His And Her Marriage Chapter 473

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 473 – Daniel waited for quite some time, but Roxanne never softened her stance.

That left him with no choice. Embarrassed, his face reddened.

“I only behaved poorly because I was too worried and wanted to treat the kid as soon as possible. My heart was in the right place.”

Everyone frowned in unison when they heard that. Roxanne’s grin slowly faded, and her discontentment rose.

That was when a little girl’s voice broke the silence and eased the tension.

“This is all your fault! You grabbed Leslie and frightened Jamie,” complained the little girl angrily while pointing at Daniel.

She was the oldest among the kids and had always been the one to take care of them.

In other words, she was like a big sister to everyone, and all she wanted at that moment was to get justice for the younger ones.

Daniel’s eyes bulged. He was furious to hear what the girl said.

If no one else were around, he would beat the kid up and teach her manners right then and there.

“Dr. Hopp, I can’t deny that you are a great man who has accomplished much, but mistakes happen. You were wrong and should apologize accordingly,”

aid Jack while frowning at Daniel. The former didn’t want to waste time on that matter.

Jack’s instruction caused Daniel to stiffen.

Given the power that the Damaris family held, the good doctor had no choice but to force an ugly smile on his face and turn his attention to Roxanne. “

I was too impulsive earlier, Dr. Jarvis, and neglected to take the kid’s weakened state into consideration.

However, please trust that my actions only came from my concern, and please forgive me for that.”

Naturally, Roxanne could tell just how reluctant he was to say those words.

She didn’t care, though. She simply grinned at Daniel and said, “I believe your intentions are pure, and I understand that you were in a tough position.

The acupuncture point you aimed for is commonly known as the only one to stop pain,

so I’m sure anyone else would do the same if put in your position. However, I am not the person you should apologize to.

It’s them you should apologize to.” After saying that, Roxanne moved to the side and revealed the kids hanging out beside the bed.

Their faces were still wet from the tears they shed earlier. Due to what happened to Jamie, the other kids were so worried that they forgot all about
wiping their tears away.

Everyone surrounded the bed with damp cheeks. Many doctors present were parents and seeing those teary eyes stung their hearts,

making them ache so much that they couldn’t even speak Daniel stared at the kids in dissatisfaction, then turned to Jack, who was at the side.

The latter was frowning and staring pointedly at the former. Obviously, he agreed with what Roxanne had said.

Daniel had no choice. He had to lower his stance and crouched down to face the kids.

Trying to sound as sincere as possible, he said, “I am so sorry, kids. I was too worried earlier and frightened you.

The truth is that I just wanted everyone to behave so I could cure you quickly.”

The little girl stared for a few seconds before turning her attention to the two kids who were frightened earlier.

They nodded slowly She wouldn’t even look at Daniel until the kids had forgiven him.

“Okay, then we will forgive you for it, but you must never scare us like that again. Jamie can’t handle it.”

Daniel forced another smile on his face and turned to face the crowd.

It was almost as though he was telling them to back off now that he had apologized.

Everyone could tell that he wasn’t sincere, but it was already significant progress for him, so no one complained.

ack spoke up once more to put an end to everything. “Now that the issue is settled, please return to your stations.

The kids are waiting for your treatment. Please also take this as a lesson. We must be patient with kids.”

The crowd murmured affirmatively before returning to their cubicles.

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