His And Her Marriage Chapter 471

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 471 – In truth, Roxanne had not given it much thought before she blurted out her words.

he merely felt that the particular acupuncture point was not the right one, and her heart pumped quickly.

However, upon being questioned by Daniel, Roxanne gradually calmed herself down, and countless analyses flashed through her mind.

A moment later, she walked toward Daniel and patiently explained, “This is

indeed the most basic acupuncture point for pain relief, but I’m also crystal clear that we should consider the patient’s body condition before we do

“Whatever the condition, the acupuncture points will always be the same.” Daniel frowned, visibly impatient.

With that said, he immediately tried to stab the needle into the boy.

His action, however, was quickly stopped by Roxanne as she grabbed onto his wrist, preventing him from inserting the silver needle into the acupuncture
point. “

This is indeed the best acupuncture point, but it only works on a patient that is well aware and prepared for what is coming.

Jamie is still too young, and he is too weak for this. Besides, his tenseness will not let him receive this treatment method properly.

If we recklessly use the silver needle on this point, he might become paralyzed if something goes wrong!

We can’t risk it with a kid. If we’re just going to stop the pain, let me do it. I know a way that is much gentler than this!”

Her words had Larry and Jack exchanging a glance with each other before they nodded approvingly.

Daniel, however, retained the same mentality. Instead of listening to Roxanne, he scornfully looked at her and said, “Oh, that’s strange.

I’ve been a traditional medicine practitioner for years, and this is the first time I’ve heard of another method to relieve pain.

I wonder where you got this knowledge from, Dr. Jarvis? You’re telling me not to take risks with a child,

but to me, you’re the one that is using them as subjects of your experiment. Look at the pain this boy is in! Now step aside!”

The young lady, however, stubbornly remained standing in front of Jamie.

As a staring contest ensued between the two, Jack interfered and said, “Let Dr. Jarvis try her method.”

Just like Daniel, he, too, had never heard of another acupuncture point that could help to relieve pain.

His mind, however, changed after he recalled that Roxanne had used a method he had never heard of to treat Alfred.

Hence, his sixth sense had him convinced that perhaps they could believe in Roxanne for once. Jack’s words immediately caused Daniel’s face to turn red.

A moment later despite being extremely unwilling, Daniel still put the silver needles down and made space for Roxanne.

After that, the trio locked their eyes on Roxanne. With a deep breath,

Roxanne calmed herself down before picking up the silver needles and inserting them onto the acupuncture points according to what she remembered.

She had seen this method in one of Harvey’s ancient medicine journals, and this was the very first time she used it to relieve pain.

At this point, all she could do was pray hard that the method would work.

Little did she know that the calm demeanor and accuracy she displayed while giving the acupuncture session had Larry and the others thinking that she
was more than just confident.

Aside from that, her skill had also impressed them greatly.

Yet, even after she was done with the acupuncture session, it seemed to have no effect as Jamie showed no response.

Roxanne gently wiped off the sweat on her forehead and replied softly, “This is a method I learned from an ancient medicine jo rnal.

Due to the milder nature of the method, it will take some time for the effect to kick in.” Hearing this, everyone around her relaxed.

Though Daniel was still skeptical, it was quickly discarded after seeing the little boy opening his eyes.

The pain haunting the boy was no longer visible as well. The other children also stopped crying after seeing Jamie return to his senses.

In an instant, they surrounded the bed joyfully. “Jamie, how are you feeling now?”

The little girl who had alerted Roxanne to Jamie’s condition earlier looked at the boy concernedly.

Jamie frowned for a second before he happily shouted, “The pain! It’s gone!

I used to feel sore all over my body whenever I recovered, but I’m feeling okay right now!” Upon hearing that, Roxanne finally felt at ease.

Heart aching, she patted the little boy’s head and said, “I’ll prescribe you some medicine.

Make sure to take them accordingly, and you will no longer be in pain anymore.” Jamie nodded happily to her words.

“Dr Jarvis, you are indeed a student of Harvey Lambert. Those are some impressive skills you showed us,”

Jack praised with a smile as he finally let go of his prejudice toward Roxanne Roxanne smiled humbly in response.

Standing right beside her was Daniel. Unlike the others, he stood there with an ugly expression, for he felt humiliated by what happened.

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