His And Her Marriage Chapter 464

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 464 – When they arrived in front of the director’s office, Larry coincidentally came out from it.

Upon spotting Roxanne, he chuckled and waved to her. “Did you just arrive?” Roxanne nodded. She wanted to share what had happened earlier.

However, here was no time to tell him about it. “Mr. Damaris is waiting inside, and you should head in soon.

This year, not many prestigious families recommended others here. It might only be us two,” Larry stated.

Roxanne was slightly confused by his words. She did not understand how that made a difference.

Before she could ask more, the employee knocked on the office door and invited her in.

Quickly, Roxanne had to calm herself and prepare to head inside. The moment she entered the door, she spotted a skinny young man.

Perhaps because of how thin he was, his features were more prominent. “Mr. Damaris, this is Dr. Jarvis. The Queen family recommended her,”

the employee introduced. The man slowly looked up at Roxanne. When she met his gaze, Roxanne respectfully introduced herself, “

Hello, the Queen family recommended me to participate in this medical consultation. My name is Roxanne Jarvis.” The man eyed her.

Over the last few years, the Damaris family would typically accept doctors recommended by prestigious families to participate in medical consultations
organized by them. It was no exception this year.

To show his respect, he would meet each of them in person. The doctors endorsed by prestigious families were usually members of those families.

Most of them had already made a name for themselves in the traditional medicine scene as well.

However, the woman before him, recommended by the Queen family, was different. She was not from the Queen family,

and Jack had never even heard of her name. He only knew she had treated Alfred.

Jack had asked Larry about her earlier and understood that she was Harvey’s student.

Despite having some knowledge about her, he did not expect Roxanne to be a young and beautiful woman.

As he scrutinized her, Roxanne could not help but feel nervous. Even so, she stood there with confidence.

After some time, the man looked away and curled his lips into a smile. He stretched out his hand and welcomed her, “I have heard much about you.

My name is Jack Damaris, and I’m the person in charge of the medical consultation this time.” Roxanne reached out to shake hands with him.

Somehow, Jack seemed cold when he did not speak. However, once he opened his mouth, he seemed like a warm person.

Roxanne could not help but think about the man who welcomed her at the door and attributed it to the Damaris family’s good upbringing.

As for Jack, she had heard of him before. Over the past few days, Roxanne had read up on the Damaris family while studying for the medical consultation.

She knew that Jack was Hector’s grandson and also the best doctor from the Damaris family’s youngest generation.

As the Damaris family had been keeping a low profile in recent years, Jack rarely showed up in front of the public, and it made him seem mysterious.

When she was going through that information, Roxanne could not help but wonder what kind of a person he was.

Now, she could finally put a face to the person she had read about. “I heard you used traditional medicine to treat Old Mr. Queen’s condition,”

Jack said in a low voice. Nodding, Roxanne explained, “According to my judgment, using traditional medicine was more suitable in treating Old Mr. Queen’s condition.

It would also work faster.” Then, she looked up to see Jack’s reaction. It seemed like he wanted her to continue.

Therefore, Roxanne recounted her journey in treating Alfred’s illness. Jack raised his brows while hearing her speak.

He was surprised by how composed the young lady was when she talked about Alfred’s condition. In addition, he had to admit that she made sense.

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