t coveted,

There was no way he would ask Roxanne for help after what had happened earlier, so he had no choice but to stand there stiffly.

Quite a few kids were still hanging out around Roxanne.

She turned around and saw that Daniel was the only one without any patients, and that made her frown. Hesitation rose within her.

It was clear that the kids still feared him, but if no one went to him, the team’s efficiency would remain low.

Roxanne hesitated for a few moments before curving her lips into a smile. “You can go to the good doctor there as well.

He was only scary earlier because he was eager to cure everybody. Now that he has learned his lesson, will you give him a chance to redeem himself?

He’s very skilled and an cure you quickly.” After that, Roxanne shifted her gaze and smiled at Daniel, signaling him to do something Daniel was taken aback.

S-She’s actually speaking up for me? I was rude and mean to her earlier, but she’s still willing to help me…

Daniel turned his attention to the kids and saw them staring at him with teary eyes.

A stiff smile remained on his face, and it took him some time before he could finally put on a warmer and more approachable expression.

“I was too impulsive earlier, kids, and I am sorry. I promise I will be more patient and won’t hurt anyone anymore.”

Still, the kids remained wary. Roxanne’s heart ached a little. She stood up and made her way to Daniel before gesturing for him to put his hand out.

He had no idea what she was planning, but he complied anyway. A handful of colorful candies landed on his palm soon after.

“Come look! He has so many candies. If you behave and do as he says, you can have one,” said Roxanne with a smile to get the kids to listen.

Despite the candy Daniel was holding, his smile still seemed a little awkward.

That made the kids scared. Unfortunately, they couldn’t resist the sweet temptation, so they hesitantly made their way to him.

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