His And Her Marriage Chapter 446

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 446 – Early the following morning, Roxanne saw the message Larry had sent last night as soon as she awakened.

It read: Are you free tomorrow? How about a meal together? She mulled over her work that day before texting back: At noon, then.

We‘ll have lunch near the research institute. On the other end of the phone, Larry promptly agreed.

As soon as it was noon, Roxanne received a call from Larry. “Have you finished your work? I‘m waiting for you at the research institute gates.”

Larry‘s voice rang out the instant she answered the call. Roxanne happened to be discussing a recent project with Colby.

hen Colby saw her taking the call, he timely halted the conversation and waited at the side.

Hearing that Larry had already arrived, Roxanne reflexively glanced at Colby,

who was standing across from her. Then, she murmured apologetically, “Please wait for a while, Larry. I‘ve got something to wrap up on my end.

You can come in and wait.” Larry declined with a chuckle. “It‘s okay. I‘ll just wait for you at the gates. Take your time.”

Roxanne murmured in acknowledgment. Subsequently, she hung up the phone and continued speaking to Colby about the project.

In the few days to come, she wanted to concentrate on preparing for the Damaris family‘s medical consultation.

Furthermore, the work at the research institute had long since stabilized, and the issue with the medical herb suppliers had been resolved.

Therefore, she planned to entrust the matters at the research institute to Colby.

After they talked for quite a bit, the handover of the work at the research institute finally came to an end.

Roxanne still wanted to remind Colby of a few other things, but the man commented with a chuckle,

“I‘ve been with the research institute for a long time, and I‘ve also been handling things with you all this while. You don‘t have to worry.

Just leave everything here to me. Someone is waiting for you, no? Hurry up and go!”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne hesitated for a second before she nodded smilingly.

Speaking of that, he has been working at the research institute even longer than I have. And ever since I came over, we‘ve been handling things
together. Indeed, I don‘t have to worry.

“In that case, I‘ll stop rambling. You should be going to lunch as well. Let‘s go out together!” She snagged her handbag and waited for Colby.

While there was a cafeteria in the research institute, few ate in the cafeteria. Instead, they mostly patronized restaurants outside.

Colby was no exception. Colby dithered for several seconds, knowing that he would inevitably see Larry if he went out with her.

Since Roxanne was waiting for him, he ultimately fell into step with her after a brief hesitation. The two of them exited the research institute together.

As Larry said, Roxanne caught sight of him waiting at the gates when she arrived at the entrance of the research institute.

It was as though he was afraid that she couldn‘t see him, for he deliberately waited outside the car.

The moment he spotted her coming out, he waved at her, signaling her over to him. Roxanne took her leave from Colby and strode over.

As Colby gazed at her retreating back, his eyes dimmed, but they reverted to their usual calmness in the next heartbeat, and he inclined his head at Larry

In turn, Larry flashed him a warm smile. That was the two of them greeting each other.

When Roxanne reached him, Larry lifted his eyes and stared at Colby, who had turned around and gone a distance away. “Who‘s that?” he inquired,

curious. Smiling, Roxanne explained, “That‘s Colby Galloway. He‘s a colleague of mine at the research institute, and he‘s also an outstanding doctor.

I‘ve collaborated with him abroad, but I don‘t know whether the two of you have ever met.” Larry nodded in acknowledgment. “Get in the car.”

I‘m not sure whether I‘m imagining things, but the look in his eyes when he regarded her earlier was seemingly strange.

But then, I can‘t pinpoint what exactly bothered me.

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