His And Her Marriage Chapter 472

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 472 – While Roxanne was treating the kid, the news of what was going on in their cubicle had spread to the others.

Many doctors were surprised to hear that Roxanne actually questioned Daniel’s capability.

They also became curious when they heard about how she said there was an alternative acupuncture point that could stop the pain.

All of them put their work aside and made their way there. The second they got into the room, they saw Roxanne administering the treatment.

They judged her by her appearance and didn’t trust her skills.

However, they are understood how important it was to stay focused when administering treatment, so they stood there quietly.

When they saw that Roxanne’s treatment was actually working, they gasped in astonishment.

The acupuncture technique involved was something they had never even heard about.

Yet, it was obvious that her technique was more ancient than theirs. No one knew where she could have learned that.

They couldn’t help applauding when they heard Jack complimenting her. The sudden clapping stunned Roxanne momentarily.

She turned around and realized that a number of doctors had gathered by the door. Every single one of them seemed more experienced than she was.

For a moment there, Roxanne was lost. “Is that Dr. Lambert’s apprentice? No wonder she is so skilled. We truly learned something today.”

“Dr. Jarvis, let’s hang out sometime when we’re free. I’d like to know more about your unique acupuncture techniques.”

Everyone praised her. The distrust they felt earlier had since turned into admiration. Hearing their praise made Roxanne grin humbly.

“Thank you for the compliments. There is so much more I still have to learn. I’ll be counting on you, my seniors, to guide me.”

TEST When they were queueing up at the entrance of the orphanage earlier, many had stared strangely at her.

Roxanne simply wanted to do her job. The thought of showing off and impressing them had never even crossed her mind.

o her surprise, that was exactly what had happened, and everyone’s opinion of her had shifted.

She was young and beautiful. On top of that, she was a skilled medical practitioner and a humble person.

That made everyone admire her even more. In an instant, the atmosphere in the room turned peaceful and warm.

Daniel, however, stood off to the side with a gloomy expression, looking like the odd one out.

Out of nowhere, someone shifted everybody’s attention to Daniel. “Dr. Hopp, you were too impulsive earlier.

Shouldn’t you apologize to Dr. Jarvis and the kid for it?” Everyone simultaneously turned their gaze to Daniel.

It seemed that Daniel wasn’t just famous for being one of the best traditional medicine practitioners in Chanaea.

He was also notoriously arrogant. Many doctors on site had long held a grudge against him.

Now that the opportunity to embarrass him had presented itself, they seized it.

Daniel felt as though he were being roasted on a spit when he sensed everybody’s gaze landing on him.

He looked terrible and was stiff when he turned his attention to Roxanne. Even he had to admit that he had behaved a little poorly earlier.

Still, asking him to publicly apologize to a younger, less experienced doctor was too embarrassing, and he couldn’t do it.

Hesitation rose within Roxanne’s heart when she saw Daniel staring like that, but in the end, she didn’t comment on it.

All she wanted was for the medical consultations to go well.

Roxanne stayed true to the core beliefs of the Damaris family’s medical consultation and her personal objective for participating in it.

Hence, she didn’t want anything unpleasant to happen,

She had never planned on holding a grudge against Daniel for questioning her skills earlier However,

now that someone had pointed it out, she couldn’t help thinking about how Daniel had let his emotions get the best of him and almost crippled a kid.

She didn’t care about what happened to her, but she couldn’t forgive Daniel for what he almost did to the boy.

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