His And Her Marriage Chapter 467

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 467 – After Jack was finally done explaining, the cubicle became quiet again.

Daniel immediately approached Jack and asked, “Mr. Damaris, when will the medical consultation start?” Jack glanced at the time and replied, “Soon.

Please wait for a moment. We are preparing outside.” Daniel nodded.

Shooting Roxanne a weird look, he asked Jack, “We’ve got a serious responsibility here. Why don’t we bring a few more doctors from another cubicle

When Roxanne and the rest heard him, they glanced at him in confusion, not knowing why he would suggest that.

Jack asked directly, “Why? Do you think that you will be too busy, Dr. Hopp?” Daniel shook his hands. “

If there are four doctors here, we’d definitely have enough people.

But now… I’m afraid that the check-ups for the kids will not be meticulous enough, and some mistakes might happen.”

As Daniel spoke, he deliberately glanced at Roxanne. In other words, he was suggesting that she was not professional enough.

Only then did Roxanne realize that Daniel was not satisfied with her. She could not help but feel confused.

I don’t even know him, yet he’s being so hostile toward me. She normally did not mind people doubting her medical skills.

However, on this special occasion, she felt uncomfortable. Jack followed the direction of Daniel’s gaze and glanced at Roxanne.

owever, he quickly averted his gaze and said coldly, “Dr. Hopp, are you saying that someone’s skills here aren’t up to par?”

Although Daniel merely smiled without saying anything, he was implicitly affirming what Jack said.

At that, Jack raised his eyebrows and looked at Roxanne. While he also doubted Roxanne’s medical skills,

he believed that Alfred and Harvey would not recommend an incapable traditional medicine doctor to him.

Still, he would not defend her based on this teeny bit of trust alone. Observing this ridiculous’scene from the side, Larry frowned.

“Dr. Hopp, we are all doctors. At this critical juncture, please don’t affect other people’s moods. It’ll soon become clear whose skills aren’t up to par.”

Daniel did not expect Larry to speak up on behalf of Roxanne. A flash of surprise appeared in his eyes as he stared at the three of them suspiciously.

It was obvious what he was thinking. A grim look flashed across the three people’s faces simultaneously. Jack frowned.

However, out of concern for the Damaris family’s reputation, he did not reveal any fury.

Unable to stand it, Roxanne strode toward Daniel and said coldly, “Dr. Hopp, we don’t know each other at all.

But since you’re older than me, I can 9understand if you doubt my medical skills. However, you’re crossing the line by misunderstanding me like that!”

Daniel did not expect Roxanne to be so aggressive. Even though he wanted to rebuke her, he decided against it and remained silent.

“Regarding the concerns you raised earlier, I can tell you very clearly that I won’t be a burden to anyone.

If I display a single unprofessional act, you can raise it up with me anytime. I’ll leave on my own. The medical consultations target children.

I won’t joke around with children’s lives!” Roxanne stood in front of Daniel with a serious expression. Daniel’s agitation dissipated slightly.

He sounded quite hesitant when he said, “Since you’ve already said that, if anything wrong happens later,”

efore he could finish his sentence, Larry’s gentle voice sounded in the cubicle. “If anything goes wrong, I’ll settle it for her.

You just need to mind yourself, Dr. Hopp.”

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