His And Her Marriage Chapter 465

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 465 – When Alfred was severely ill, the Damaris family sent quite a few people to help him get back in shape.

However, as he was quite weak, they did not dare to use overly drastic measures.

Once Alfred told her of his condition, Roxanne inserted each needle in his critical points before managing to save him.

After hearing Roxanne’s analysis, Jack could not help but ask, “Considering Old Mr. Queen’s health back then, what reason did you have to decide on
such an acupuncture method?’

Roxanne was stunned for a while. Back then, she had taken a huge risk. If she explained it to Jack like that, he might not believe her.

After all, her method was too risky. Upon that thought, Roxanne hesitated for a moment before explaining, “I chanced upon it in a medical book.

oincidentally, Old Mr. Queen’s condition matched what was described there, so I wanted to give it a try.”

Jack nodded in understanding, not suspecting her words at all. It was true that Harvey had a few precious books.

Since Roxanne was his disciple, it was not strange that she would have read those books.

Furthermore, Roxanne was still very young. Jack did not believe that her medical skills would be extremely advanced.

“Luckily, you thought of that idea. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have recovered so quickly,” said Jack politely with a smile.

Roxanne responded with a humble smile. They chatted for a while. Jack’s polite attitude caused Roxanne to let her guard down slowly.

Initially, she assumed that Jack would be arrogant because he was from the Damaris family.

To her surprise, the Damaris family had remarkable upbringing methods, and he was very humble.

Seems like our cooperation will be very smooth in the future. A staff knocked on the door and entered. “Mr. Damaris, the hospital is already prepared.

The kids are waiting.” When Jack heard that, a serious expression crossed his face. “It’s almost time. Dr. Jarvis, let’s change our clothes and prepare.”

Roxanne nodded before following the staff to change her clothes. When she walked out of the changing room, she bumped into Larry again.

Although she had already mentally prepared herself, she could not help but feel… nervous now that the medical consultation was about to start.

When she saw a familiar face, her anxiety dissipated slightly. Smiling, she greeted him, “Larry!” Larry returned her smile and patted her shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous. Just treat it as a normal consultation with a kid. With your skills, there should be no problems.” Roxanne smiled.

As they spoke, Jack also walked over after changing his clothes. “Are you ready? Let’s go.” As they were about to start work, Jack looked very serious.

His stern aura returned to him. Roxanne was stunned for a while before shooting a look at Larry instinctively.

Larry smiled. “He knows that we are acquaintances. In fact, he even asked me about you earlier. I’m sorry that your efforts went to waste.”

By saying that, he was referring to how Roxanne chose to come alone in order to avoid any suspicions.

Since Jack already knew that she was acquainted with Larry, Roxanne felt calmer. She nodded at Larry before walking out together with the other man.

Only a few minutes had passed, but there was now a lot more equipment in the courtyard compared to when she first arrived.

Roxanne scanned the place. Although the Damaris family was a prestigious family in the traditional medicine field,

there were quite a few pieces of modern medical equipment placed in the courtyard. This was to make it easier to treat the children.

The doctors who were queuing up earlier had already entered their own cubicles.

Smiling amiably, they looked at the children waiting to enter. Everything looked very formal.

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