His And Her Marriage Chapter 455

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 455 – Seeing how Roxanne was still able to smile, Lucian’s already grim face turned even colder.

He could no longer hold back his anger as he asked, “You seem to have a good relationship with Mr. Morrison, Dr. Jarvis”

Both Jonathan and Roxanne were shocked at his sudden query.

Jonathan was sharp enough to notice the friction in the air and quietly kept his mouth shut in order to make his presence as little as possible.

After moments of stunned silence, Roxanne calmly met Lucian’s gaze. “I’ve known Larry for a long time. He has taken great care of me

, and I’m very thankful for that.” Upon hearing her reply, Lucian pursed his lips. “Is that so? Is it even longer than the years that we’ve known each other?”

s tone was laced with mockery. Roxanne’s heart clenched at that. She subconsciously cast a look in Jonathan’s direction.

Lucian’s choice of words was more than enough to insinuate that there was something going on between them.

Fortunately for her, Jonathan’s expression did not change at all. It seemed like he did not hear Lucian.

Roxanne sighed inwardly in relief and turned back to look at Lucian. “My friendship with Larry is incomparable with my relationship with you,

Mr. Farwell.” Realizing that Roxanne was still trying to avoid talking about what had happened between them, L

ucian’s voice was filled with scorn as he replied, “You’re right. I’ve only met you a few times, Dr. Jarvis.

How could I ever compare with the many years of friendship between you and Mr. Morrison?

I wonder to what extent has Archie and Benny accepted him?” He was simply implying that Roxanne wanted Larry to be the father of her two children.

Roxanne’s eyebrows knitted into a tighter knot. The anger in her tone was evident as she exclaimed, “Larry and I are just friends.

Please refrain from speaking such nonsense, Mr. Farwell!” Lucian laughed tauntingly.

He was just about to retort when Jonathan grabbed onto his arm and interrupted with a cough, “I think Grandpa is awake now.

Let’s go and check on him, Lucian. ”Before Lucian could even react, Jonathan grabbed him by the arm and signaled for him to follow him upstairs.

Lucian looked at Roxanne, annoyance evident in his eyes as he shoved Jonathan’s hand away wordlessly.

Seeing that, Jonathan felt an impending headache as he thought that Lucian was going to continue fighting with Roxanne.

Jonathan had deliberately created the opportunity for them to mend their relationship, not for them to argue with each other at his house.

fortunately, Lucian said nothing further. After pushing Jonathan’s hand away, he silently stood up and headed for the stairs.

Jonathan also scrambled to get up. “I apologize for his behavior, Dr. Jarvis. He doesn’t mean anything, so don’t dwell on it too much.

We’ll head upstairs to check in on Grandpa. Please wait for a moment. He’ll be coming down soon.”

He smiled apologetically at Roxanne Now that Jonathan had spoken up to ease the tension, Roxanne naturally would not say more about the situation.

She suppressed the fury in her heart and nodded at him. Jonathan smiled sheepishly and followed after Lucian.

“What’s going on with you, Lucian? Didn’t you come here today to patch things up with Dr. Jarvis?”

Jonathan couldn’t help but ask after climbing to the upper floor. Lucian merely remained silent while wearing a grim expression.

He, too, did not know why he decided to come over. Roxanne was estranged from both him and Estella.

Moreover, the little girl had been so sad the previous night because of Roxanne.

Lucian had deliberately come over to talk to Roxanne on behalf of Estella, but he had lost his cool the moment Jonathan and Roxanne mentioned Larry’s name.

If it hadn’t been for Jonathan, who interrupted them in the nick of time, Lucian wouldn’t know what words would come out of his mouth.

Observing the furious expression on his friend’s face, Jonathan sighed helplessly.

“With whatever that happened between the two of you six years ago, you have to be more patient with Dr. Jarvis if you want her to accept you.”

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