His And Her Marriage Chapter 448

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 448 – As Larry and Roxanne conversed, the car arrived at the entrance of the restaurant,

After Larry parked the car, the two of them entered the restaurant and sat down by the window.

Larry nad made a reservation long ago, so the food was served no sooner had they taken their seats.

While eating, they talked about the Damaris family‘s medical consultation.

“News of the Damaris family‘s medical consultation is usually circulated within closed circles. How did you learn about it?” Larry couldn‘t resist querying.

Roxanne had nothing to hide, so she admitted, “I initially had no idea about it and was already planning to go abroad.

But when I went to the Queen residence to thank them two days ago, Old Mr. Queen suddenly brought it up to me.

That‘s why I decided to stay a bit longer in Chanaea.” When Larry heard that, he frowned “Go abroad?” In response, Roxanne chortled airily.

“As you can see, the research institute is targeted by Farwell Group with me here.

Rather than staying in Chania and dragging the research institute down with me, it‘s better that I go abroad.

I can‘t afford to offend Farwell Group, but I can at least stay away.” Larry sighed soundlessly, finding it all truly unfair for Roxanne.

“But now that I know about the Damaris family‘s medical consultation, I‘m not going to leave even if Mrs. Farwell wants to give me the boot.”

Roxanne flashed him a casual smile. Larry regarded her in exasperation, but all he saw on her face was anticipation for the medical consultation.

Thus, he didn‘t mention Sonya again, lest he wreck her good mood. Instead, he uttered gently, “That‘s also why I asked you out today.

The Damaris family‘s medical consultations have always been done in collaboration with doctors in the field. Are you interested? I

f you are, we can contact Mr. Lynch right now. If he recommends you to the Damaris family, you‘ll be able to participate for sure.

I‘ve got a spot for a member of the Morrison family, so we can attend together at that time.” Roxanne‘s eyes lit up.

“You‘re also going to attend, Larry?” She had been worried that she would feel awkward then, but that wouldn‘t be an issue if Larry would also be there.
At that, Larry quirked an eyebrow.

“Also? Your attendance has already been confirmed?” Roxanne nodded with a grin. “

After Old Mr. Queen told me about the Damaris family‘s medical consultation, he said he‘d recommend me to the Damaris family.

I‘ve been making preparations for the medical consultation these few days, afraid that I‘d make some blunder then and embarrass him and my mentor.”

“With your medical skills, you definitely won‘t embarrass anyone as long as you perform as usual,” Larry asserted.

Hearing that, Roxanne smiled modestly. Larry then continued, “That‘s also a good thing.

With Old Mr. Queen recommending you, we don‘t need to trouble Mr. Lynch, though the spot on his end was also prepared for you.”

At his remark, a hint of mystification flashed across Roxanne‘s eyes. “Mr. Lynch hasn‘t accepted mentees for many years.

e admires you greatly since he met you back then. When he learned about the Damaris family‘s medical consultation this time, he thought of you right away.

Hence, he had me return to ask you about your plans. If you‘d like to attend, he‘d recommend you to the Damaris family personally,”

Larry explained with a smile. Following his words, Roxanne felt very much flattered. She hastily replied, “I really appreciate the sentiment.

I‘ll thank him profusely if I have the opportunity to meet him again next time.

Please tell him that I‘ll do my best during the medical consultation this time without disappointing him.” Larry agreed smilingly.

After lunch, Larry drove Roxanne back to the research institute.

“I‘ll pick you up after the location of the medical consultation has been decided in the next few days, and we‘ll go together,” he suggested when
Roxanne was getting out of the car. Roxanne assented with a smile.

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