His And Her Marriage Chapter 463

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 463 – After bidding her children goodbye,

Roxanne drove to the location where the medical consultation would take place. The event was scheduled to start at ten in the morning.

Afraid of being late, Roxanne left the house at eight. Since her return to Horington, she had spent most of her time in the city.

Hence, she was rather unfamiliar with the roads on the outskirts. Although she turned on her navigator, she still took several detours.

When she finally reached the orphanage, more than a few cars were already parked outside. Looks like I arrived later than expected.

Slightly exasperated, Roxanne furrowed her brows. She grabbed her recommendation letter before quickly getting out of her car and heading to the

There was a queue outside consisting of doctors from different parts of the country with letters of recommendation, and almost all of them were middle-aged men.

When it was Roxanne’s turn, the man in charge took a glimpse of her and politely reminded her, “Miss, are you at the wrong place?

The Damaris family has organized a medical consultation here. Are you sure you are,” Hearing that, Roxanne was taken aback.

She then interrupted him. “I know. I’m here to take part in it.” The man suspiciously stared at her and thought it did not seem right.

previously, the people who entered were all middle-aged men. Most of them seemed to have the same refined and mellow personality.

Roxanne was neither middle-aged nor a male. As such, she was different from the rest. Compared to the rest, she stood out like a sore thumb.

To the man in charge of the registration, she seemed more like an actress coming for a shoot than a doctor seeking to participate in a free medical
consultation for children.

The other doctors lining up also looked at Roxanne in confusion, thinking she was there to cause trouble.

At that moment, Roxanne took the recommendation letter from Alfred out of her bag.

She passed it to the man and stated, “Here is my recommendation letter. Please have a look at it.” The man skeptically took her letter and opened it.

He glanced through it before looking at Roxanne in surprise. After a moment, he snapped back to his senses, moved aside, and bowed to Roxanne.

“Dr. Jarvis, I apologize for my rudeness. I thought you were an actress coming here to film.”

Roxanne simply pursed her lips and smiled without saying anything.

Although there was a misunderstanding, she had to admit people from the Damaris family were well-mannered.

Even though he thought she had come to the wrong place, he did not treat her with disrespect. As such, Roxanne did not take it to heart.

“Please come in. There will be someone inside who will lead you to Mr. Damaris.” The man gestured for her to enter.

Roxanne politely thanked him and took her recommendation letter with her inside. The Damaris family had transformed the orphanage.

They had built cubicles in the courtyard, and people were already waiting in them, appearing to have been sent over by the Damaris family to aid the doctors.

Meanwhile, children were leaning against the windows, looking out curiously at the courtyard.

Roxanne turned to those children and instantly felt her heart melt for them. Naturally, she gave them a warm smile.

It was the first time those children had seen someone as pretty as Roxanne. Seeing her beautiful smile, the children could not help but blush.

t the same time, one of the workers there came to greet Roxanne. Like the man at the door, the next employee was surprised to see Roxanne.

Subconsciously, he looked behind her to see if there was a camera somewhere.

Roxanne politely smiled and automatically passed him her recommendation letter. “Hello.

Old Mr. Queen recommended I join the medical consultation. Earlier, your colleague told me someone would bring me to Mr. Damaris.

Please lead the way.” When the employee heard that, he suspiciously took her letter.

After confirming her identity, he turned to bring her further into the building. Along the way, Roxanne expected to see many doctors there.

After all, many had queued up outside earlier. On the contrary, she did not meet many people, which seemed strange.

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