His And Her Marriage Chapter 447

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 447 – Roxanne knew absolutely nothing about the two men‘s thoughts.

During the drive to the restaurant, she smilingly asked Larry, “Why did you suddenly decide to ask me out for lunch today?

And did you just return from Summerbank?” Larry nodded nonchalantly. “I just returned last night.

I only boarded the flight after secing Mr. Lynch off. It was already midnight by the time I landed.”

Recalling the time he sent her the message, Roxanne surmised that he had texted her mere moments after disembarking the plane.

wonder what important matter he has to tell me. “Mr. Lynch told me to convey his regards to you and asked whether the issue at the research institute has been resolved,” Larry stated.

The smile on Roxanne‘s face widened when she heard that Gerald remembered her. “It‘s all thanks to you and Mr. Lynch that night.

Those medicinal herb suppliers were initially hesitant, but they respected Mr. Lynch, so they readily agreed after he said a few words.”

Larry inclined his head a fraction. “I‘m glad to hear that the matter has been resolved.

I‘m just worried that Mrs. Farwell will make things difficult for you again in the future.”

Throughout it all, he had found things very much unfair on her behalf. He could somewhat guess the reason Sonya was targeting Roxanne,

reckoning that she resented the latter for leaving without a word back then and getting so familiar with Lucian at present.

In his opinion, however, Roxanne was the victim. Furthermore, she wasn‘t the one who wanted to have so much contact with the man right then.

Rather than wasting her time on Roxanne, he felt that Sonya would be better served to keep a closer eye on Lucian.

He really wanted to help Roxanne, but he wasn‘t the head of the Morrison family.

Besides, the Morrison family was no match for the Farwell family, so his hands were tied even if he wanted to help.

Fortunately, the matter had been resolved. At the mention of Sonya, Roxanne‘s heart felt heavy.

“I don‘t know either, but I‘ve already done my utmost best to keep myself out of her line of sight. Hopefully, she‘ll forget all about me.”

It‘s particularly true at present when I‘ve got a rare chance to attend a medical consultation with the Damaris family.

Later, I still want to compete for the opportunity to collaborate with them. If I were to lose the chance because of her interference, I really wouldn‘t know what I‘d do in retaliation.

When Larry glimpsed the worry on her face, a flash of regret flitted across his eyes. He felt remorseful for bringing up such a sore point.

The car plunged into a brief silence. A while later, Roxanne composed herself and changed the subject nonchalantly.

Oh yes, Larry, is something the matter that you asked me out for lunch all of a sudden today?”

After all, the last time we dined together was when he invited me to Bellridge to attend the medical conference together back then.

I wonder what it is this time. Hearing that, Larry put away his wandering thoughts and went straight to business. “

You‘ve been staying abroad all these years, so I don‘t know whether you‘ve heard of the Damaris family.

It‘s considered the leading prestigious family in traditional medicine, but it has recently retreated behind the scenes and rarely made any appearances.

On the whole, it‘s a very mysterious family.” Hmm, it‘s the Damaris family again.

This is the second time I‘ve heard someone speaking of ti Damaris family lately.

Roxanne was a touch puzzled. “I‘ve heard of it previously, and I‘ve always had much interest in the Damaris family‘s ancient medicine books.

When I was abroad, I had hoped that I‘d be so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit them, but I never had that opportunity.

But I heard that they‘ll be having a medical consultation soon.” The instant her words rang out, Larry arched an eyebrow and glanced at her in surprise.

I wonder where she got that news. “This is precisely what I want to speak to you about today.”

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