His And Her Marriage Chapter 462

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 462 – The night before the medical consultation, Roxanne inevitably felt nervous.

After dinner, she headed to her study early and planned to go through all the information she had gathered over the past few days.

Only a few minutes had passed when she heard a knock on her door. Roxanne looked up from her laptop and called out, “Come in.”

As soon as she spoke, Archie and Benny pushed open the door and walked in with a smile.

Archie had a cup of coffee while Benny carried a plate with a slice of cake. Carefully, the two children placed the things down on the table.

“Thank you, Darlings,” Roxanne cooed as she lovingly ruffled their hair. Archie and Benny grinned before curiously peeking at Roxanne’s screen.

When they were abroad, the boys spent much of their childhood in the research institute.

Having been in that environment, they had acquired some basic knowledge, so they had a rough idea of what was easy or difficult.

After reading some of the information on Roxanne’s laptop, the children quietly looked away.

Despite their knowledge, Roxanne’s preparation work was still too advanced for them. “All the best, Mommy!” Benny cheered.

Roxanne could not help but smile at the encouragement. “Thank you, Darling. I will try my best!”

Beside her, Archie puffed up his chest to act like an adult. He nagged, “Mommy, do not stay up too late.

Since the medical consultation is an important event, you should have a good rest to perform your best tomorrow!”

“Yes, I will,” Roxanne readily agreed. “Mommy, you are already very skilled. Even if you do not prepare anything,

I’m sure you will shine the brightest tomorrow,” Benny quickly added to gain some brownie points. Their words only made Roxanne amused.

She planted a kiss on their foreheads and replied, “Thank you for supporting me. I will do my best tomorrow.

Meanwhile, both of you should go to bed. After I finish reading this, I will head to bed too.”

The children knew they would only distract Roxanne from her work if they stayed longer.

Therefore, they obediently heeded her words and left the study. Soon, the room was silent again.

Glancing at the coffee and cake, Roxanne felt a surge of warmth enveloping her.

She spent some time reading the documents before realizing it was getting late. Since she felt prepared, she got up and decided to get some rest.

When she stepped out of the study, she noticed two heads shrinking back from the open bedroom door.

At the sight of that, Roxanne could not hold back her laughter. She headed to their bedroom and questioned, “Why aren’t both of you sleeping?”

Immediately, the two children embraced her and coyly whined, “We wanted to keep an eye on you! If you stayed up late, it would not be good for you.

Therefore, we were just about to ask you to have an early night.” Their thoughtfulness melted Roxanne’s heart, and she caressed the boys’ heads.

After she tucked them into bed, she headed back to her bedroom. She felt excited yet nervous about the medical consultation the next day.

Luckily, she managed to calm herself and fall asleep quickly. The next day, Roxanne woke up on time. As soon as she opened the door,

she saw two small figures standing outside her room. The two boys wore white shirts and black slacks with suspenders.

With their hair slicked back, they looked like little princes. Tilting their head up, they greeted Roxanne energetically, “Good morning, Mommy!”

Taking in her children’s appearance, Roxanne felt her mood lifting, and the pressure she had felt before seemed to have disappeared.

She took the two children down for breakfast, and they lovingly filled her plate with food.

Before she left, they did not forget to cheer her on. Roxanne thought it was funny but heartwarming at the same time.

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