His And Her Marriage Chapter 454

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 454 – Suddenly, the atmosphere in the living room turned tense.

Noticing that both Roxanne and Lucian didn’t seem like they were willing to start a conversation, Jonathan’s head started hurting.

He had gone through so much just to create an opportunity for them to meet, but it seemed like it was not helpful at all.

Jonathan had no idea why Lucian agreed to this in the first place. Even with a headache, Jonathan still had to do something to liven up the atmosphere.

“The medical consultation with the Damaris family is this weekend. How are your preparations, Dr. Jarvis?”

This was Jonathan’s attempt in starting a conversation Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled. “I’ve already prepared whatever I could think of.

If there aren’t any unexpected incidents, it should go along smoothly even if I don’t perform extraordinarily.”

Jonathan glanced at the man sitting next to him, hoping that he would at least contribute to the conversation.

Alas, his hopes were crushed as Lucian acted as though he did not hear Roxanne at all.

The latter only sat on the couch while wearing an expressionless complexion. Jonathan sighed inwardly upon seeing this.

He really couldn’t understand why Lucian came over in the first place. After looking away from Lucian, he turned to Roxanne instead and said seriously,

“You don’t have to worry too much. The Damaris family isn’t too particular about these.

As long as your medical skills are good, they will definitely notice you.” Roxanne smiled humbly.

“There are a lot of brilliant doctors attending the medical consultation. I believe that their medical skills are just as impressive.”

Although Roxanne was very confident in her skills, Chanaea was the birthplace of traditional medicine after all.

Since she had been practicing her skills overseas, she would not be aware if there were any dark horses from Chanaea.

Jonathan frowned and mulled over her words before replying in a low voice, “You’re right.

However, I’m positive that no one is better than you in traditional medicine. Moreover, if I’m not mistaken, Mr. Morrison will be attending as well.

Aren’t you friends with him? If he is there by your side, the Damaris family will definitely notice you.”

After all, the Morrison family was pretty well-known in Summerbank. On top of that, Larry was also internationally famous.

The Damaris family had definitely heard of him. However, since Larry had been staying overseas for the past few years, the Damaris family didn’t have the chance to get in contact with him.

Therefore, the Damaris family might also pay attention to Larry’s performance during the medical consultation.

Roxanne nodded instantly. “Larry told me that he will be attending it. We’ve already agreed on attending the event together.”

ucian, who was quietly sitting by the side, became upset when he heard Larry’s name being mentioned during the conversation.

He turned to look at Roxanne with a grim expression on his face. Again with this Morrison guy. Their schedules seem to coincide too much.

What is going on between the both of them? Jonathan, however, did not think much of it.

He merely thought that Roxanne could easily get the Damaris family’s attention with Larry around. “That’s great,” he said with a smile.

Just as the words left his mouth, he could suddenly feel the temperature beside him drop significantly.

He fell silent and subconsciously turned to look at Lucian.

All he saw was his friend’s gloomy expression as the temperature around them seemed to plummet. Jonathan had no idea what irritated him.

After thinking about it, Jonathan realized that it may be because of Larry. That was the only possible reason. Is he… jealous?

Jonathan was incredibly shocked. In his life, he had experienced many things. However, it was his first time seeing Lucian getting jealous over a lady.

Roxanne also noticed the sudden change in Lucian’s expression. She frowned in confusion as she was perplexed by the reason behind his anger.

Because of Lucian’s silent fury, the atmosphere in the living room seemed to tense up.

Roxanne clenched her fists tightly, trying her best to ignore Lucian’s gaze. She then smiled at Jonathan nonchalantly.

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