His And Her Marriage Chapter 442

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 442 – After Roxanne left, Archie and Benny adamantly refused to enter the kindergarten A headache assailed Pippa as she looked at them.

Well, this is the first time they‘re being so stubborn. “Archie, Benny, why don‘t you both go in first?” She bent down and tried to persuade them.

Archie merely pursed his lips without saying a word. – Beside him, Benny blinked his eyes and gazed at Pippa pitifully.

“We‘re waiting for Essie, Ms. Ward.” Upon hearing that, Pippa recalled their relationship with Estella.

She patted them on the head, tacitly acquiescing to their request. Shortly after, Lucian‘s car slowly came to a stop at the kindergarten gates.

Then, Estella was carried out of the car by Lucian. No sooner had she gotten out of the car than she lifted her head and darted her eyes around.

The instant she caught sight of Archie and Benny, she instinctively searched for signs of Roxanne nearby but to no avail.

At that, she hung her head in disappointment. Lucian inexorably frowned when he noticed that only Archie and Benny were standing beside Pippa.

“Mr. Farwell.” Pippa greeted respectfully as she took Estella from him.

However, Lucian didn‘t leave immediately but lowered his head to gaze at the three children.

Since last night, Essie has been in low spirits, probably because she didn‘t get to see Roxanne.

This morning, she also clamored to come earlier, hoping to wait for her at the kindergarten. Unexpectedly, the woman took off again!

She must be utterly disappointed. Likewise, chagrin swamped him. At the sight of Estella‘s disappointment,

Archie and Benny went over to her in distress. They took her hands, one on either side. “Mommy is very busy with work.

She said there‘s an exceedingly important opportunity, for which she has to make preparations. That‘s why she left so early.”

All Estella heard was that Roxanne was busy with work. The disappointment on her face intensified. “Then, is Ms. Jarvis not coming anymore?”

Previously, Ms. Jarvis always had no time to pick them up when she was busy with work. At times, she even uses work as an excuse to avoid me.

Despite her tender age, she had always been very sensitive in that matter.

Hearing that, Archie and Benny exchanged a glance, both feeling a tad guilty.

Mommy did say that this morning, but how are we supposed to admit it when Essie is crestfallen now?

They hesitated for a while before changing the subject nonchalantly.

Beaming, they declared, “Although Mommy isn‘t coming these few days, she said we‘d still be staying in Chanaea for some time!”

Estella‘s eyes lit up. Nonetheless, she eyed them in mild disbelief.

Seeing that, Benny patted his chest confidently. “It‘s true! Mommy‘s work this time has to be done in Chanaea.

But we‘re not sure how long we‘ll be staying.” Following that, Estella turned to Archie. Archie nodded solemnly, confirming his brother‘s words.

Only when he had indicated as much that a smile bloomed on Estella‘s face.

I thought Ms. Jarvis was going to go abroad soon, and I wouldn‘t be able to see her again. That was the reason for my sheer disappointment.

But if they‘re telling me the truth, I‘ll still have an opportunity to see her as long as she‘s in the country!

At that thought, she was ecstatic, grinning so widely that her eyes became mere slits.

At the side, Lucian overheard the entirety of the three children‘s conversation.

When he heard Benny saying that Roxanne would be busy with work, he quirked an eyebrow thoughtfully.

Sure enough, Jonathan‘s strategy has borne some fruit!

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