His And Her Marriage Chapter 474

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 474 – Once again, only the four of them were left in their cubicle.

Roxanne turned around to see how the kids were doing. Sweetly, she asked, “See, kids? The treatment isn’t scary at all, right?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jamie, who had just received treatment, raised his hand and answered, “It’s true.

It doesn’t hurt at all, and I feel so much better now!”

The little girl had initially been a bit reluctant to receive treatment, but seeing Roxanne’s attitude toward them made her feel more comfortable.

Jamie ’s words put her at ease as well. “You’re right. It’s nothing to be scared of. Sorry for backing away earlier, Miss.”

The other kids nodded in agreement. Roxanne’s heart melted when she saw that. She crouched down to stroke their tiny heads.

“Everybody is doing great. I’m glad you’re not scared anymore. Believe in us, okay? We will make sure that everybody will grow up happy and healthy.”

The kids nodded obediently. “Okay, who’s next?” asked Roxanne as she stood up and pointed at the bed.

It didn’t take long before a little boy stepped out from the crowd and climbed onto the bed.

That was the same boy who cried earlier when Daniel grabbed his arm. Seeing all that made Daniel feel even worse.

Roxanne smiled warmly at the kid and had him lie down nicely before she checked his pulse.

The rest of the kids circled her, making it as though the other three doctors were invisible,

When Larry noticed that, he smiled in exasperation and cleared his throat. He reminded, “Kids, we are doctors as well and can cure you, too.

Don’t play favorites, okay?” One of the kids heard what he said and glanced over before turning back to Roxanne.

Clearly, the kids preferred Roxanne. Larry shook his head in exasperation and turned his attention to Jack, who was standing at the side.

All four doctors were stationed there, so it was not right to have Roxanne do all the work alone.

Worse still, there were too many children, and Roxanne would not be able to treat all of them, even if she were to work till night.

The recent events surrounding Roxanne had resulted in her capturing Jack’s full attention.

His initial distrust toward her had changed to admiration, and now, an additional hint of respect had been added.

He could tell that Roxanne’s heart was in the right place.

She genuinely cared about the kids, and that was why she participated in the medical consultation.

It was also why the kids were especially attached to her.

Some of the kids were shy and refused to go to the other doctors, so there was a perpetual long queue near Roxanne.

Even after taking care of so many patients consecutively, Roxanne wasn’t irritated or tired at all.

She even managed to stop Daniel in time to prevent him from making the wrong decision.

All that work didn’t eat away her patience, and she remained kind to the kids.

That quality was incredible, especially when found in a young doctor.

Meanwhile, Daniel was still upset with the earlier incident and was hoping Roxanne would get in trouble.

He prayed that she would be forced to take care of all the kids, and seeing how they surrounded her made him grin.

He wanted to see her get worn out. At that point, he no longer cared if they could get the job done that day. Emotionally worn out, Larry sighed.

He saw how the other two doctors were staring at Roxanne and were patiently waiting for Roxanne to finish up with Leslie’s treatment.

In a kind tone, he requested, “Roxanne, send some kids to us, will you?

It’s empty here, and those unaware of the situation might assume that we are here as observing interns.

It’s so embarrassing, and we won’t be able to finish our task today if the situation remains this way.

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