His And Her Marriage Chapter 468

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 468 – When Daniel heard Larry’s words, he completely lost all anger.

Although he kept quiet timidly, he still could not help but look down on Roxanne.

He was one of the top doctors in Chanaea’s traditional medicine scene.

Other than those from a few prestigious families, any other traditional medicine doctor would treat him with the utmost respect.

He also knew the other famous traditional medicine doctors in Chanaea. However, he had no idea who Roxanne was.

It was evident that she was no one spectacular. If she didn’t have Mr. Morrison and Mr. Damaris backing her up, she wouldn ’n have dared to speak to me like that!

Looking at how Daniel had relented, Larry turned back and nodded at Roxanne to reassure her. Roxanne said gratefully, “Thank you, Larry.

Don’t worry; I’m doing great now.” 9Initially, she was quite nervous. However, due to Daniel’s provocation, her anxiety had now been replaced with fury.

All she wanted to do was to prove herself to Daniel and erase his prejudice toward her.

arry heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she was not affected. On the other hand, Jack stared at them with a thoughtful look.

After meeting Larry in the office earlier, he already knew that they were acquainted. However, he did not expect them to be so close.

A temporary silence befell the cubicle.

Then, a commotion sounded from the door before a staff reminded, “Mr. Damaris, the medical consultation has begun. The children are here.”

When they heard that, they immediately went into work mode. They changed their expressions and looked at the cubicle door with a smile.

Four adorable children entered in a line.9 When they saw the four adults in the room, they could not help but blush.

Although Daniel was a middle-aged man with a beer belly, the other three were exceptionally good-looking.

Despite the amiable smiles on the adults’ faces, the kids felt shy. They stood at the entrance and hesitated to enter.

Jack was quite experienced with these sorts of situations. Just when he was about to go forward to bring them in, Roxanne had already gone over.

“Hello!” Smiling, Roxanne squatted in front of the kids and stroked their heads affectionately.

When she approached them, the kids became even shyer. Blushing, they tried to retreat.

However, Roxanne produced some sweets out of nowhere, placed them in9 her palm, and showed them to the kids.

She said gently, “This sweet is delicious. Would you like to try it?” The kids had no immunity to sweets. They stared at Roxanne’s palm eagerly.

However, still smiling, she withdrew her hand. She stood up and extended an empty hand to a girl. “Come here!

After I give you a check-up, I’ll let you eat some sweets.

” The girl stared at her timidly, thinking that Roxanne was not only pretty but also smelled fragrant.

Gazing at her with a smile, Roxanne looked like she was shining brightly.

When Roxanne noticed the look on the child’s face, she could not help but remember how Estella was similarly scared when they first met.

Upon that thought, the look on Roxanne’s face became gentler as she looked at the kid patiently.

After a while, the girl extended her hand carefully and grabbed one of Roxanne’s fingers.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Roxanne brought the kid over to a bed and told her to lie on The remaining three kids subconsciously wanted to follow her there.

However, when the three men blocked the way, they cowered nervously. Roxanne turned her head around and glanced at them.

Shaking her head exasperatedly, she told them, “You don’t have to get a check-up from me specifically.

If you let them give you a check-up, I’ll still give you sweets!” When the kids heard that, they hesitated for a while before lying on the other three beds.

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