His And Her Marriage Chapter 458

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 458 – After watching Roxanne leave, Lucian’s gaze darkened.

The next moment, he stood up casually and said, “Old Mr. Queen, I suddenly remembered that I have to settle something at the office.

I’m really relieved to see that you’re recovering well. If there’s nothing else, i shall make a move too.”

Alfred furrowed his brows slightly when he heard that. He remembered Lucian telling him that he was free those two days.

As such, he found it strange that the man suddenly said that he was busy.

However, Alfred was understanding, knowing that Lucian was responsible for the entire Farwell Group.

“I had wanted to ask you to stay for dinner, but since you’re busy, I won’t keep you here any longer. You should get going now.

Work is more important,” Alfred said before continuing earnestly, “Remember to get enough rest and take care of your health.”

Lucian agreed and turned to leave. When Jonathan saw that his friend was going off, he stood up immediately and followed Lucian.

Wait! I’ll walk you out.” When the two men left the house, they saw Roxanne, who was already reaching the mansion’s entrance, right away.

Just when Jonathan was about to say something, Lucian was one step ahead of him. Wc DAT “I know what you want to say. I’ll take note of that.”

fter saying that, Lucian strode away immediately without waiting for his friend’s reply.

Jonathan sighed helplessly as he watched Lucian approach Roxanne.

Roxanne was waiting for the housekeeper to open the gate for her at the entrance of the manor when she heard footsteps coming from behind.

She turned around instinctively and met the man’s cold gaze. Roxanne was stunned for a moment when she locked eyes with Lucian.

After regaining her senses, she took a step toward the side and nodded slightly as a form of acknowledgment.

Even though there was still some distance between the two of them, Roxanne could clearly feel the cold aura exuded by the man.

The woman dug her fingers into her palms to calm herself down.

She was eagerly waiting for the gate to open so that she could get into her car and not face Lucian anymore.

However, Lucian did not intend to let her off so easily. When Roxanne saw the gate opening, her eyes lit up and she started walking outside.

After taking just one step, a large hand grabbed her wrist. “Ms. Jarvis, are you just so eager to avoid me?”

Lucian’s voice rang out next to her, sounding somewhat angry.

When Roxanne heard that, her expression froze before she stopped walking and turned to face the man. “

Mr. Farwell, we can talk if you have something to say, but please let go of me.” After saying that, she tried to struggle out of Lucian’s grip.

Roxanne did not want to make a scene at someone else’s house, and nor did she want to create any more misunderstandings.

owever, the man tightened his grip and said, “Ms. Jarvis, do you really intend for Mr. Morrison to become Archie and Benny’s father?

” Lucian’s voice was so frosty that it sent chills down Roxanne’s spine.

Roxanne found the man’s question extremely ridiculous. Looking at Lucian in disbelief, she said, “

I’ve already told you that Larry and I are just friends. Mr. Farwell, please stop making such baseless statements!”

Lucian let out a cold snort before replying, “Baseless? Ms. Jarvis, you seem so comfortable wearing Mr. Morrison’s clothes.

What other basis do I need? Besides, when Old Mr. Queen mentioned Mr. Morrison just now, you didn’t deny it as well.”

Roxanne froze when she heard that. When did I wear Larry’s clothes?

The only time she could recall wearing his clothes was when they were in Summer bank. Back then, he had only lent her his jacket as she was freezing.

However, at that time, Lucian had already left. How did he know about that?

Suddenly, a speculation popped up in Roxanne’s mind and she glared at the man furiously. “Did you send someone to spy on me?”

She had asked him the same question before when they were in Summerbank, but the man had denied it.

As such, Roxanne had assumed that she was just overthinking However, if he did not do that, how could he possibly know so much?

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