His And Her Marriage Chapter 461

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 461 – Roxanne was the only one in the empty office.

She turned on her laptop, intending to research more about congenital diseases among children. However, she could not absorb anything she read.

Her initial plan for coming back to the research institute was to work as she hoped to use it to forget about Lucian’s words earlier.

Little did she expect everyone to be so supportive about the medical consultation.

Sitting alone in the office, she could not decipher her mixed feelings.

She could not retain much information even after staring at the screen for a long time.

Right as she reached the peak of her frustration, her phone suddenly rang. Roxanne picked up her phone and froze when she saw who the caller was.

Although she was hesitant, she still decided to answer the call. “Roxanne, how is your preparation coming along?”

It was Larry on the other end of the line. Suppressing her emotions, Roxanne calmly replied,

“I’m still trying to understand the Damaris family’s research approach. How about you?”

Larry chuckled. “Me too. However, I will be going there with the intention to learn, so I did not prepare much.”

After they exchanged some of their findings, Larry suggested, “The medical consultation will be happening this weekend, and it will be out of town.

I could swing by to pick you up and head to the medical consultation together. What do you think?”

Previously, Roxanne had already agreed to go there with him. Despite so, when Larry brought it up again,

Lucian’s furious expression appeared in her mind’s eye. A short moment of silence passed.

Massaging her temples, Roxanne answered in an apologetic tone, “Larry, I think I will head there on my own.”

Instantly, Larry frowned when he heard her reply. “What’s wrong? I thought we agreed to go to the medical consultation together.”

“I went to Old Mr. Queen to get a recommendation letter from him earlier.

By chance, I found out that the Morrison and Damaris families are well acquainted.

Old Mr. Queen thinks I could get to know the Damaris family better if I headed there with you. However, I would rather rely on my own abilities instead.

It was not an excuse she thought of on the spot. In fact, that had crossed her mind while she was in the Queen residence.

When Jonathan brought up the relationship between Larry and the Damaris family, she felt comforted.

At the same time, she realized it was not how she wanted things to pan out It was true that she could use Larry’s relationship with the Damaris family to
her advantage.

That way, when the Damaris family decided on who to collaborate with in the future, she would gain priority.

However, she worried the Damaris family would give her special treatment during the medical consultation.

As a result, she might not be able to showcase her full strengths to them.

Ultimately, she hoped to gain the Damaris family’s favor through her own capabilities. After listening to her reply, Larry remained quiet for a while.

Then, he cheekily stated, “All right. You can have your way. However, do not pretend we are strangers during the medical consultation, okay?”

He was well aware of Roxanne’s character and knew she never liked to rely on others.

At the same time, he also knew how capable she was and believed she could impress the Damaris family without his help.

Therefore, he was not surprised when Roxanne rejected his offer. Roxanne chuckled. “Okay.”

“If you need anything during the medical consultation, feel free to look for me.

Although I might not be as skilled as you in traditional medicine, I could still give you some ideas,” Larry continued.

“Sure,” Roxanne agreed with a smile. Then, they continued to exchange a few more words before they ended the call.

Finally, Roxanne felt more composed to continue her preparation. Before she got off work, she had thoroughly analyzed all her research.

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