His And Her Marriage Chapter 452

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 452 – The boys thought they guessed it right and stopped being angry.

Instead, they comforted Roxanne, “Mommy, if you don’t want to see Mr. Farwell, then don’t. We will take good care of Essie!”

ince Lucian was cruel enough to leave the boys and Roxanne behind, they didn’t want to see him either.

Proud of her two sons, Roxanne smiled gently and said, “I know you will. I saw.” When the boys heard her, they took the credit proudly.

The atmosphere in the car became lively. Roxanne’s mood also became relaxed.

She would respond to the boys patiently no matter what they said to her.

After they got home, Roxanne even cooked with Lysa, which was considered a rare occasion, and prepared a sumptuous dinner for the children.

After dinner, Roxanne played with them for a while. Then, she returned to her room when the boys were fast asleep.

Her emotions ran wild when she thought of the look on Estella’s face when she saw her in the afternoon.

When Estella came to see me before, she was full of joy. However, when I wasn’t around, Estella seemed visibly depressed.

o wonder Archie and Benny were so moody in the past few days when they came home.

She wanted to go over and give Estella a hug, but she didn’t want to lose her chance for the medical consultation.

After all, she wouldn’t know if Sonya was secretly keeping an eye on her.

When she was deep in her thoughts, she received a text from Jonathan that read: My grandpa has written the letter of recommendation.

I’ll send it over to you whenever you have the time. After reading the text, Roxanne returned to her senses and replied: I’ll go and get it.

Is tomorrow afternoon a good time? Jonathan raised his eyebrows and responded with a yes.

Then, he immediately switched to his chat history with Lucian. The last message was two days ago when he told Lucian that Roxanne had agree d to
go for the medical consultation.

Jonathan casually tapped the screen and sent a message: Lucian, how long has it been since you last visited my grandpa?

At the Farwell residence, Lucian watched as Estella fell asleep. As he walked out of her bedroom, he received Jonathan’s text and couldn’t help but frown,

wondering if Alfred had been complaining about him not showing up. He replied: How is his health recently? I was busy for the past two days.

Lucian went to Summerbank two days ago and as a result, there were a lot of matters piled up at the company, waiting for him to deal with them.

In addition to the new projects, he was completely swamped with work for the past two days.

He even had to squeeze out some of his already limited time to pick Estella up from kindergarten.

After she fell asleep, he still had to work in the study for a while. Jonathan replied shortly after: He’s in good health.

However, Dr. Jarvis is coming over to collect his recommendation letter. Are you sure you don’t want to visit him tomorrow?

The look in Lucian’s eyes darkened when he read Jonathan’s text. After all, he hadn’t seen Roxanne for a while.

heir lives had nothing to do with each other at all. Not to mention that she had been deliberately avoiding him. She even refused to meet Estella.

When he recalled the way Estella was thinking of Roxanne in the afternoon, he felt conflicted for a moment.

On the other side, Jonathan waited for a long time and didn’t receive a reply from Lucian. Hence, he sent another text:

Grandpa had been talking about you for the past two days. After sending the message, Jonathan pondered to himself.

I’ve paved the way for him, and it’s up to him to walk the path. After a long while, Lucian finally replied: I’ll visit him tomorrow. Please let him know.

Jonathan acknowledged his request and sighed helplessly. He even had to rack his brains to find a way for his friend to court a lady.

If it weren’t for Estella’s sake, he wouldn’t have put in the effort.

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