His And Her Marriage Chapter 457

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 457 – Meanwhile, Alfred was trying to persuade Roxanne to consider Larry. “You’re still young.

You shouldn’t be putting your entire focus on work. I heard that Larry would be at the upcoming medical consultation as well.

I remember the two of you getting along pretty well during my birthday celebration previously.”

After hearing the old man’s words, Roxanne felt rather speechless.

Alfred seemed to be especially concerned about her love life. First, he suggested that she consider Jonathan.

Two days ago, he brought up the representative from the Damaris family, and now, it was Larry.

She was rather impressed by the man’s efforts in trying to get her attached.

“You and Larry are quite compatible since you are both practicing medicine,” Alfred emphasized, having put some thought into the situation.

As Roxanne felt bad to reject his suggestion immediately, she looked at the man awkwardly and replied, “I’ll think about it after the medical consultation.

That’s all that’s on my mind now. I’m not in the mood to think about anything else.”

Alfred gave the woman a disapproving look before saying, “Even though you can wait, your two kids can’t. They’re still so young.

How can they grow up without a dad?” Seeing how persistent Alfred was, Roxanne’s head was starting to hurt.

esides, she could feel the surrounding atmosphere getting increasingly tense.

The woman had a crease between her brows as she glanced at Lucian, who was wearing a grim expression, and could feel her temples throbbing.

Just when she was thinking of how to end the topic, Lucian spoke. “Old Mr. Queen, Dr. Jarvis had brought up her kids all by herself all these years.

If she really were to find them a dad, she would have to consider it carefully. I don’t think you need to worry about it.”

Alfred frowned when he heard that and sighed. “You’re right. You have it easier than Dr. Jarvis in this aspect.

After all, you have Aubree taking care of Essie, and the two o you are also getting married soon.

If you know of anyone suitable for Dr. Jarvis, you should introduce him to her.”

Lucian’s eyes darkened. After shooting a glance at Roxanne, he replied curtly, “OK.”

After accidentally meeting Lucian’s gaze and hearing the conversation between the man and Alfred, conflicting emotions welled up in Roxanne’s heart.

On the other hand, Alfred, who was feeling rather satisfied with Lucian’s response, changed the topic back to the medical consultation.

Just then. Jonathan walked down the stairs with the recommendation letter in his hand.

When he reached the first floor, he detected the tense atmosphere in the room at once.

Having a bad feeling in his heart, he hurried toward Alfred and said, “Grandpa. here’s the recommendation letter.”

After passing the letter to his grandfather, Jonathan cautiously took a quick glance at the two people beside him and noticed that their expressions were
obviously darker compared to earlier on.

Roxanne was still smiling a little while discussing matters regarding the medical consultation with Alfred.

However, Lucian was completely expressionless and was exuding a frightening aura.

As Alfred was engrossed in the discussion with Roxanne, he did not notice it.

Jonathan sat down next to his grandfather nervously, feeling confused. He wondered what had happened during the short time he was away.

Roxanne had noticed Lucian casting intermittent glances at her but tried to suppress the uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

When the topic of the medical consultation ended, she took the opportunity to take her leave. “Old Mr. Queen, if there isn’t anything else,

I shall not disturb you any further. I had intended to check on your condition, but today doesn’t seem appropriate for that.

I’ll come again another day,” she said to Alfred. Without thinking much about it,

Alfred handed the recommendation letter to the woman and said goodbye to her after reminding her about some matters.

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