His And Her Marriage Chapter 466

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 466 – Roxanne walked into her cubicle briskly. There was already another doctor waiting there.

When he saw that she was just a young woman, he thought that she was merely a useless person whom the family had recommended.

Hence, he ignored her. Larry followed her in. There were two to three doctors in each cubicle, as well as someone from the Damaris family.

Their cubicle was the most well-equipped out of all the cubicles.

There were two doctors recommended by the prestigious family and a famous traditional medicine doctor.

Even Jack was accompanying them personally. When Larry entered, Daniel Hopp’s expression changed. Smiling, he welcomed Larry.

“Mr. Morrison, it’s been a long time.” Larry nodded calmly. “Long time no see, Dr. Hopp.” Daniel grinned at him in a flattering manner.

He kept following behind Larry and showering him with care. However, he ignored Roxanne completely. Roxanne did not mind his coldness.

Instead, she focused on checking all the equipment. Then, she nodded at Jack, who was standing at the entrance, signaling that she was ready.

All the equipment they were using today had been customized by the Damaris family.

Hence, the family members waiting in the cubicles were meant to introduce the equipment to the doctors.

Jack was supposed to guide Roxanne and Larry personally. Jack had just returned after checking up on the others.

When he entered to explain the equipment to Roxanne, he realized that she had already finished all the checks skillfully,

as if she had used the equipment multiple times before. Evidently, Roxanne had prepared well before coming .

A flash of surprise appeared in Jack’s eyes as he wondered how Roxanne had discovered these secrets.

However, he gave it further thought and remembered that Roxanne was not only recommended by Alfred but was also Harvey’s student.

It was not surprising that she knew the Damaris family’s matters. Even so, it was rare that someone would spend so much effort for this medical consultation.

“Do you know how to use all these?” Intrigued by Roxanne’s performance, Jack walked over.

When Jack entered, Daniel wanted to greet him as well. However, Jack merely nodded at him politely before directing his gaze to Roxanne.

Roxanne nodded humbly. “I read up on them before coming. However, since it’s my first time using them, I don’t know if I might have made any mistakes.

Please explain them to me again, Dr. Damaris.” Jack gazed at her broodingly before explaining.

He spoke slowly so she would understand Roxanne listened attentively at the side and asked some meticulous questions occasionally.

She had been amazed when she read about the equipment the Damaris family had invented.

After listening to Jack introduce them personally, she felt a greater urge to familiarize herself with them.

Looking at how curious she was, Jack maintained his patience and answered all of her questions. Larry was listening attentively too.

However, Daniel was very distracted. When he saw how nicely Jack was treating Roxanne, his expression changed gradually.

His initial indifference morphed into indignance.

That woman obviously doesn’t know anything! How dare she keep asking Mr. Damaris these questions?

It’s even more frustrating how patient he is with her! The only possibility Daniel could think of was that Roxanne had a powerful background.

Otherwise, Jack would not have treated her so differently. Even though he had so much experience, Jack did not even spare him another glance.

On the other hand, Roxanne was so engrossed in Jack’s explanation that she did not even notice Daniel staring at her.

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