His And Her Marriage Chapter 460

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 460 – After hearing what Frieda said, Jonathan subconsciously turned to look at Alfred.

Alfred appeared puzzled. They were happily chatting not too long ago. Then, Lucian said something had cropped up at work and left hurriedly.

Yet, why did Frieda say he had appeared angry? Judging from Frieda’s demeanor, Lucian was clearly quite annoyed.

Did something happen at work? On the other hand, Jonathan could guess what had happened. He knew Lucian must have argued with Roxanne again.

Although he tried his best to create opportunities for the both of them to patch up, it seemed pointless as all their meetings would always end with an

I wonder if they are sick of fighting so much because I sure am tired of watching them do that.

Looking at Jonathan and Alfred’s reactions, Frieda was baffled. At first, she thought Lucian was irked with the two of them.

owever, she realized then they were not the cause of his irritation. So why is he so angry? He did not even react when I brought up Aubree.

After leaving the Queen residence, Roxanne glanced at her watch and noted that it was still working hours at the research institute.

Hence, she decided to head back there. On her way there, Lucian’s words rang in her head relentlessly.in She felt tormented.

It was not the first time he questioned her relationship with Larry. If the clock were to turn back to six years ago when they were still a married couple,

Lucian would never ask her such questions. He would not be bothered by how close she was to other men.

On the contrary, he might even feel at ease with it. Now, they were no longer related. Yet, Lucian was harping on the issue and even grew mad with her.

Roxanne could no longer tell what he was thinking. When she returned to the research institute, Colby was still working in the research facility.

He turned around and was surprised to find Roxanne there. “I thought you went to the Queen residence! Why are you back this quickly?”

Acting unbothered, Roxanne shrugged. “After I wrapped up my business there, I came back.”

Sensing something off with Roxanne’s reaction, Colby continued to look at her with concern. However, Roxanne buried herself in work straight away.

After she noticed Colby staring at her, she merely smiled faintly at him. In spite of that, Colby felt upset when he saw her gaze.

Judging from Roxanne’s expression, he knew she was not ready to share anything.

As such, he did not pursue the matter and could only watch Roxanne remain in low spirits.

The only thing he could do was help her with her workload at the research institute. With that in mind, Colby started with some of Roxanne’s work.

That took Roxanne by some surprise. “The Damaris family’s medical consultation should be happening in a few days, right?” Colby asserted,

“You should prioritize that and prepare for it. Leave your research institute duties to me.”

Hearing that, Roxanne pursed her lips before she hesitantly replied, “Thank you for your help.” Colby smiled back at her reassuringly.

The rest of their colleagues in the research institute also knew that Roxanne would attend the Damaris family’s medical consultation.

Therefore, they did not hesitate to offer their help too. “

Dr. Jarvis, you should take the time to prepare for the medical consultation and help boost the name of our research institute.”

“Dr. Jarvis, don’t worry. We are here to help with the work so you can have peace of mind to focus on the medical consultation.”

Everyone knew the Damaris family was reputable in Chanaea’s traditional medicine scene.

If they could gain the Damaris family’s favor, it would help make their research institute seem more esteemed.

Roxanne felt touched by everyone’s supportive words. After she thanked them, she returned to her office.

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