His And Her Marriage Chapter 469

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 469 – Upon seeing that, the four adults in the room felt their hearts sinking.

As for Daniel, he was so shocked that he hurriedly let go of the little one he was holding before rushing forward.

The child on the ground had clearly been startled by his earlier action, and that caused the boy to be struck with a violent seizure.

According to their diagnosis, the child had a strange condition where startling him would cause a vigorous chain reaction that would put him in great pain. It was their first time encountering such a case.

Daniel had merely been trying to change a method to speed up the medical consultation’s progress. He never expected he would startle the boy.

Seeing how the pain was torturing the little child, the expressions of the four adults became grim. Roxanne was the first among them to react.

She forcefully suppressed the panic in her as she got up and dispersed the children around Jamie. “Please don’t be afraid.

We will now help Jamie to get better. In the meantime, why don’t you all head outside first?”

The kids, however, surrounded Jamie as they refused to leave. One of the little girls then said with a voice choked with sobs,

“Jamie… Jamie would act like this sometimes, but he would recover by himself after a while. We’ll wait here until he gets better.”

9 earing this, Roxanne felt a stinging pain in her heart. I wonder how little Jamie endured this horrifying pain back then all by himself.

The rest of the kids showed great determination about staying back with Jamie, leaving Roxanne with no choice but to turn around to seek help from

Instantly understanding her intention, Larry carefully lifted the boy from the ground before putting him on the bed.

At this point, the liye boy was already in so much pain that he was almost unconscious, A moment ago, the pain had him curled up in a fetal position

yet at this second, he couldn’t even clench his hands anymore as he lay there limply with his face facing upward.

Unfortunately, there was nothing the four of them could do. All they could do was watch.

This was because they had yet to properly study the little boy’s condition, but now was not the time to hesitate.

There was even cold sweat all over Daniel’s forehead now. After all, his reckless action was the sole reason that put the boy in this situation.

!f anything horrible happened to the little boy, his reputation would be destroyed in an instant.

Upon this thought, Daniel wiped off the sweat on his forehead and gritted his teeth as he approached the bed, checking on the little boy’s pulse.

Before anyone was able to react, Daniel had already retrieved his acupuncture tools from the side and started sanitizing them.

Seeing this, worry shrouded Roxanne, leading her to ask, “Dr. Hopp, do you know how to treat the little one?”

Her question had the already impatient Daniel becoming even more irritated as soon as he heard her voice.

It’s not like I planned to frighten the little boy earlier. This all happened because of this woman!

If she had not been so slow and wasted everyone’s time, we wouldn’t be in this situation now! “Even if I don’t, it’s not like you would know.”

Daniel turned around and glanced at her unhappily before returning to sanitizing his tools.

On the other hand, the sense of unease in Roxanne only deepened when she caught the irritation on his face.

Standing right beside her were Larry and Jack. Just like Roxanne, both of them were also very skeptical about this, causing them to ask seriously, “

So, according to your diagnosis, what is happening to the boy?” Daniel’s expression froze up instantly for a split second upon being questioned,

but he replied stiflly regardless, “Whatever it is, we should stop the pain for him immediately. Can’t you see that he’s in so much pain?”

With that said, he picked up the silver needles and prepared to give Jamie an acupuncture session.

Larry and Jack, 100, did not voice any objections to Daniel’s decision.

After all, the little boy’s pain was visibly horrifying, so helping him by stopping the pain first was entirely appropriate.

They were too blinded by their worry for the boy that they forgot about the basics.

On the other hand, Roxanne’s heart tightened once more as soon as she saw the acupuncture point Daniel was aiming at.

Out of instinct, she hurriedly stopped him. “Wait! Not on that acupuncture point!”

Her shouting immediately attracted the attention of the other three.

Daniel became even more annoyed this time, and he said, “If you don’t know what is going on, then you should stop kicking up a fuss, Dr. Jarvis.

This is the most basic acupuncture point that is known for easing pain. Don’t tell me you don’t even know about this?”

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