His And Her Marriage Chapter 459

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 459 – Ignoring her question, Lucian stared at Roxanne coldly and continued asking,

“How far has your relationship with him progressed?” Roxanne had a deep crease between her brows when she heard that question.

With a stern voice, she replied, “Lucian, stop being ridiculous. There’s absolutely nothing between Larry and me.

Even if there is, it’s none of your business. What right do you have to interfere with my personal life?”

Lucian clenched his fists and tried hard to suppress his rage. The atmosphere was getting tenser by the second.

Roxanne felt exhausted talking to the man, who was acting in such a stubborn manner. “Mr. Farwell, please know your place.”

A few seconds later, the woman looked away and said coldly, “I have to go now. Please let me go.”

When Roxanne felt Lucian loosening his grip, she retracted her hand at once and looked up at him. “Mr. Farwell, Larry and me are really just friends.

As such, please don’t give him any trouble. Also, I would appreciate it if you could stop keeping watch on me.”

After saying that, without waiting for Lucian to reply, Roxanne turned around and got into her car at once, as if she could not wait to get away from the

Lucian was only jolted back to his senses after Roxanne’s car disappeared into the distance. He then slammed his tightly clenched fists into the car door.

Even though he knew that Roxanne was right when she said he was in no position to interfere with her personal life,

he could not help feeling angry at the thought of her getting close to another man!

“Lucian?” Frieda, who had just returned home, spotted Lucian at the gate and approached him excitedly.

However, when she got closer to him, she could clearly feel the cold aura surrounding the man.

Sensing that, Frieda’s heart skipped a beat. The terrifying look on Lucian’s face had made her forget what she wanted to say to him a moment ago,

but unfortunately, she already caught Lucian’s attention. When Frieda met Lucian’s chilly gaze, her mind went blank and her smile froze. “

Are you… leaving?” “Yeah,” Lucian replied coldly. Feeling extremely nervous, Frieda tightened her grip around her bag and asked in a fluster, “

Umm… Is Aubree recovering well? I haven’t visited her these two days, and I’m not sure how…”

Without waiting for her to finish her sentence, Lucian shot the woman a cold glance before opening the car door and getting into his car.

Frieda’s voice stopped abruptly as the car door slammed shut right in front of her. The next second, the car sped away, almost grazing her body.

Frieda got a shock and took a few steps backward at once. She was only able to regain her composure after Lucian’s car disappeared from her sight.

After standing by the gate for a few more moments to collect herself, she turned around and entered the mansion.

Meanwhile, Alfred and Jonathan were sitting on the couch while talking about office matters.

When they saw Frieda entering, the two men looked toward her simultaneously. “Grandpa,” Frieda greeted Alfred before sitting down next to him,

hugging his arm affectionately Alfred had always doted on Frieda. Although he had flared up at her previously, it had already been a few days.

Besides, Roxanne’s matter had been settled as well. As such, he was no longer mad at his granddaughter and acknowledged her with a smile.

“Where did you go?” Jonathan looked at his sister with a frown. “I went shopping with my friends,” Frieda replied sweetly.

After saying that, she looked at her brother cautiously and continued, “Lucian was here just now?”

Jonathan cocked his brows and asked, “How did you know that?”

When Frieda thought of what happened at the gate earlier on, she sulked and complained, “I met him at the gate just now.

He’s in such a bad mood! I wonder what got into him.”

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