His And Her Marriage Chapter 453

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 453 – There wasn’t much work to do at the research institute on the following day.

After having lunch, Roxanne took care of some work matters and brought some supplements produced by the research institute over to the Queen

Jonathan was already waiting for her in the living room. When Roxanne noticed that he was alone in the room, she asked in confusion, “

Where’s Old Mr. Queen?” Pointing toward the upper floor, Jonathan replied, “He’s currently having his afternoon nap.

We didn’t expect you to come this early.” Upon hearing that, Roxanne nodded and subconsciously reduced her volume as she said,

“There isn’t much to do in the research institute today, and since Old Mr. Queen had helped me a lot recently, I wanted to check on his condition.”

Jonathan nodded. “Let’s just wait downstairs until he wakes up, then.”

Without thinking much, Roxanne placed the supplements on the table and sat on the single couch next to Jonathan.

She then started chatting with him about Alfred’s condition. After talking for a while, the butler’s voice sounded from outside the door.

“Old Mr. Queen is currently resting upstairs. Please wait for a moment, Mr. Farwell.”

When Roxanne heard that, she immediately stopped talking and instinctively looked toward the entrance of the mansion.

Lucian, in an expensive suit, walked into the mansion. Probably because he was listening to the butler, Lucian’s head was slightly tilted downward.

Once the butler finished speaking, Lucian nodded in acknowledgment. “All right.” Upon speaking, he looked back up and glanced into the living room.

en he noticed who was sitting in the living room, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly, seemingly slightly surprised.

Roxanne, too, frowned. She did not know how to react to his sudden appearance.

Jonathan was stuck in the middle of them as he looked between the frowning duo.

Although he felt exasperated at the sight, a surprised expression crept up his face. “Lucian? It’s been ages since you last visited.

Why did you come here today?” Lucian gradually pulled his gaze away from Roxanne and looked at Jonathan.

“I’ve been busy at work recently, but there wasn’t much to do today, so I decided to come over and pay Old Mr. Queen a visit. How is he?”

Jonathan’s eyebrows twitched as he nonchalantly tossed the conversation over to Roxanne. “You should ask Dr. Jarvis about that.

She’s the one who’s been taking care of him. She recently came over to check on him as well.” Roxanne felt weirded out by the turn of events.

he wasn’t entirely sure if she was overanalyzing the situation, but she felt that today’s encounter with Lucian seemed too much of a coincidence.

Moreover, she felt that Jonathan had been intentional with his choice of words. On the other hand, Lucian’s gaze had settled on Roxanne once again.

Even so, he did not say anything. It was as if both of them were strangers who had nothing to do with each other.

Roxanne had no choice but to suppress the weird feeling in her heart. She tried as much as possible to meet his gaze calmly and smiled.

“Hello, Mr. Farwell.” Lucian’s lips twitched mockingly. “Dr. Jarvis, please explain Old Mr. Queen’s condition to me.”Roxanne was once again taken aback.

Ever since her return to the country, Lucian’s attitude toward her had been vastly different from how he treated her six years ago.

Most times, he was either ambiguous with her or furious with her. It was rare for her to see him act so coldly toward her.

For a split second, she actually felt uncomfortable with it. Once she realized her own thoughts, she clenched her fists and forced herself to calm down.

She then explained Alfred’s condition to Lucian professionally. Alfred had almost fully recovered.

It was just that he was bedridden for many years, and his bodily functions had more or less regressed.

Thus, he would need to exercise a lot before his body could finally return to its original condition.

After listening to her explanation, Lucian nodded his head emotionlessly and sat down next to Jonathan without uttering a single word.

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