His And Her Marriage Chapter 443

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 443 – Over the next few days, Roxanne bustled around in preparation for the medical consultation.

Her understanding of the Damaris family was limited to mere rumors and the forum forwarded by Harvey.

However, all that wasn‘t quite enough for her. The opportunity this time was truly too rare for her.

If she wanted to take advantage of it, she needed to make preparations as much as possible.

Consequently, she had become a regular visitor to the Queen residence in the past few days.

Alfred admired her greatly, so he answered every question she asked about the Damaris family.

After they finished chatting about the Damaris family, Alfred had Roxanne help him to his seat. Then, he ventured solemnly,

“Previously, I tried to feel you and Jonathan out, but neither of you has feelings for the other. I know that.

But it‘s still not done for you to raise two children by yourself. Is there someone you like? Tell me, and I might be able to give you some suggestions.”

Roxanne was inevitably stunned when the subject went from the Damaris family to her without warning.

Subsequently, she shook her head in slight embarrassment. “Archie and Benny are both sensible children, so I don‘t need to worry much about them.

Besides, taking care of them is no trouble at all. I‘d like to expand my career first before considering any romantic entanglements.”

Upon hearing that, Alfred cast her a disapproving look. “It might not matter to you, but the two children should have a father.

Ultimately, all children yearn for a whole family.” At the mention of Archie and Benny, Roxanne felt apologetic for a moment.

She went silent and said nothing further. Retracting his gaze, Alfred suggested languidly,

“The representative of the Damaris family this time is a young man who‘s outstanding in all aspects. I think you can consider him.”

No sooner had his words fallen than Jonathan‘s voice rang out at the mansion entrance. “Grandpa, what are you saying to Dr. Jarvis?

How could there be a lack of suitors pursuing her when she‘s so outstanding? She naturally has her own plans that she‘s not considering them.

He had nothing much to do at the office, so he came home early that day.

After learning from the help that Roxanne was visiting, he decided to come over to greet her.

Unexpectedly, he heard his grandfather playing matchmaker right as he stepped into the back garden. Hence, he hurried over to interrupt the man.

Alfred might be in the dark about things, but he knew the truth all too well.

Lucian has designs on Roxanne, so how am I to explain things to him if Grandpa really matches her up successfully with a stroke of luck?

At his voice, both Alfred and Roxanne swung their gazes over in concert.

Roxanne didn‘t want to speak of that topic in the first place, so she breathed a sigh of relief when Jonathan helped to diffuse the situation.

Smiling, she greeted the man. contrarily, Alfred shot a disgruntled glare at his grandson and chastised,

“Brat, you don‘t even have a girlfriend, but you‘re poking your nose into Dr. Jarvis‘ matters!”

Jonathan touched his nose sheepishly as he stood beside the two of them.

“How‘s your preparation for the medical consultation since you‘ve been working so diligently these few days, Dr. Jarvis?”

Smiling, Roxanne replied, “Thanks to Old Mr. Queen recommending me to the Damaris family and patiently answering my questions about the Damaris
family these few days, my confidence has skyrocketed.”

When Jonathan heard that, he casually arched an eyebrow. “Your medical skills are superb. You‘ll perform well even without all this.

There‘s no need to be so nervous.” Roxanne nodded smilingly. “Hopefully, that‘s the case, Mr. Queen.” It was late then, so Roxanne took her leave.

Jonathan saw her out. Before bidding her farewell, he suddenly remarked, “Don‘t listen to my grandfather.

If you really plan to find the children a father, I think Lucian is a pretty good candidate.”

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